Prologue, Scene 1 & 2 (No Comments) by Mia Botha

No Warning

The time before… Lightning skittered across the plateau. The successive strikes illuminated a dark silhouette. She stood in her glinting armour, long hair blowing free. The tip of her blade rested in the puddle of blood at her feet. Her grip was loose, fingers curled around the hilt. Her chest heaved. The bloodlust still coursed...

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Mia has used her many years of procrastination experience to create 12 Short Stories. She is a writer and a writing teacher, as well as master of desk organisation and tile grout scrubbing. After yet another year of unfinished manuscripts, random scribbles and self-loathing she decided to set this challenge for herself. It turns out she is not the only one who needed to out-source her discipline. Right now, she is trying to write 12 short stories in 12 months.

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