• Not having been aware that Adele and Julia were going to meet at the airport was a little offsetting, especially when Julia’s associate/romantic liaison (?) happens to spill the wine all over Adele who gets a bit miffed with him, not even realizing who Jeremiah is. But that does add to the color of the beginning of the story, doesn’t it just now?

  • So it’s finally time to go back and read some of the stories I missed during the Year of Writing.
    Yours is one that intrigues me since I love psychological thrillers.
    Your description of the property is lovely, although where we live, mosquitoes usually are pests during the warmer weather.
    What happened to David? There! I’ve asked….and I…[Read more]

  • Ash and Enricho may play a part in future books.
    I don’t see Tomi leaving Wisteria, so I would probably count on it.
    Thanks for keeping with my story till the end!

  • Whoops….I guess I really meant the part about missing next week’s scene….I even said it twice. LOL

  • Somehow I have that uneasy feeling that Liam is out there alive, or may return as a haunting spirit.
    The ending was appropriate and well structured to fit in the scene although there was a lot covered.
    I enjoyed the part about the Cajun Navy. I had heard the expression but didn’t know anything about them.
    Perhaps Brianna and James will meet up…[Read more]

  • What a satisfying ending to a really great story.
    The layers of this story were fascinating to follow and I so liked the idea that they walked in side by side, which to me indicated a lot. A lot of trust and support for one another’s goals and hopefully, a great ongoing relationship.
    I so enjoyed following this story along right from the…[Read more]

  • What a perfect ending to a lovely story, Ben!
    I truly enjoyed reading each scene and waiting each week for the next.
    I will miss that!
    I love that Pierre turned out to be a good guy and Momo is just so adorable and kind.
    And away they go to ‘they lived happily ever after’….although I could imagine more excitement in their future…[Read more]

  • Six Weeks Later:

    Tomi placed the knife down on the coffee table and carefully opened the cardboard box in front of her.  The box was very old and had many layers of reinforced tape holding it together.  The l […]

    • Hello Marilyn,
      An excellent wrap up, full of holiday content and then.. wham..book 2 is on it’s way. Thank you for sharing for 52 weeks, I have enjoyed reading your scenes and watching your characters come alive. Of course, B&B were the stars, haha.
      Best of luck with the rewrite, and may you have a happy and healthy new year.
      Enjoy the day, Carolyn

    • Hi Marilyn
      Noooo! How could you do this? I was wallowing in a nice slushy feeling and then wham! we have to wait for the next book!! Have you heard of Torquemada?
      Up to that point it was hugely enjoyable, I could see the bows on the cosy wrap-up. Well done for throwing us a big stick to chase in the future, waiting for your next offering.
      Are you doing 52 Scenes from January or waiting for the 6-month rewrite? Whatever you decide, I wish you every success. You’ve created some great characters (hey, what about Ash?) and I’ve enjoyed your scenes each week.
      Onwards and upwards, Marilyn, no slacking x

    • Oh my goodness! Glad to see you already have number 2 in mind! Only one you didn’t wrap up with was Ash (and i’m still curious about Enricho!!” Thanks for the new year Happy Ending!!

      Looking forward to what is to come!

    • Oh my gosh, Marilyn! How could you leave us hanging like that? 🤣
      I have really enjoyed your cosy mystery this year so thank you for sharing it with us and I wish you all the very best with the rewrite and writing number 2 – you are definitely going to be busy in 2022 – but for now congratulations on finishing Wicked Wisteria!🤗🎉🍾

    • Hi Marilyn
      You certainly blindsided me with this one…you put in the contented, peaceful slow down, the fragile ornament, Cody and the dogs and then BAM! you got us, ready to sink in to book number two. Good job with that–now I really want to know what happens.
      It’s been such an interesting experience going through this year and reading your great story that kept me guessing. YOu had a lot of threads but you pulled them together very well. I’m excited to see what you will do with the re-write!
      Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing your next draft!!

  • Marilyn Weisman started taking the course 52 Scenes | 2022 3 weeks ago

  • An excellent ending, tying up almost all the loose strings.
    I agree with some of the other comments that a journal could ‘appear’ and ‘get even’ with Horton for the terrible person she was.
    I am glad that Carrie got the promotion and that there seems a way the girls can stay together.
    I have enjoyed following this story all the way…[Read more]

  • I enjoyed the metaphor about the coffee woven throughout the story.
    Bernadette pops for a great coffeemaker and also brings Jen’s Al back to her.
    Not sure what type of personality Al actually has, but he seemed a bit lightweight for the work he supposedly was doing.
    Maybe in the rewrite he would have a little more fleshing out.
    As they say,…[Read more]

  • As usual your descriptions of the damage from the hurricane are very well drawn.
    Of course, I would love to see Curtis alive and unharmed.
    I’m hoping there’s insurance to cover the destruction of Nana’s house.
    I need proof that Liam is gone. Really gone. That he’s not like a cat with seven lives who will eerily arise from the depths of the…[Read more]

  • What a horrendous surprise.
    You wrote a heartbreaking ending.
    My goodness, this was excellent.
    I’m still a little confused as to the way the money ended up going to Harry and the insurance agency but when you do the rewrite, that will be clearer.
    And when will the part about Harry killing Teddy be revealed?
    Will he suffer the…[Read more]

  • “If I were a rich man

    Yubby Dibby Dibby Dum

    All day long I’d Biddy Biddy Bum

    If I were a wealthy man.”

    The Talmud says, “We don’t see things the way they are.  We see them the way we are.”

    But…I’m not the […]

  • Thanks for sticking with my story from the start!
    Usually, Cozy Mysteries sell better when they are in series.
    Glad you could smile at this point!
    Its been a great trip…never thought at the beginning that I could find enough words to finish the story….let alone create a story plot!

  • Congratulations on completing the WTC challenge.
    And with such an interesting story. I had to look up “Ley Lines” as I had no reference to them at all.
    I like a good ghost story, especially set in New Orleans and this one read well and quickly.
    Now I’m intrigued and wish there were more to this tale!

  • Although I have not been following the story, for which I apologize, I intend to do some reading during the break….this piqued my interest, for sure.
    To be honest, this scene stands alone as a great entre to a mystery!
    I am so wondering why Adele’s husband and mother would have arrived surreptitiously and, apparently, died together!
    Although…[Read more]

  • What a lovely next to the last chapter!
    Wonderful how you made Kate dream, probably hearing Pierre’s words to her about having to leave, and then when she awakened, thinking he had died.
    I enjoyed the memory of Marjorie returning, too.
    And of course, as always, the beautiful descriptions of the underwater world.
    So, I’m wondering if next week…[Read more]

  • “Katie, I hadn’t really thought about why I’ve been having these deep conversations with myself lately.  You may have just hit the nail on the head!  All of a sudden, a friend dies, unexpectedly, which probabl […]

    • Hi Marilyn, I love how you’ve set this scene up – Tomi’s career decision is just perfect and reframes this entire story as a great opening book in what will hopefully be a prolific series of Tomi PI mysteries. The way she planned to sell the business over to Enricho worked so smoothly, as it showed she still cares about it but it’s time to move on.
      And I absolutely loved that ending. I guess that’s another choice made 😉 Thank you for making me smile.

      • Thanks for sticking with my story from the start!
        Usually, Cozy Mysteries sell better when they are in series.
        Glad you could smile at this point!
        Its been a great trip…never thought at the beginning that I could find enough words to finish the story….let alone create a story plot!

    • Hi Marilyn,
      I was waiting for Tomi to ask Cody to work with her–that they could run the PI business together. Maybe there will be a hint of that later. I really like how you wrapped up so many things here and how Tomi is so relieved now that she’s made some very important life decisions. I guess Roy is out of the picture? Or does Tomi balance Cody and Roy and lives happily with that arrangement? I like that Tomi’s romantic life is so up in the air.
      The dialogue was very smooth here and Cody seems like such a good guy. I liked the serious discussion about her hesitation about accepting a ring from Cody. Very believable and gives Tomi a chance to stand on her own.
      Really excellent tie up of your story.

    • Hi Marilyn
      Great scene, moving smoothly towards a conclusion. So it’s Cody? I’ll be interested to see Ray’s reaction, and to know what happens about Maria. And Ash?
      Good dialogue and pacing, and Tomi sounds very clear about moving her life along, which comes at the perfect point in the story.
      I’ll miss this!

    • Brava Marilyn!
      Tomi has had a good head on her shoulders throughout the book and she uses it again here. It’s logical to sell the diner, but didn’t we think Enricho had some questionable connections?
      I’m not sure how I feel about Tomi sleeping with both Ray and Cody…but I’m an old married lady so maybe just behind the times. Cafe de Olla is the Mexican coffee…my son in law makes it!
      As always, you’ve made the characters authentic and interesting. I didn’t know Tomi was a gunslinger!
      Dreading and looking forward to the last chapter!

  • Mae opens the door to another gray day and another box on the porch.

    This one is heavy, matching her mood this morning.  She lugs it into the hall and drops it.

    Retrieving her mug of plain Maxwell House…no mo […]

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