Missing, Annabel H

Missing grandchild, some mild profanity

Was her granddaughter missing, or was she losing it?

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So what's a nice, semi-retired accountant doing in a place like this? I retired from full time employment a few years ago and honestly, I got bored. I can only say semi-retired, because I just can't seem to say no to doing a few tax returns during the U.S. tax season--February through April 15th. However, I will only work on taxes 20 hours per week, which I hope will still give me time to do this. I don't expect a lot of sympathy, because I know that many of you are working full-time, still have children at home, etc.

I always wanted to write. When I was still in junior high and high school, I used to write stories for extra credit. Unfortunately, I let a very critical creative writing teacher convince me that I had no talent. Then, I let people convince me that I needed a job that would guarantee a steady income, like accountancy, and here I am.

My husband and my cat will let me write with minimal interruption. Although my husband does always seem to need something whenever I get on a ZOOM.

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