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Workbooks and printable guides

A Simple Guide to Nano

It’s time for NaNo and this workbook will help you to tackle the task. Download the workbook for before and after tips plus tons of scene ideas for when you are stuck. Did I mention there are 30 prompts to help you along?

356 Writing Prompts

Athletes train to improve their technique. Writers sometimes forget that to write our perfect sentences and glorious scenes, we need to train too. 

Title Page Guide

A proper title page layout ensures clarity and professionalism. It sets the tone for the manuscript, enhancing its presentation and credibility in the eyes of publishers and readers alike.

How to Write Book Titles

A good book title captivates potential readers, sparking curiosity and setting expectations for the content within, crucially influencing its marketability and reader engagement.

Mind Over Manuscript

How to get unstuck. Sometimes we are so ready to write. We have our coffee. We have our computer. The cat has been fed. The children are cared for. We have finally made some time and we sit down to write. We’re ready, but then … nothing. Not a word.

Manuscript Layout Guide

Manuscript Layout helps you to maintain consistency and professionalism. It makes it easier for editors and publishers to review and understand your work. Following industry standards, enhances your credibility and chances of acceptance


I write it to find it.

I am writing a first draft

Short Story Festival

Over five days you will be inspired by excellent teachers to create, write and ultimately evaluate a short story.