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Maggie Week 15 by Sandy Menarek

“Mr. Edwards, the doctor said you need to stay here until we can get your heart stabilized. He ran some more tests and the results aren’t back yet.” “I don’t care. I need to get back to my office to see what damage that know- it- all attorney has done.” “You

We are setting our hero up for the worst day of his life!
The Dr. finds out Roula has been poisoned. Family conflict abounds.

The Art of Misdirection character list and other info Setting is 1961, relates to action from 1959 Carrie Barker (nickname ‘Woofer’) a recently promoted Detective Constable starting at Ferminghall Police Station. The first female DC they’ve had, she’s dedicated and ambitious, worried that her Lesbian relationship will be uncovered. Amy Hargreaves,

Jack knocked on the door. A large, buxom woman answered the door and looked him up and down. “Well, well. We ain’t seen a copper here for some time.” Jack looked at her in surprise. He was dressed casually, in chinos and a golf shirt – he didn’t think he

Skeleton blurb to keep the writer focused.

2022 scene #30 Appointment #5 ​Jeff didn’t see Dr. Reedom regularly. It was only scheduled when he felt like he had things to discuss. After all the projects at the park and the carnival, hethought it was time to bring Dr. Reedom up to speed. “Well, long time no see,” said

The early morning sun slipped through the gap between the curtains, found Anthony’s closed eyes and gently woke him. He lay blinking for a few minutes, then shifted his head on the pillow to avoid the glare. The memories of the past few days assaulted him, and he turned to look

Kelly arrived home just after six on Wednesday, her head whirring with ideas. Sally was sitting in the lounge nursing a cup of coffee. ‘Hey,” she said. Kelly looked through her with vague eyes, her mind still focused on work. “Hi,” she responded, setting off for her room. Sally got up

Ishaan and Insiya face their most trying day. Armaan pays Lisa a visit.

Samantha was sweating bullets. How hard could it be to ask a guy out for coffee. Her throat felt like it was closing up, her heart was hammering in her chest and she felt like she was having a seizure, which wasn’t really funny considering she’d had one almost a

Who was that Shandy saw at Spilling the Tea? A busy day with no answers