The Dad Quest – Chapters 1 and 2

No Warning

Tilda does not a dad, she has many. From the dependable Brian to the charming Orlando, Tilda has plenty of father figures, but yearns to find the man responsible for her conception. When her grandmother dies and her mother leaves home, Tilda sets out on a quest to track her father down. Encouraged by her alter ego Rachel, Tilda must unravel the family secrets to find the truth, but there more is hidden in the past than the simple matter of a dad. Tilda has set in motion a series of events that puts everything she holds dear at risk. Perhaps Gran was right all along, some things are better left alone…

**The Dad Quest is a manuscript I worked on a few years back. I'm returning to it now, as I need a break from the family drama I wrote in 2023. Any comments welcome!! ***

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