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    La Rage Scene 42 – a night out  



    Robert pulled up a chair at the small table. His friend Anan was already there and greeted him with friendly […]

    • Another piece of the puzzle revealed! Daniel was quite the sh#t wasn’t he? “I don’t date poor men” indeed. I can just imagine Jamie squirming in embarrassment at such an act.
      I am quite interested in understanding the relationship between Anan and Robert, they are quite comfortable with each other, and it seems Anan always seems to know just the right thing to say to cheer and calm Robert.
      Bess has certainly done her homework in uncovering the details she passed onto Grizelda, you’ve given us another nugget to ponder with the postcard from the Isle of the dead.
      Great work, as always, Jan. Your beautiful narrative pulls the reader in and hooks us to the very end! Well done.

  • ####La Rage Scene 41 – Execute 




    Vivien sat on a bar stool by the kitchen table. She studied the reflection of the harsh kitchen light in half empty glass of red wine in front of her. She’d taken a […]

    • Anne replied 1 week ago

      Hi Jan
      Another moving scene, can’t bring myself to feel sorry for Vivien, but it’s tough. In her shoes, I don’t think I’d have risked being so snippy with Robert.
      I was a little confused about this, where Vivien is left alone as Robert leaves: “But Robert, I always knew it was you.” she whispered to his back.” What did she know?
      The mega question is: are the results true, or is Robert involved in falsifying them so he can get away from Vivien?? I’d love to hear a bit more of how they met and came together, and how Vivien got to climb up the career ladder at the church.
      The journal is delicately written, hinting at things and then drawing back. I’m really looking forward to the revelations about all the mysteries – hear that clock ticking?

    • HI Jan,
      Beautiful. The tension between Robert and Vivien has been building, so this outburst if finally a release but leaves us with new questions. What is Vivien’s understanding of the results? She seems to think that Robert cheated on her but maybe not with a woman? Is that what she meant when she said that is the one true statement you made? I’m still confused about why Robert had Vihaan fired…it was allegedly because of Vivien’s blood test results but he came back with the same. There is some reason to believe that they are both positive, but that he is suppressing himself with medicine–I remember that from prior scenes. But there is some reason that he is not forthright with Vivien–maybe it’s as Anne says that he would like to use her positive result to get rid of her.
      For the second part, we see that Grizelda is helping us with foreshadowing about some outcasts who will land at the feet of the church.
      The mournful and poetic tone of the journal continues. We are getting some hints about the writer of the journal, his love for music, his fears, his love for his mother, the relief that his father has settled, and maybe a brewing romance? Interesting what is revealed as he talks about his brother.
      Great scene. I always love the journal entries.

    • Oh my word, Jan, this just keeps getting better and better, as far as the emotional impact on the reader. Vivien’s emotions are strong and vivid, she is full of righteous anger, sure that she is not at fault, and perhaps in denial as to the results. She believes she is innocent and Robert must be the one at fault. Robert is not so convincing in his cool anger, he’s the one taking the PREP after all, so he has his own sense of guilt for that, but I’m thinking since his test came back negative then he figures Vivien must be guilty. This is one twisted tale.
      I suspect Anan is Robert’s secret lover, and I suspect that Vivien knows this (that one truth he spoke this night). I also imagine Robert and Anan as the two lepers in front of the stained glass window, but I may be reading more into this. The other thought that occurred to me, that I almost hesitate to suggest, is that Anan is the author of the journal and Vihaan’s half brother? The final question is, who is #thesonsblood?
      Don’t feel you have to confirm or deny my conjectures, I could be way out in left field, and I don’t want you to spoil my mystery. Did I mention how much I am enjoying the story as it unfolds in all its twisted glory!

  • Thank you Anne! This is very helpful and is gold, you confirm what I suspected 🙂

  • J’ai atterri dimanche dernier, mais je ne suis pas encore tout à fait arrivé.. mais ça va venir 🙂

  • Hi Deryn,

    This scene leaves me smiling and feeling all warm and nice inside! Good for her, for letting go of Mr D and accepting the situation for what it is – everyone gets carried away at some point and then you wish upon a star and hope for a happily every after. And then, when you’re Guy, you get your star 😉 Good for him too!

    I enjoyed…[Read more]

  • Jan commented on the post, Making amends by SM 1 week, 5 days ago

    Hi Sudha,

    That was brilliant – you started off slow and then at the end, it came from all sides! Luckily she got the messages from Wheeler before she said too much to Manetta, and also before she got caught in another moment of insecurity about her and Bernie’s friendship.
    I like her how you show us how Jen progresses, she owns up and makes…[Read more]

  • Hi Anne,

    Good for her! I am so happy that Woofer gets her moment of glory – it is well deserved! I love these vignettes and was happy to see Wilson (and even) Grundig again! I’d love to know more of the friendship between Wilson and Woofer – we know that Carrie has a confidant, but Woofer keeps everything to herself. What if she confided some…[Read more]

  • Hi Peggy,

    This scene also raced past so fast, the energy and the tension beautifully palpable! What I enjoyed here is the different side we see to Cho, the remorse he feels for having been coerced into kidnapping and keeping the girls, and the resolution that takes places in him when he finally decides to stand up to his father – good for him!…[Read more]

  • Hi Hanri,

    Wow, what a snake indeed! I wondered what would have happened if Alma had just let her speak. I still can’t believe that the little tart is complaining because she cannot get through to Michael and has the audacity to come to his wife about it! Is she just audacious or actually stupid (or a bit of both) That is indeed very rich! And…[Read more]

  • Thank you Anne, this is very encouraging! I’ve noted where it’s not clear, as it’s not clear. These little weavels keep on popping up, big thank you for pointing them out. I agree, Jamie definitely needs more airtime, I’m going to have more of him in V2 for sure!
    Hanri has challenged me on Grizelda’s ailment, and I am wondering also if I…[Read more]

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    Bessie had dropped Grizelda off at her town house, not far from where Vihaan Reddy lived. She rubbed her arms against a chilly breeze that swept through her small garden. Scents of Jasmin and […]

    • SM replied 2 weeks ago

      Brilliant parallels of “escape”-Vihaan, his brother, their mother too to some extent, and Robert. I like that plans of escape is always tied to the time when one is alone in the night. I am surprised that Vihaan told his father about his sexuality–Was it a need to define himself away from his family? He knew that his father would never look for him when he left. Perhaps by declaring himself, he was making certain of it?
      The line where the “father stood around and took up a lot of space” was really great. I stopped and lingered over that and imagined it in my mind.
      The journal entries are written so well with such a fine tinge of sadness throughout.
      Great scene.

    • Hi Jan
      Such an intricately woven piece, and I loved the foreshadowing of James’s mother one day being able to help. A promise for the future.
      Grizelda’s scenes always leave me curious to know more about her, she’s a wonderful character.
      The sadness of Vihaan’s family is painful – the brutal father, cowed mother and the sorrowful sons, all simply drawn with relatively few but powerful words and images.
      On to Robert – has he been wanting to leave Vivien for a long time? If her test is positive she can be thrown to the wolves by anyone who sees those results, and he can disassociate from her with a degree of honour. Or is there a twist to come?
      Delicious stuff – I’m longing for happy endings but fear I may not get it all. Nearly there – scene 41 next week and the interest hasn’t flagged!

    • The depth of emotions in this scene is so deep, Jan, especially in the journal readings. I love Grizelda’s character and insights, her musings about Jupiter and Saturn are wonderfully rich, full of foreshadowing and metaphor – and the tie in with Robert’s wish on a star was fabulous. I suspect reading about Vihaan’s past is not nearly as difficult as I imagine it is writing about him, I know how emotionally draining it can be, to imagine the brutality that must exist within a father to treat his children in such a hellish manner.
      There are so many wonderful images throughout this scene, your exquisite use of language clearly shines.
      I think both Robert and Vivien have some explaining to do – I can just imagine the impact to their relationship will be as a result of the the mystery of how Vivien has been infected while Robert is not. Well done on scene 40, looking forward to its continuing development!

    • I love when you do deep POV – you’re good with expressing emotion. And how you link their dreams and fears and hopes to the stars and the planets and the moon, attributing even deeper meaning to everything. Through that, you’re also forecasting what will happen for them, and I’m afraid things don’t bode well for poor Robert. He’s kind of fallen out of favour with me, though, because he is keeping a secret that has been damaging to his whole family. I wonder whether the rest of his good-guy character is an attempt to redeem himself on a daily basis…
      As mentioned, I have far more sympathy for Viv than most of your other readers. I think that callousness she displays sometimes is a coping mechanism to deal with the insidiousness in her family and in the rest of her life. And that makes what has been happening to her, in the public eye, so much more devastating…

    • Deryn replied 1 week ago

      Dear Jan I am still running a week behind reading. This didn’t feel rushed or rough at all, all the comments above speak about the beauty of the writing – the celestial imagery, the journal, the deep sorrow and so much desire for escape…Grizelda to a healthy place, Robert away from V and the 2 brothers from their father and constrained family life. Wonderful stuff. Chapeau.

  • Thank you Sudha! This means a lot to me and is very reassuring. Like I mention to Peggy, the journal here is the original of which Robert has received copies and Zelda is going to go through it a lot faster than Dr R.

  • Thank you Peggy, I’m over the moon with this 🙂 You’re finding all the clues. Thank you for pointing out the detail and corrections – he has a chipped tooth.
    And yes, this is the very same journal, the original of which Robert only has photocopies.

  • Thank you Peggy! there’s a lot more of Anan coming up, and more we don’t know, thank you for asking!

  • Thank you Suhda!
    I do need to work on better explaining Grizelda’s gift but yes, in essence she is catching up on it at that moment, because Robert is reading the journal.

  • Thank you Anne! I’m aiming for the finish line but there’s still so much that needs to happen, but I’ll try my best not to rush. Please keep me honest 😉

  • Hi Sudha,

    I like Luisa more and more with every scene – she’s a fascinating and versatile character who is going to go far.

    As always, I love your descriptions – mather as the short fat mushroom, probably the type that you think taste well and with which you’ll make a delicious risotto, but will give you a runny tummy for days and after…[Read more]

  • Hi Deryn,

    That’s very frustrating, I’m sorry for that and I hope you manage to recover all of the lost story!
    Poor girl, she’s coming down from the emotions and her “moment” with Brigette and Duncan, fecund with all the right things to say (and perhaps not say) 😉

    I like the spark between her and Bernie, a lovely foreshadowing of…[Read more]

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