• A Blip in Time
    “Do you think she is talking about karma? And how on earth could her dead husband be telling her these things? It seems a little odd to me, Azlan.”

    Azlan flicked a button on his steering wheel. The […]

    • Azlan is getting very vulnerable on this Uber ride! I appreciate how his backstory/brother allows him to be open to the otherwise-crazy-sounding advice and flowers from the widow. Well done!

      • I had a bit more I wanted to add to this prompt but I ran out of words. Thank you for reading Becky:)

    • I appreciate how vulnerable Azlan is here. Very touching. Nice way to incorporate the prompt in this one. Well done.

  • A Zoom in Time
    My eyebrows zoomed up and I could feel my mouth gaping in a wide O. “What do you mean Azlan?” I probed.

    “For the last few weeks Cordelia has been making obscure comments. Just little things like; […]

  • Definitely not Pimped
    Azlan continued, “It took me a few trips to build up the courage to ask why she went to the same destination every Sunday. She told me it was the park where her beloved Hugo had proposed. S […]

    • HI Jane, oh I love the magic! I want to see the movie 🙂

      • Hi Susanne:) A movie… mmmmm wouldn’t that be fun. Thanks so much for reading.

    • Hi Jane
      I read the latest three immediately after each other and I’m glad I did. I love how the Gerberas have come full circle and reappeared as a key part of this tale. It seems that there have been a few lost loves but also hopefully gained love as well.

      • Hi Wesley, thanks for catching up on all my stories:) Glad you are enjoying them.

    • Such depth of scene for such a short piece. Nice! 😀

      • Hi CK, thank you for your kind words, this one was tough, especially with that prompt.

    • Very moving scene. Great job Jane!

    • Why, hello again Gerberas! 🙂 I applaud you for not pimping out your story for the prompt 🙂

    • I suspect something quite momentous is going to come out of that very last sentence. The tale still intrigues. Well done!

      • Hi Barbara, There is more in today’s prompt:) Thank you for reading and your lovely feedback.

    • Clever! Now it gets interesting. Love love love how you have used previous prompts – even threw in gerberas! Impressive! Well done

      • Hi Stevie, thank you for reading and your kind feedback, it warms my heart:) Especially when I am so under the pump trying to keep up with these prompts:)

  • Cordelia“Oh…Ok,” I hesitated, hoping I sounded nonchalant and not pedantic.“It’s alright to ask, Janna, I like people to feel comfortable around me. Her name’s Cordelia. About a year ago, she started booking m […]

    • By the end….everyone with a continuing story needs to put it together and post it somewhere so we can read and enjoy it whole. 😀

      • I know it is hard to keep up with the continuing stories and to remember what has come before:) I do intend to put it all together when I have finished it and edit it.

        • Great idea, Jane! I have been thinking about doing the same. Although I might even expand mine…we’ll see. Keep in touch and tell me what you’re up to, ok?

          • Hi Susanne. For sure. I might have to wait a while after the end of October though before I attempt the amalgamation and edit. As this is exhausting me so much, fitting it all in, between work, kids and life. I might need a little break:)

    • Love it love it!

      Right to it and out.


      And ditto ChacoKid/you re: continuing stories!

    • Hi Jane, it’s hard to keep up a continuing story with the prompt and the word count, since they won’t always serve your purpose, right? That’s where I see the opportunity for some editing when the challenge is over (it’s the same for my story). Here, I’d say you did well, my curiosity is there, waiting for more…I want to find out more about Cordelia and Azlan. Hope tomorrow’s word count isn’t under 10…

      • Hi Susanne, indeed it is, very hard. And I have to say today’s prompt is even harder. I struggled big time and ended up cheating a bit with it, throwing it in the title, it was the best I could do. Thanks for reading:)

    • Even with the small word count, this has the same gentleness to the characters and that glimmer of hope that keeps me coming back to your stories! I’m so curious to read the next instalment!

      • Hi Alyssa, you are way too kind, thank you for reading, I appreciate it:)
        Pimp is a hard prompt, caused me much anguish, had to cheat a little in the end.

    • You’ve moved the story on one more step which is all you can ask for with 50 words. I’m not quite sure how Janna might be concerned that her remark will seem pedantic, but that could be because I need to refer back to the last piece! Just one typo – you’ve missed the comma before Janna in “It’s alright to ask Janna”. Looking forward to hearing what comes next!

      • Hi Barbara, thanks for reading, you are most correct, it is not the best use of pedantic. Hard to get some of these prompts in on a limited word count when you are continuing a story. Did the best I could, would probably take it out when I put the story together at the end and edit it all. Thanks for the heads up on the typo, I have fixed it:)
        Today’s prompt was even harder for me than pedantic.

    • As intrigued as I am about Cordelia, I’m firmly rooting for these two….

    • A difficult prompt handled nicely! I feel the same about the next prompt — not the direction I wanted my story to go, but I can edit it out later. It is still a challenge to creativity! I hope you take a break later, and not during this challenge. I am enjoying your story.

      • Hi Juanita, yes a very tricky one indeed. Agree with the editing out later of the ones that don’t quite fit with the continuing storyline:) Thanks for reading and your lovely feedback, I appreciate it. I will try very hard to get to the end of the challenge.

    • I am behind on your story! I need to go back and catch up… hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to!

      • Hi Christa, thanks for reading. I totally get it. I am struggling to keep up with writing and reading at the moment:)

  • From Ashes to Courage
    A hearty laugh bubbled up and helped me to regain my composure. “I had no idea about that interesting fact. I must admit planets are not my usual reading choice at night.”

    “Do you mind if I […]

    • Well, Jane, you’re certainly moving us on from the speed dating in style! Very skilful use of the prompt to provide a link with a previous piece. I like the way you’re feeding in the back-story. Wondering if Janna will move from repeat customer to friend to… what?

      • Hi Barbara, thanks for reading and your feedback and comments:) I am finding it hard to keep up with the Flash Fiction, all the writing, and reading is hard. But it is fun as well. We are half way there:)

        • I agree, it’s hard work but still enough fun to keep going. I was expecting a bit of a fanfare from Mia as we hit the halfway mark!

          • I expect Mia is so snowed under. I can’t imagine how she manages to write, work, run classes and look over all of these different writing groups before she posts them:)

    • Ah yes – the commonality of music. These two are definitely making progress.

      Read your note to Barbara – no indication that you’re finding it hard.

      Cute Cute!


      • Hi Maggie, thank you for reading. Yes, music is wonderful isn’t it. Where would we be without it? Thank you for your kind comments.

    • Hi Jane, Caspian??? So Azlan does come out of the Lion, the witch and the wardrobe 😉 Well done on this prompt. Azlan ist just too good to be true! Now I wonder how many ladies has Azlan given the treatment Janna gets…and who is the mystery Gerbera lady…so glad you’re continuing the story line!

      • Hi Susanne, thanks for reading, yes I did grab his brother’s name from the same book. Not sure if that has any relevance, time will tell:)

    • This one was a little slower, as a solo story, but as part of a bigger story it is a great moment of reflection and connection. 😀

      • Hi CK, yes it is so hard to make these small ones a standalone, can’t really do it. And the one for today at 50 words, I definitely can’t. Thanks for reading and your feedback:)

    • Great piece drawing a connection between two people who meet by chance. I loved the way you inserted the prompt in there. Good job.

    • ooooh, when the title said courage I expected her to seize the moment with both hands. Keenly waiting for the next instalment

      • Hi Stevie, yes the title was a bit cryptic. Depicting the two Celine Dion songs they discuss. I am still not sure where this story is heading myself. Thanks for reading.

  • She sits at the bar

    Perfectly put together

    Sipping her drink

    With fervor and focus

    Until the loud slurp signals its end

    Looks to the bar tender


    Men smile and stare

    She looks away

    Returns the […]

    • There was something so simple and beautiful about this poem. The repetition of “another” and the little details about the woman were just lovely. I really enjoyed this.

    • Hi Renee – I can almost hear the pinao playing in the bar gently in the background. Loved the simplicity of this and what it evokes in the reader, who can put their own image together, what she looks like, that she’s drinking…lovely.

    • Hello Renee,
      Your ‘she’ evokes for me an Edward Hopper painting. Very well drawn images of the bar and its inhabitants. Well done.

  • ISEEYOU“I’m so sorry Azlan. I can’t imagine losing my brother. How awful that must have been for you and your family.”“It sure was, mum and dad are still coming to terms with it. But one thing I’ve learned on […]

    • Nice of him to change the subject at the end, to give her a bit of reprieve. What’s not to love about this guy? Or perhaps he is TOO good. Quick edit suggestion, revealing revelation seems redundant to me. Well done, now interested to see if Azlan is the real deal, or a creep with a better game than whats-his-name from speed dating…

      • Hi Becky, thanks for reading and for your comments and feedback. I have slightly reworded that sentence, hopefully, an improvement:)

    • I like his fun fact at the end…tears into diamonds

      • Jane replied 5 days ago

        Hi Zannie, yeah that prompt was a hard one to squeeze in:) Thanks for reading and your comments:)

    • This is a sweet story. Soon-to-be lovers here? How charming of him to mention the diamonds – maybe they’re each others’ diamonds… 💕.

      I’ll have to back track I think.

      Thanks Jane. Loved that Saturn fact as well.

      • Jane replied 5 days ago

        Hi Maggie, thank you for reading and your lovely feedback. Yes I was stumped with this prompt, it was the most interesting fact about Saturn I could find to slip into my story.

    • Wow, Jane, this guy seems too good to be true (?). I love the fun fact at the end. I’m hopeful he really is that great. Great job!

      • Hi Shelley, thanks for reading, not sure about this guy yet, time will tell I guess…

    • You were absolutely right. I loved this follow on. Just lovely details and a real gentleness to both the characters and the word choices. Just beautiful.

      • Hi Alyssa, I have just posted today’s story, these two lovely souls continue:) Thanks for reading and your lovely comments, glad you are enjoying this story.

    • HI Jane, Azlan seems too goodd to be true…but every reader will want him to be true…He is such a great guy. You could start a novel just with Azlan! But hey, I think you expand he whole story-line anyway…hope you will continue this right to the end!

      • Hi Susanne, Thanks for reading. Yes, he does seem that way doesn’t he… I am not sure where this will go:)

    • Oh dimples! Rooting for these two, and yet, I feel like something unexpected will happen again 🙂 Enjoying these, reading in bulk is so much better cos there is more.

    • There are very few people in the world that are truly selfless and Azlan seems to be one of them. This is turning into a beautiful set of stories.

      • Hi Wesley, I so hope he stays that way:) I don’t like having my hopes dashed in all humanity LOL.

  • Ties that Bind by SM Prasad

    Bernadine’s text frightened me.  I was the unfortunate cast-off in the middle of an investigation that seemed to have nothing to do with me.

     Whom was I supposed to trust? Was Al a p […]

    • Nice twist, I didn’t see that coming! I was wondering what they were doing with Ms. Calabrese, maybe hiding out, but now I see what Bernadine was after! Lots of detailed nuggets here: the traitorous bottle of Merlot, the ice-cold grip on the back of her neck, olives in a kid’s lunchbox. The secret text code Jen and Bernadine have is pretty convenient–when you edit, maybe consider introducing that earlier in the story? Maybe they use it humorously at some point or mention it somehow. I’m ready for next week’s scene!

    • Another puzzle piece clicks into place! I can’t wait to learn how Bernadine made the connection and what else she’s discovered. Deft moves on her part to get Jen safe with her and helping to get info from Ms. C. You gave me a perfect picture of Ms. C’s house; I’ve been in houses just like that. I was unfamiliar with “the game of the Hunter” so I searched and all the hits were either about a video game or a mystery trilogy based in Massachusetts. Is it a common colloquialism on Long Island? I have a feeling some intense action is coming up and I can’t wait to read it.

      • Hi kathy,
        Did not mean to be so esoteric. I should have left it hunter. I was using it as a word for law enforcement as opposed to mafia. But now I want to check out the mystery trilogy that you referenced! I am definitely trying to work on the intense action…thanks so much for the support!!

    • Hi Becky,
      thanks for the suggestion. Long ago, many scenes (and months) ago, I mentioned the olives in the lunch, but yes, that’s too long ago and I agree, we should have that code much earlier as a joke. That is a great idea!! Thank you for that. Thanks so much for your comments. I’ve had a really crazy work day so I haven’t read stories yet today but looking forward to reading some tonight!!

    • Hi Sudha, all your scenes are great but I especially enjoyed reading this one. There was something about the vivid way you described Mrs Calabrese’s house and her wonderful frank and unteacherlike voice, that made this scene really brilliant and distinctive to read. Good on Bernardine to have dug the dirt on Manetta and for bringing Jen into the confidence so that they can patch up their friendship. The reference to the code words was also such a great way for you and Bernadine to remind us and Jen of how deep-rooted and close that friendship is. Congratulations on an awesome scene 😊

    • Another great scene. I was glad that Bernadine found a way to include Jen, even though she’s not supposed to tell her anything, at least Jen can feel included. Your descriptions of Mrs. C’s house was excellent, I could easily imagine myself in the room. I wonder what it smelled like, maybe pine sol, or lemon furniture polish, kitty litter, or stale whiskey? Some little reference would also go a long way in portraying Mrs. C’s character in addition to her whiskey drinking and her strong feelings against her husband. I loved the twist at the end, it finally made perfect sense why they were there – and while i was going to suggest you clue in Jen before hand, I think it works out better this way, so she doesn’t give away any clues about what she knows. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    • I love the message with the childhood code. Quite lush Mrs Calabrese. Nice job tying in the captain and upping the intrigue.

    • This is such a vivid scene – what a character you’ve created in Mrs C. Apart from your ingenious pulling together of story strands that always surprise and work I couldn’t help wondering if at school Mrs C was prone to popping into the supply cupboard for a sly nip at her flask. Her flat was sad and claustrophobic- I imagined the heating turned up a little too much and the aroma of many previous ready made meals in the air. Fantastic plotting and Captain M is going to be caught out. Great .

  • The homeland security guys were late, and Roy was becoming impatient. From his vantage point in the stairwell of the second-floor parking garage he could see the pier, bustling with activity. Two cargo ships were […]

    • The Roy stuff is always nice and sharp, great conversations and smart dialogue. You manged to set the scene well with that crane description. We’ve all seen a shipyard before – nice way to introduce it.
      Love the Roy and Helen ‘situation’, him getting annoyed and her blushing. It’s a sweet little sub-plot that I think you should spend a little more time on when you revise this. Out of this whole story it’s one of those things you hope will just go right while everything goes to hell. 🙂 🙂
      I take it you’re sneaking Magera and Benji in with a truck – nice idea and allows them to get past the guards. The fact that the club is under construction is very helpful to your story.

      • I hadn’t really thought about Roy and Helen as a couple until later in the story, but I like the idea of a budding romance that I will pursue when I revise. I like what you said about it being one of those things that can go right while all else goes to hell. I like that alot and will strive to achieve just that!
        Yep, Benji insisted on launching a rescue mission and Magera insisted on helping – we’ll see how well that goes…

    • I liked how this came across as just another work day for the Homeland Security guys, especially Josh, with all the reminiscing and jocularity while it’s life and death for so many of the other characters. I also enjoyed Sargent Williams’ excitement at cracking the case and Roy’s bristling at being treated like an errand boy. I think this all engages the reader to be even more emotionally impacted by the serious stuff that’s about to happen. I’m very worried for Magera and Benji.

    • Hi Peggy, another great scene. Roy is such a wonderful character, I love his nonchalance, especially in this situation – it really shows his experience and control. You are so skilled at characterisation. Nice to see that he’s staking his claim to Helen too, in his own way. It all feels like the story is building up nicely towards the big showdown, I can’t wait!
      PS. I almost forgot to mention how much I liked the Tetris observation – such an apt description of the containers stacking, really nicely done 🙂

      • I do like Roy’s character – I was even starting to think about a sequel (the sea is wild) but I’ve put it on hold so I can focus on getting this book finished!

    • Peggy,
      You covered so much ground here! I was worrying that they’d be watching the wrong ship but didn’t realize the meeting with Mao was at the same location. I find myself hoping they all get out alive. Very worried for them all right now!

    • Hi Peggy,
      There are quite a few characters in the past few scenes and you’ve done a great job keeping them all straight. I have lost track of where Minsang is at the moment. Is she in the apartment? Did Magera and Benji leave her by herself? Your description of the homeland security guys was sketched well. Josh Nelson was described well especially because we see a reaction in Roy. But Phil Jackson was introduced a little abruptly, maybe a line about him before he speaks would be good.
      Sergeant Williams’ elation of getting a lead on Shiva Patel shows us what a clever criminal he is and that he belongs in prison.
      Benji and Magera are doing something crazy, lets see how it works out.
      Great scene as we check in with everyone.

      • Thanks for the reminder about Minsang. She is still in the apartment. I had planned the next scene to be focused on Magera and Benji, but I think i need to split the scene and start it with Minsang. Maybe I’ll go do that now 🙂

      • Oh, and thanks for the comment about Phil Jackson. I agree, he needed a bit more introduction.

  • .
    Another round of skirting the issue,
    of flirting …with ecological disaster:
    allowing the planet to heat up faster and faster
    Another round of talk talk talk,
    summits and séance’s, same old same shi […]

    • Hello Kim! Loved this. Seems as though we followed very similar themes. Your poem looks very professional as well. I think you told a great story and chose your words carefully. Thanks for sharing

    • Another topical poem, Kim. I like how the words carry the theme of your poem throughout. The Devil’s roulette is the perfect image to go with this – it’s all a bit hellish. Sometimes we have to say it like it is!

    • Hi Kim, Tell it how it is, honest, blunt and perfect. I like the way you have set it out, the different sized stanza’s and your second last line of Bam. This should be in the Newspaper. Really well done.
      One very tiny suggestion: same old same shit – I think a comma in between same old, same shit is needed to make it stand out more.

    • Hi Kim, I liked the rhyme of topic with catastrophic — such a perfect pairing of meaning… I wouldn’t quite call this satire, it’s a bit too realistic for that. The description of the politics is spot on. For some reason while reading it the rainbow story came to mind, that floods will never be the cause of destruction again (take that rising sea levels), nope i think you’re right it will be lack of water and abundance of fire. Well done!

      • Nostradamus and the rest got it wrong – its not fire that will kill us but man’s own hubris

    • Hi Kim, Good for you, tackling this topic. The line, “Another round of talk talk talk,” jumped out as the clincher for me, as well as “finger pointing, country shaming…” and ….”What’s a billion, what’s a trillion..” This is an issue that won’t go away by talking or blaming or throwing money at it. I love the title – most apt and scary. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Kim, very powerfully worded on a very serious issue. You’ve hit the nail and you should be called to stand on centre stage when the politicos next gather and read your creation to them where the ‘finger-pointing skirters’ can see the passion pouring from your eyes. Keep up the good fight.

    • Hello Kim,
      I really admire the way your poems are always full of vigour and force. This particular message needs repeating and shouting from the rooftops and your poem does it. I like the rhyming and the rhythm. Great stuff.

    • Hi Kim – loved the urgency of the poem but how it conveys the very lack of the same in tackling the issue. Strident and to the point…

    • Hi Kim, love the rhythm and the language of your poem! The topic is very urgent indeed. We really should wonder much more why we still need to discuss. We should all roll up our sleeves and get to work! If each of us does our share, the planet will be better off. But with politicians like Trump who negate that climate change even exists…

    • Well Done, Kim ! Your poem is very hard hitting and a wake-up call for all of us. We all need to do our bit in this race against time. The politicos are too busy bickering in an attempt to garner as many votes as they can. If they were actually concerned, the planet would not be getting destroyed like this. So, the onus lies on us eventually. Great job 😇👏

    • Hi Kim. There’s a lot I love about this poem, plus its accompanying visual. The repeated words are the best ever – they are what creates the urgency. Wonderful!
      There are a few suggestions too, if you’ll allow me:
      * losing the “…” and the word “ecological” in the second line – for the sake of the rhythm. – it doesn’t need to be said explicitly, it’s there already. Just like “to our global warming” could be omitted without losing anything, Instead you’ll find that centigrade then becomes a pivot word, that may point to the actual global warming, or the heat of the political discussions.
      * worn down, well-worn – I’d suggest switching around so you get well-worn, worn down, because that creates yet another repetition which is a main feature of your style in this poem.
      * title: why not Devil’s Roulette? I think what you’re addressing is bigger than a reference to any particular country or culture…

  • Embracing the Suck (or: August 2021)

    Another year crawls on, 
    dragging its wounded legs behind it,
    across the midpoint, between Easter and Yule.
    Resolutions, fallen in the battle,
    silently beg to be buried in […]

    • Your photo is a perfect fit. Definitely felt the slough of it. The resolutions silently begging to be buried in honour is fantastic, to die for.

    • Hi Hanri, what a great idea to think about our resolutions mid-year. “Man proposes, God disposes”, although I like the German version better “der Mensch denkt, Gott lenkt”…It’s just that we’re very good at making plans and then life happens. I like your soldier-imagery for life, it seems very fitting. Especially in the pandemic.

    • Hello Hanri,
      I like the metaphor of life dragging on in the same way as a soldier crawls through mud. Great language – particularly ‘resolutions, fallen in the battle’. Love it, despite the depressing reality of it all.

    • Great poem Hanri. I love the war of life and soldiering on. Your metaphor is very appropriate and the words flow well.

      Not a lot of words, but powerful. I too appreciate the resolutions silently begging to be buried in honour. Looking for a little bit of hope that the whole year isn’t a failure.

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Hanri – gosh this was short but packed a punch. V powerful .

    • I had to laugh :
      Resolutions, fallen in the battle,
      silently beg to be buried in honour, 😂😂

      you could be describing me , every last inch of it! only 2 months to go…

      this was brilliant – succinct and razor-sharp
      and your pic is the perfect accompaniment 😁

  • A Horrible Secret to Keep (from: Several Sides of Silence) by Honey Mustard

    Note to regular readers:  I think I’ll have to repurpose the “Tenacity of Distrust” scenes I did for Prompt 14 and 16 so that I can us […]

    • Hi Hanri,
      This was a great scene where we learn that Alma and Michael are in the public eye and their case would garner a lot of unwanted publicity . It’s great that we hear that Alma is leaving Amanda’s office more conflicted, but it should be a little bit more articulated about specific aspects that bother her most. The description of Emma-Leigh’s room and her “teen answers’ to preempt her mother was very typical which is good to see.
      In the second part of this scene, I look forward to seeing more of Emma-Leigh’s feelings–anger, sadness, sense of betrayal and relief once she relates to her mother that she’s known this secret for a while. Also, how did she figure it out?
      I liked her reason for not telling her mother, that was very sweet.
      Great scene where we see that some of Emma-Leigh’s limitations may be a compelling piece of information in this story.

  • CHAPTER 44I was now more wide awake than ever and straining to hear any sound from outside. The footsteps slowed, walked past and faded away.It must have been Fred. Dependable, conscientious Mr Harley Davidson. […]

    • Hi Elaine! Highly enjoyable scene – again. Although it poses more questions than it answers. I wonder who the violent stranger was. How clever of the enemy to use the recording to lure John out and how “Boy’s Own”! Now they’ve captured him, maybe they can get him to talk…
      I think there’s one ‘now’ too many in your opening sentence. Also “Honestly, how pathetic I could be?” needs your attention.
      I also have a question: I noticed you always have John talk about ‘the Uncle’ and ‘the Aunt’. I wonder why. As a non-native speaker I would say “my uncle” or “my aunt” or “Uncle This” and “Aunt That”. Would you mind explaining?

      • Eva- Maria! Whoohoo, love reading your weekly comments! Yes, you’re right about ‘now’. Will fix that. And the pathetic line.
        To answer your question about the Uncle and the Aunt. All my maternal aunts and uncles and paternal uncles died a while ago. I only have one paternal aunt left, so we refer to her as ‘the Aunt’. She’s also quite a forceful character. It’s a family habit.

    • GOSH, how many more physical injuries can John take? I imagine if this was a movie, he’d be all purple and bruised, a splint here, a bandage there. So, did they catch his mystery assailant? Wasn’t sure but I guess we’ll find out in the next scene? I wonder if we might benefit from John’s point of view and all the physical injuries he’s had so far (didn’t he have a hole in hand, too?) I’d have given up a lot sooner if it were me — his fortitude is amazing. Perhaps have him waver just a teeny tiny bit? Other than that, I loved it.

      • Hi Monica, Apparently holes in hands heal fairly quickly depending on how they’re made. Small saplings would heal quicker than a knife for example. According to the doctor I checked it with. I plead first draft for excessive abuse. Lol. I need to draw up a timeline and see exactly how the days work out for his injuries. In the early chapters I mentioned how he was an outdoorsman (camping, canoeing, running, wildlife photography etc) in the hopes of trying to give him some of that fortitude you mentioned. I thought I had had scenes of him internally bitching and complaining, but perhaps not, or perhaps not enough? Something else I’ll have to check once the first draft is done. His fortitude is important for the last 2 chapters of the book which I wrote last night. Yes, I’ve jumped ahead. I needed to know the ending so I could write the intervening chapters. Don’t worry I won’t post out of sequence. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

      • Hi Monica, Yes, they did catch the mystery assailant, he’s currently in the cellar:
        Between the two of them, Fred and the chauffeur soon had the man immobile. It didn’t stop him from struggling against them. That is until the gardener – Alfred? No, Alfred was the dog – lifting a shotgun to within two inches of his face said, “That’s enough. We don’t want to wake the neighbours.”
        The bastard stilled when he cocked the gun.
        “Bring him inside, gentlemen. The cellar, I think.” Mr Pritchard, who had followed in the chauffeur’s wake, turned to me. “Are you alright?”

  • The Saddest Never
    “Thank you, they’re so beautiful, purple’s my favourite colour too.” I sneaked a look at him out of the corner of my eye. “Can I ask a question Azlan? I’m curious about your number plates. W […]

    • Not what I was expecting, either! This is the type of conversation that can go two ways–they can be brought together in relationship, or uncomfortable/scared off. Poor Azlan.

      • Hi Becky, thanks for reading and your feedback. It certainly could go either way…

    • The saddest never indeed. Jane, this story is just getting more and more intriguing. Good job.

      • Hi Sharmayne, I was expecting a few more words today, so this cut off a bit earlier than I had anticipated. But a bit more will be revealed tomorrow. Thanks for reading and your lovely comments.

    • Great job of keeping us all sucked in. A new twist every day. Looking forward to the next bit! 😀

    • I’m a sucker for this kind of vulnerability. I think it shows a great deal of character not to lie or avoid answering the question, so I have quiet hope for Azlan. I’ll be following this!

      • Hi Alyssa, thank you for reading:) Just saw that your name is the same as my daughter:) Hope you catch today’s story if you liked this one, I think you will like the continuation.

    • Hi Jane, I sense that there is more to come! Azlan has shown such a sensitivity that Janna should get to know him better. I think it’s more interesting than all her speeddates so far 😉 But that’s just my humble opinion, Janna needs to decide…great take on the prompt, surprising, great depth in such few words.

    • An imaginative use of the prompt. I can see things could be more complicated than the happy ever after I was hoping for. Well, I suppose you have got 17 prompts left!!

      • Hi Barbara, Thanks for reading. Oh yes, it has got more complicated – more so than I intended as well. I was going to stop this story but at the moment it won’t let me…

    • Very moving and not expected. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Well done.

    • I did not expect that. A touching and moving piece. I feel for the Uber driver.

    • What a turn of events! Still, now I feel more optimistic. Nice continuation, the unexpected makes it even better

      • Hi Stevie, thanks for backtracking to read. It is so hard to keep up with all this writing and reading, isn’t it.

  • Another Sky.As the shadow of the sun bleeds out.Do you ever lie back and watch the stars?Wondering, what is out there?Gazing into the mysterious and ethereal night..Does it seem limitless to you?An infinite […]

    • Hi Jane
      Excellent explanation of how one may feel and questions that come up in the mind . Myself when looking in the sky not searching anything special, I often realize how negligible and worthless I am. This piece is very descriptive and thought provoking. Thank you for sharing.

      • Hi Nissan, thank you for reading and your feedback. I guess the sky can offer many different perspectives.

    • Hello Jane,
      Your questions frame the poem in an interesting and unusual way. It draws the reader in to be asked their opinion. A lovely calming poem.

    • Hi Jane. I love the questioning in this poem. The ‘you’ could be me or anyone. I do feel you could have left out the last verse, though. When you bring ‘I’ into the poem it seems to yank your reader out of their own musings and into yours. It seems to end so well with the previous verse. Well done and thank you for sharing.

      • Hi June, thanks for reading, and for your comments and suggestions. I can see where you are coming from, with the last verse being personal, due to ‘I’. I do like the lines in the last verse though. So I have changed a couple of words in the last verse, which hopefully still keep open to anyone. Thanks:)

    • Jane, this is lovely, thoughtful, contemplative. I wish our harried life gave us more time to sit and dream about the stars and life!

    • Hello Jane,
      What a beautiful poem that asks a lot of great questions. Definitely some things to think about. I love the lines “To stare into the deep, dark nothingness” and of course the first and last lines. Bravo!

      • Hi Marcena, thank you for reading and your lovely comments, it took a long time to try to get the right wording:) They are my favourite lines too:)

    • This is a very interesting take on the complexity of the universe. And it is complex, both in it’s tangibility and what it awakens in the human spirit. I think you captured this duality very well with this poem. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

      • Hi Chantelle, thank you for reading and your lovely comments, glad you enjoyed the poem.

    • Nina replied 5 days ago

      Lots has been said, but what struck me was this poem was like a book of prompts, each line offering the chance to fill a page of one’s own.

      • Jane replied 5 days ago

        Hi Nina, thank you for reading and your lovely comments, much appreciated.

    • A beautiful poem, Jane! It makes you focus on the beauty and serenity of the nighttime sky and just like the vastness of the sky, it makes you realise that life is full of limitless possibilities.Well Done!

    • This is deeply contemplative and thought -provoking.
      I like how you seem to cover bother sides of the argument, like you are convincing yourself : if you feel this, then that but if you feel that, then this. and it really is all about perception at that one moment in time, isnt it?
      great piece Jane 💖

      • Hi Kim, thanks for reading and your feedback. That is exactly what I was going for, you hit the nail on the head:) Thanks

  • Uber in TimeFour minutes till Azlan would arrive in his Toyota Camry, with the number plates ISEEYOU.Grinning, I wondered about his choice of plates.Waiting by the door, I watched some of my dates exit, they said […]

    • I’m loving your characters Jane and am thrilled at the prospect of the Uber driver, Azlan. Keep the story going.

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi Sharmayne, thank you for reading and your lovely comments, I appreciate it.

    • I was expecting him to have been one of her speed dates.

    • Azlan, and flowers, and a quick escape from Paul. It’s like he sees her:)

    • Ummmm, nice turn of events! 😀

    • Hi Jane, this is so nice. Azlan reminded me of „The Lion , the witch and the wardrobe“ 😉 Your Azlan is a savior, too! I can already sense that Janna will go out with him…nice turn of events.

      • Hi Susanne, thanks for reading. Aha, you picked up the name, I am still unsure what Janna will do, but it is fun not knowing.

    • Sounds like a very promising encounter! I like the way you’ve used the prompt, too. Well done!

    • I must say, I was hoping for an interesting turn of events with Azlan :). Of course Paul the creep is on hand ugh! Still enjoying how the stories are coming together

      • Hi Stevie, thanks for reading and your kind comments. I did intend to stop this story but it seems it has a little more life in it. Will see where the prompts take me.

    • Sweet scene. Meant to be?

    • Hi Jane
      Such an epic name and that number plate. I hope we find out about it in the next story. A very clever use on the prompt and I like the re-feature of Paul and her escape. This trip is turning into an interesting one with the flowers featuring. I wonder why he was given them and why he has given them away so freely again.

  • Reflection TimeThere was a space underneath each date’s name. You were encouraged to make some quick notes during or after each date, to avoid forgetting who’s who by the end of the night. So, all I had to do n […]

    • Great comments about the ‘dates’. Can sense the frustration and relief that it’s over. How many dates and how long would this have taken the traditional way? And the danger involved. Even if they were set-up by friends.
      Wonder if the Uber driver will be #11?

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi Mike, thanks for reading. I agree with you that it seems a safer way to meet people in today’s day and age:)

    • A very nice read!


    • Alyssa replied 1 week ago

      I love the details in this. You do meet so many different types of people when dating and these stories are just beautiful little scenes into that world. I really enjoy them.

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi QOH, thank you for reading and for your kind comments:) This is a continuing story – part 10. Glad you could work out a bit of what was going on from just this part:)

    • Jane, Interesting continuation! Maybe Uber driver might turn out to be one of the speed daters on the list? So many ways this story can go from here. Waiting for more.

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi Juanita, thank you for reading and your comments, I appreciate it:) I have no idea from one day to the next where this story is going, I guess that is half the fun of flash fiction.

    • Stevie replied 1 week ago

      Love that we got a recap! Is there a part 11 coming? I also wondered about the Uber driver

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi Stevie, thanks for reading. Yes there is a new part – should be up now:)

    • I liked the summary of the dates – I guess it’s a no for Paul, then! I’m glad Jeremy got a bit of empathy for his brother! One small grammar point – I was wondering if it’d be better to have a full stop rather than a comma at the end of this sentence: “There was a space underneath each dates name, “. Like some of the others, I’m intrigued by the possibility that there’s more than meets the eye to the summoning of an Uber – or are we letting our imaginations run away with us? An enjoyable read – thanks.

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi Barbara, thanks for reading and your great feedback. I have taken on your suggestion and put a full stop in that first sentence:) Thank you.

    • I’m enjoying the continuing story. I like the summary of the ‘dates’. And I’m hopeful about the Uber driver too.

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi Shelley. Thanks for reading and your feedback, I appreciate it:)

    • Becky replied 1 week ago

      Great continuation here, a nice summary to get us all on the same page. Maybe consider moving around the last paragraph, if you end with her confirming the Uber it may land a bigger punch for the ending, just a suggestion. I am excited to see if the MC finds a lasting relationship from all this!

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi Becky, thanks for much for reading and your suggestions. I think it is a goodie. I have just changed my last paragraph around a bit (and managed to keep the 250 words). Thanks for that, I appreciate it.

    • Funny how everyone is wondering if the Uber driver could be the one, and that didn’t even enter my mind. Maybe i’d read too many horror stories of Uber driver lol.

      I like the summary! Good reaction scene to move the story along.

      • Jane replied 1 week ago

        Hi Christa, thanks for reading and your feedback. To be honest, I had never even thought of the Uber driver, but everyone’s comments may have taken this story in a different direction now. We will see.

    • Hi Jane
      I agree with Christa that it is intriguing about the suspicions of the other readers about the Uber driver but that didn’t even cross my mind. I love how you summed up each date and person. To the point but still detailed. I hope she gets some matches although I do suspect Pierre will be a match, I’m still weary about him.

      • Hi Wesley, poor old Pierre, I have made everyone suspect hidden agendas, LOL. Thanks for reading, appreciate your support.

  • The End is Nigh

    The seat was empty.

    Moving outside the meeting room, I asked the lady at the desk where my missing date was.

    She checked her schedule, “I’m sorry I was supposed to let you know that Jeremy had […]

    • Hi Jane – I was a bit surprised at how indifferent the MC was to Jeremy’s poor brother’s accident. Was that the effect you were going for or am I just over-sensitive? I admire you for keeping the thread up over so many prompts!

    • Hmm. My thinking is that there are obvious nos from the previous characters. Looking forward to see who she finally picks. So good!

      • Hi Stevie, thanks for finishing all the parts (so far). Yes I wonder who she might be interested in too…

    • HI Jane, what a clever way to use the 75 words…it would have been difficult to describe Mr Perfect in so few words…well done!

      • Hi Susanne, thanks for reading and your kind feedback, yes I thought for a while about what I could do here, and this seemed the only option.

    • Ah. I wonder if they’d still meet somehow, by fate. Guess we’ll see! You are keeping us in suspense! 🙂

      • Hi Christa, thanks for reading:) I am not sure at all. Was going to finish this story soon but will see where the prompts take me.

    • Hi Jane
      This piece came across as slightly more used but completely understandable with the short word count. The MCs reaction although limited to the accident does make some sense. She has also gone through a lot in the different dates so her mind is very preoccupied.

      • Hi again Wesley. Yes I would have preferred a few more words in this prompt. But if you make it to the next one you will see how I tried to rectify the MCs lack of comment about her missing date.

  • Final Straw

    The conversation flowed easily, till that pesky buzzer sounded again. Pierre did manage to change my mind; I wasn’t feeling like a fish out of water anymore.

    I coasted through the next four dates, w […]

    • Great use of the prompt to fit with your story! And a cliffhanger ending! 🙂

      • Hi Christa. I had to press fast-forward for four dates, I was running out of ideas. Thanks for reading:)

    • is Ralph a cocktail mixer, rather than a cocktail? fingers crossed she’s hooked her favourite.

    • Hi
      My goodness, how hopeful I am, sitting alongside your protagonist, that this date, this man, will prove promising. So well done. CA

    • I’m enjoying the continuation of your story. Nice use of the prompt. I’m ever hopeful for your MC.

    • What a cliffhanger! Glad she’s starting to have fun.

    • Hm, wonder what or who she will see. Will she meet any of her dates again? I must admit she managed to meet quite a lot of guys!

      • Hi Susanne, yes me too. Not quite sure where this is going. Ten dates in the speed dating ring:) Thanks for reading.

    • Waiting for the end now. It’s interesting that you zipped through the characters here, but went into detail with the interesting/ disturbing/ intriguing ones – or the ones that made an impression. The progression is excellent.

      • Hi Stevie, thanks for backtracking and reading them all:) Yes, I thought it would get a bit dull if I kept going into great detail, which is why I skipped over the last four, and then make number 10 a ‘no-show’. My imagination was wearing thin. I appreciate your kind comments:)

    • You have a knack for leaving us on the edges of our seats. This piece flowed so beautifully I reached the end before I even realised and now want more.

      • Hi Wesley, I have been trying to do that as much as I can, within the prompts and the word counts. Thanks for reading and your kind feedback.

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