Read 52 Scenes in 52 Weeks | 2023

Alchemy lab
Dark Elements, scene 0, by Deb S.

Dark Elements World-Building Primer (possible spoilers ahead!): Geography and Politics: This story takes place in a world with three countries (also sometimes referred to as the ‘three realms’): Xantia, Ythoucia and the Northlands. Xantia is a prosperous country with a lot of rules and laws. It is a kingdom, but King


These scenes follow the adventures of two helplessly clever and unlikely rogues: the gypsy-bred and fey-touched acrobat-assassin, Violette (VEE-oh-lay), and the dashing, city-bred and pleasure-loving rogue and duelist, Corlwyn (CORAL-win). Their world is Mirdor, a sprawling continent of petty upstart kingdoms, ancient cities, hellish deserts, ice-cracked wastes, and haunted jungles. It

LIST OF CHARACTERS  HISTORICAL CHARACTERS:  Miah: This novel is about an historically verified woman who lived 4300 years ago (approx 2285-2250 BCE) in ancient Mesopotamia. Her honorary name was Enheduanna: En- “high priestess” and Heduanna- “ornament of the sky”.  She was a princess, high priestess, and the first named author in

The year is 2094; fossil fuels are gone, and the whole world runs on electricity generated by nuclear fusion, which requires helium-3 as fuel.             A team is sent to set up an automated helium-3 mining process on Io, a moon of Jupiter, where the rare


Another story about Evie and Maryana, the two heroines of my 52 Scenes 2021 novel “Magical Mystery Quest”. This time Evie finds a small dragon figurine and brings it home. Trouble follows hard on her heels. A new Quest, an abduction, and the scramble to bring back the abductee and save

Oscar looked amazed. ‘Thank you Sir’, he said. ‘I am not sure I completely understand. Please do tell me how Caroline structured her will.’ Mr Bossman adjusted his reading glasses. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘it is an unusual, but legally fully binding one page document in her own handwriting and signed by

A climate crisis is destroying the country. Floods, fires, drought and food shortages. Climate refugees are flooding into the cities. Sara’s family argue about what to do, each staking a claim for the best solution as they see it and each ending up on a different side of politics but ultimately

Several Shades of Silence-2

SEVERAL SHADES OF SILENCE Summary Alma Lindley is a smart, successful partner in a niche Capetonian law firm. She is a popular public speaker for women’s rights. Alma tends to get sucked into other people’s problems, and she is very adept at fixing them. It’s just her own problems that she

Several Shades of Silence-2

24. Incessant Worry The things she did to Peony’s phone left Emma-Leigh feeling sick with guilt. She worried that she would be found out. It was going to be a matter of time, really, before Peony would notice. Would she think to investigate whether Emma-Leigh had anything to do with it? 

Maria was right. Maha needed to speak to Wardeh. But before that, she hurried to her tidy desk, switched on the lamp and anything that emitted light in the room. She opened the letters that were supposed to be sent by her and this one. The handwriting in the first one

Setting and Characters that are presented through Scene 18.
Cold plate
The life and times of Sally Johnson, her dog Jack and her life in the woods of northern New Hampshire.