Hello writer, it is time to choose your challenge.

Can you write 12 Short Stories in 12 months?

This challenge started in 2017. Since then hundreds of writers have completed the challenge and earned their #braggingrights. You can join this active, kind and vibrant community of writers. They’re also pretty good at short story writing so get ready to learn.

The goal is to write 12 short stories in 12 consecutive months. You can start in any month.

Can you write 12 Poems in 12 months?

Welcome, poets! We’re so glad you’re here. 

In 2019, we tried writing 12 poems in 12 months for the first time and we’ve been writing every month since then. This is a place where you can write, share, and connect with other poets. We believe that poetry is important, and we want to help you create your best work. This challenge is FREE.

Can you write a novel in a year?

If you have always dreamed of writing a novel or if you have several incomplete manuscripts languishing in your drawer or if you need some extra help and accountability, well, this challenge is just for you.

What the writers said...

"Thank you so much for this platform. To say Deadlines has been a huge help as an organizational tool, and for the energizing, creative push it gives me, is an understatement. Being part of this practice has reignited my belief in me as a writer."
Cecile Callan
“I very much appreciate this course and know that I would not be writing this book without it. I can see how I am gaining more productivity (and word count!) as I continue. The insightful support from the other writers is greatly appreciated, as are Mia’s weekly check-in/writing zoom sessions.”
Elise Morrow
“If you’re reading this, you’ll be wondering whether or not to sign up. Do it. Do it now. Don’t hesitate any more. You will not regret it. Instead, you will develop regular writing habits, have consistent constructive feedback on your writing and best of all, you will have an antidote to the isolation that can come with writing.”
Jackie Kohler
“I have learned so much and enjoyed every story. Story writing sends me to another world, it defeats pain, stops time and provides a source of joy and laughter.”
Chris Joyce
“I enjoyed the process and making the deadlines. There is a great sense of achievement in completing the year. 15500 words added to my word count.”
Anne McCarthy

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