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  • It Takes Two to Tango by Stevie K


    I tried today, you know

    Walked on stage like you were holding my hand

    And turned and kicked, but with no anchor

    And I could not dip

    For your hand was not holding the small […]

    • Great poem, Stevie. I could picture your dancer, trying to perform, but feeling the loss of the partner. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hello Stevie K, and what a wonderful poem. You did a fantastic job with setting a scene here. Each expression and movement I could see and feel. I love your use of descriptions throughout like red lipstick and small of the back; the repeating of “I tried, you know” sets a conversational tone. My favorite line is “But the empty space was glaringly visible”. Well done and I need to read more of your work.

    • Hi Stevie. A great poem. The repetition was done well with the important line of – I tried today. You created some great imagery as well.
      I have one tiny thing. And please ignore if you don’t agree.
      I found all your wording very well chosen. But I felt a little deflated with your last line.
      But alone – was a great start to it – but ending on – it’s a joke just didn’t seem to do your wonderful poem justice to me:) Just a thought anyway:)
      Thank you for sharing. Wishing you a lovely Christmas.

    • Hi Stevie – a lovely image of the dancer going out on the stage alone, reaching out for a partner no longer there. I agree with Jane, though, a word other than ‘joke’ for the absent partner would have more emotion and impact.

    • Hi Stevie,

      As a Strictly Come Dancing fan here in the UK (not sure what it’s called world wide) I could picture this perfectly. I’m not against ‘joke’ as I read in the other comments, but you probably could find a better word to reflect the solitary nature of a Tango for One. Otherwise I really loved this poem.

      Wishing you all the best for the festive season and I look forward to more of your poems in 2021.

  • Caught up and captivated! Curious how Jimmy fits in all this….waiting (im)patiently….

  • A little bit of a mystery here! I’m glad I’m reading them like this, so I get the story quickly without having to wait an entire month. Your writing is sets the scene just right, the characterisation comes through and I feel like I know Ash’s personality. I can’t wait to find out where you are taking us. I liked how you used the Area 52 prompt

  • Hmmm. Quickly jumping to part 3 to find out what’s what….

  • Oh. I came to this story after seeing that the one posted is part 4 and the ending was completely unexpected. Going to part 2 …I liked how you set the scene and built up the background of the characters in such a smooth flawless fashion. Looking forward to the rest!

  • Is it over? I’ve enjoyed this series very much and it is great to have a final reveal of what is going on here. I am so very disappointed with John but that is a typical life experience – you trust someone and they turn out to be unworthy. It is such a satisfying conclusion although to be honest I hoped for more drama and for people to know who…[Read more]

  • As a woman of a certain age, I can relate to this so much. I liked how you used language to make the point, bring out her cynicism about the whole prospect (and the need to be so polite!) Funny how people always assume things will go a certain way or that they know what you need. A good read. Thanks for sharing

  • I knew you could connect with this one…. so many charlatans masquerading as prophets on the continent. Thanks for your useful feedback on sentence construction – I agree and will look into it. Appreciate you reading as always!

  • It’s so depressing how many people are being sucked into the lies. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for reading my story!

  • Happy holidays to you too and thank you for the enthusiastic and encouraging feedback!

  • Thank you, Sue! Thanks for reading

  • My favourite line is : It was the slight droop of her eyelids, the slouch of her cheeks. As if her entire face was losing the will to live and gradually sliding down to join her thickening chin. She looked defeated. I can see it all! Love the original concept, the realism and the tangibility of the MC’s emotions. Fantastic read

  • Came to your story after reading your entertaining post in the Facebook group (can so relate- I fought sleep to finish my story) and I love it! I’ll go back and read the previous stories and look forward to the next:)

  • Thank you for your wonderful comments. I’m glad you enjoyed it

  • Precisely. He is all hype and no substance. Thanks for reading – I’m glad you felt something

  • I am so glad you did not use the overused “fake news”. We all know a smarmy politician or two with their facades and fake smiles. Great, realistic story telling

  • LOL! I remember that age very very well! Ooooh the depths of the true love! I liked the language and tone that you used, which was appropriate for the setting, the MC and the type of story that this is. You described the camp really well as well as the environment including being among others of the same confused age. This was a great enjoyable…[Read more]

  • Ismail! What is going on here? Talk about an unexpected twist! Is he an alien? Or something? I enjoyed how clearly you wrote this instalment and how the story is progressing along. Definitely still a fan. How many more before Anne is rescued (I am worried about her) and the father is outed? Did mom know something was off about her need to sleep?…[Read more]

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