My writing goals by Deb S.

My writing goals by Deb S. # When I was in high school I took an English class that really challenged me. Every English class I’d had up until that point had been focused on essays, concise and to-the-point, stating facts supporting the thesis, all that stuff – and I’d become quite good at it....

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John Deighan
12 days ago

Good luck on your journey! Keep plugging!

Rhonda Ford
9 days ago

Some of the best storytellers are those who have a scientific or legal background — the analysts. Your analytical and scientific mind gives you a leg up in my opinion because you have the background for the makings of interesting stories.

Best wishes with your goals . If you are authentically you with your writing, please don’t get deterred by what your mother will think. If she has to “think” something, at least let it be based on the real you and what you really want to write.

Happy writing! I look forward to reading some of your work.

7 days ago

Those are great goals. Daily writing is crucial and the more you write, the more the images flow. Silencing the critic can be hard – whether it’s your mother or a literary critic, but it’s important to give yourself permission to write without value judgements.
You’re on a solid path. See you next Wednesday!