La Rage – Week 2

Violence, murder, graphic

Week 2 1 – Vihaan meets Grizelda and Bessie. The waning drone of a car engine outside pierced thought the dead quiet of the ward and reached Vihaan’s ears. It momentarily quieted the fury of the scenarios mulling over in his mind.  He walked through the triage area and out through the double doors. The...

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Hi there!
My name is Jan, I work as a Data Scientist in marketing CRM in Paris. I live in a small appartment in the roof of an old building, in the 4th arrodissement where I write my stories and play my viola in the evenings. On mondays, I have rehearsals with a small orchestra I joined, otherwise, the evenings see me writing, reading, or studying.
On the subject of writing - I'm on my third rewrite. I still can't believe I managed to come this far! The journey is far from over. I'm loving this experience - every single word of it - and have the wonderful friends I've made on here to thank for this.
As to studying, I'm starting a PhD this year and have little time to read, but will try by best. I'm delighted that writers have come to read me, and I will return the favour, of course. Happy writing and see you soon x

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