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  • Thanks for readings this so late. I appreciate your comments and am glad the story brought back thoughts of the past.

  • Thanks for readings this so late. I appreciate your comments and am glad the story brought back thoughts of the past.

  • Continued from Day 13,  and finished on Day 16.

    It’s Thursday, and today we go horseback riding along the coast where there are no roads.

    Granny, look at my brown horse it has a white streak between her eyes to […]

    • Hi Joyce. This reminded me of the first time I saw San rock paintings in the Karoo. The enchantment of the past…

      • Thanks for readings this so late. I appreciate your comments and am glad the story brought back thoughts of the past.

    • Thanks for readings this so late. I appreciate your comments and am glad the story brought back thoughts of the past.

  • Day 13, continued from Day 16 Easter Island.


    It’s Tuesday, and we go to see statues in the Rano Raraku quarry, miles inland from the coast.

    “This is a graveyard of stone giants because the statues are in a […]

  • Day 30 – Prompt 30: I never thought I’d say this, but…


    The Antarctic Sea was calm. A few wandering albatrosses flew at the bow, weaving, gliding, and skimming the waves. Grace […]

    • Hi Joyce. Interesting idea, and excellent descriptions. I wonder what those albatrosses had been pecking at, if the jacket was empty. Take care.

    • Another interesting experience. I wonder what they found out about the life jacket and2hyitwas floating there. Lovely imagery.

    • Intriguing! Your writing has transported me back to a time when most of my weekends were spent out at sea sailing. Vivid imagery and another wonderful memory to share with us. Thank you for sharing during the last 30 days! Wish you well and hope to ‘see’ you soon on another challenge. 🌸

  • Day 16.  Three conversations.

    Easter Island.

                It’s Sunday when I look out of the plane window; I see stone statues around the island just before we land. Finally, Granny and I arrive at the mystical, […]

  • Conversations with my Mother.

    “Joyce, is that you? I can feel the warmth on my arms sitting at the window,” mother said in her sweet soft tone as I arrived in her room at the Long-Term care home.

    “Yes, Mom, […]

  • Submit Prompt 29 today.

    Argentina- Mendoza

    Mendoza is a city in the same province in Argentina and on the eastern side of the Andes. It is the departure spot for those wanting to climb Mount Aconcagua, the […]

    • Hello Joyce. This climb is a great achievement! We hear and read about Kilamanjaro, and it’s refreshing to read about your adventure at Mnt Aconcagua. This a very descriptive scene and I enjoyed reading it.

    • I love the people you meet while traveling who really add color to the whole thing. I love those details.

  • The story was interesting even if I jumped in the middle, and I think the ending sentence She looked forward to telling Wilder this bit of news is great to keep me turning the page. Nice job working the prompt into the story so easily. Joyce

  • I loved it, smiled, and I agree assumptions set us up for trouble all the time—nice job taking the prompt and turning it into a story.

  • Interesting scene, and with the Sargent asking the questions, I wondered if we could add a bit more drama, a perfect place to increase the tension. Of course, I am ready for the next instalment. In the last sentence, I am not sure who is talking. Interesting, and I’ll be looking for the next instalment. Joyce

  • This scene caught my attention, and I know that the story continues grabbing my interest with new and different twists and turns. Thanks for the story, and of course, I want to read more, and of course, Yvonne is? You leave me hanging, which is as it should be. Nice scene.

  • Hi Beth, this is an interesting story, and I was intrigued when you mentioned the frog, having dissected one in a lab class years ago. It is interesting to think of the powers she holds. However, I was a little confused reading the last sentence. Keep on writing.

  • Machu Picchu – Peru

    Wow, I boarded the train to Machu Picchu just in time as the conductor said, “Doors are closing” I was staying overnight in the hotel at Machu Picchu and booked the hotel to be free to walk […]

    • What a fabulous encounter. I wonder if there’s a way you could open with that, then go to the history? How cool a descendent got you to the top. What a memoir you are writing, filled with truly memorable experiences.

    • Lovely experience you describe, and you manage to slip in a lot of information, too. At times, the sentences are bit stilted, but that will become less with experience: perhaps try reading the piece aloud to yourself to pick that up? Well done! Wil Kenny

    • Joyce,
      You’ve certainly traveled to so many places. It must have been so thrilling to meet the descendant of the person who discovered the site. My suggestion is to put in a question-maybe something that people ask you often when you tell them this story. “The most commonly asked question is: …” or a “A commonly held myth is….” This will engage the reader as well because you probably will be addressing their thoughts as they read it.
      I enjoy reading about your travels.

    • I read this thinking that if i was going to climb a temple in the heat of South America I’d be out there before it could get too hot, too. I also bet the energy of the place is amazing. I’m jealous you got to go.

  • Kuwait

    Kuwait is a land-locked country in the middle east, and I was there on business, and my business associate invited me for dinner.

    The home was spacious and elegantly decorated with exceptional furniture […]

  • This is day 26, 2021 I could not open up the correct day.

    Bolivia, the Tibet of South America.

    In La Paz, Bolivia, in West Central South America, the sun was at high noon. I was walking alone along a busy […]

    • oooh, wow. Beautiful place and a tourist scam! Glad you kept your bag and your wits about you!

    • Hello Joyce! You must have been quite shocked how such a beautiful place can so easily become a hazardous place for a woman traveling by herself. Happy you kept your wits about you and heeded advice since you were clearly aware of the possible scam! Lovely descriptive writing and a very touching gesture by gifting your Good Samaritan a pin!

  • Thanks for your comments, It is easy to make and it did not taste homemade but it wasn’t a $60 bottle of wine either. Thanks for your comments, Joyce.

  • Thanks, Susanne; I appreciate your kind comments. They give me encouragement to improve my writing. Have a great day. Joyce.

  • Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate them, they make me think more about my writing and a way to learn.

    Have a great day. Joyce

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