• Is the winery on schedule for july 4th weekend? nicely said. thanks

  • Claire love the poem. Loved The prompts you gave to write my life. Took me down roads I would not drive. And
    The template given I negate ……


  • Wow. It was really fun to read this.

  • Shae commented on the post, Elsie by Peggy Rockey 2 weeks ago

    This is such a sad story said in a poem. What if she had no family and that’s why no one came to meet or miss her?

  • Loved it. The start of every occasion or event that happens is at point zero which is blank because memories have still to be made. Thanks

  • You took blank to a totally new level. Love how there are so many other things that can be attributed to blank.

  • Shae commented on the post, New Notebook by Clare 2 weeks ago

    So cute. So well said. I also love the smell of a new book.

  • Wow. What a great poem that we all need to go inwards to get our peace and away from the commotion and chaos of everyday living. Now that I remember, I usually blank my mind out when I go inwards to quieten my thoughts. This never even occur to me while working on this prompt.

  • Loved it. having your dreams break is a part of daily life. You bring it out so well. I agree with Kim on rewording the second stanza. I had to reread it twice to make sense.
    Have you ever had tossed it to the stream?
    And watched it wash away.
    Your hands empty and bare
    As you wonder where to start again.

    Great job.

  • Shae commented on the post, Blank by Tom Mullane 2 weeks ago

    So poignant and so sad. This is a living reality for many around the world. Thank you.

  • Do ourHopes …..Dreams …..Looks …..Touch …..Voice …..appear blank to othersORare they just invisiblein the colorless palette of life

    • This piece speaks to me. Do we judge others by their hopes, fears, dreams, tone? Or, as you aptly describe those characteristics appearing ‘just blank’ to others. When people are too caught up in their own lives they do not recognize that others are also living rich fulfilled lives that are not ‘colorless.’ Great job!

    • Hi Shae, there is beauty in the simplicity of this poem. It made me think…..
      Well done and thanks for sharing.

    • Deryn replied 2 weeks ago

      Hi Shae – yes…do we really see the hopes, dreams etc of other people…do we care enough to see them? Or are we all a bit bland and homogenous, that colourless palette…we should show more colourful passion and then would be seen…I really liked this thought provoking piece.

    • Hello Shae,

      This is a clever use of the prompt. It reflects our inability to inhabit other people’s worlds, as well as the seeming futility of most of our lives. I like your poem very much.

    • Hello Shae,
      I did enjoy this poem. The simplicity is where the beauty lies. It also makes a reader like me ponder, which is a great thing. Great work.

    • The simplistic depth of this poem is great. Like it a well connected right hook, this is a knockout.

    • Hi Shae, i really like the layout you’ve presented and in so few words how you’ve dug so deep to reflect life as we live it today. Really well done.

    • Beautiful poem Shae. It gives much food for thought in such few words. The formatting and flow work well.

      I think the colour of life is constantly changing and yes, sometimes – like recently – the overwhelm of survival can make it feel a little colourless where people don’t take others into account and they land up being invisible.

      Here’s to us all finding our colour and respect for the multitude of hues of our fellow humans.

    • One of my earliest life lessons was that if I didn’t like the picture I was seeing (of my life), then I should paint a new picture (and change my life). Your poem reminded me of that lesson, but in today’s world, when much of life is not in our control, we sometimes have to view it through a black and white lens, just to gain focus and contrast. Funny how we respond to others poetry. I loved the simplicity of your poem, yet the depth and strength is quite profound. Well done!

  • Thanks Peggy. The fun part is teasing out the prompt to see how you can look at it from a different angle.

  • The fun part of the prompt is teasing it out and seeing how you can stretch it to show a different side of it. That is one of my favorite stanzas too. Thanks for reading and commenting. Shae

  • Hi Glen
    I am glad you liked the poem. Yes, it turned out to be perfect. Thanks for reading. Shae

  • Hi Jane, Thanks. I am glad you loved the poem. Shae

  • Thanks Deryn. I am glad you liked it. I really enjoyed writing it.

  • I love para 3 and 4 too especially the walk on the moon and the ride by the galaxy. Thanks so much.

  • Thank you.

  • Thanks Joan.

  • Thanks, Marcena. I am glad you liked it.

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