Polly Prose

Deals with depression and anxiety, but to never give up no matter what.

Ever felt you're stuck in a well and can't get out? Looking up at the impossible task before you, you have to make a decision to just try...

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I am originally from Iceland but now live in the beautiful and bustling city of Copenhagen, Denmark.
I've always loved reading and making up characters and stories has been second nature to me since I was a teenager. Having a deep desire to write, one aspect was always missing; the courage to share my writing with others.
Until I found "Deadlines for Writers" through a writing course I took. This Forum has truly pushed me out of my comfort zone.

I hope to publish my 1st ever book of poetry this year called "Echoes of Silence", and maybe one day a novel. Who knows?

It's a massive step since it's always been hard for me to call myself a writer, but with the encouragement found here I changed my thinking to...why not? :D

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