• A very timely piece! The contrast between the mood of the song and the story couldn’t be greater. I really wonder about the connection. What makes her think of the song in this dreadful place? Within this very limited space this adds a lot of depth to the story.

  • Hi Candice, what a lovely piece! The love between these two is almost palpable

  • Hi Kelly, I actually had to look up what a dirty martini was, but, like zannierose, I love that phrase. I can just picture the scene. Very well (done) indeed!

  • And the ‘Neighbours of the Year Award’ goes to… The spirit of Christmas is strong in these two. Love this

  • She’d always dreamed of having a daughter. Juniper. Graceful and with a sunny disposition. None of the brooding she herself had been wont to. Her late husband wanted a son. Chuck. Neither had got their wish. T […]

    • Poignant. The spirit of her broken dreams distilled down into a numbing drop.

    • This was so sad, broken dreams for both of them. Well captured, in so few words. Well done Eva-Maria.

    • Oh so sad. I hope she doesn’t indulge too much in the juniper spirit. It is so sad that some people don’t or shouldn’t have kids and do, and others dream of raising children and can’t have for any number of reasons. Very well written.

  • Where do stories come from, I wonder.

    Our imagination?

    Are they memories of things we’ve seen or heard?

    Or do they hail from the memory of humankind since the beginning of time?

    At the best of times, I feel l […]

    • Ah! The words of a truly committed writer. I loved the picture you chose, the image of the writer waiting for the inspiration wherever it comes from. Deep and thought-provoking, especially considering how few words you had to work with. Well done!

    • Alyssa replied 1 day ago

      This was stunning and I felt it in my soul! That last line hit me like a truck. So good!

    • Having read your work, I think you needn’t fear, though I know the fear is always there. ♥️

    • You know what Thomas Mann said: A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.
      Or could it be that too many ideas try to broadcast at the same time? Ideas just sit idly, until we pick them up let them take flight.

  • “Would you look at this!”Berta leaned back in her chair, swivelled, and unnecessarily pointed a long thin grey finger at the screen. There was nothing else to look at in the room and besides she was completely alo […]

  • It’s been too long. Eighteen months of self-isolation and video conferences. Will it ever end? And if it ends, will I ever be able to live again? Go out, meet people, look them in the eyes, lean on their s […]

    • Thanks for sharing Eva-Maria. Great use of the prompt and a lovely write-up. It tells us so much about the character and what the person likes to do. Now this story is obviously about this disease we know so closely but someone in the future would read it and wonder, oh, this must have been a contagious disease and which one and so forth. Great job.

      Few suggestions:
      You can start with the second sentence as the first to jump right into the story.
      And instead of able to live again you can also just jump into the things the narrator is missing.
      Go out, meet people, look them in the eyes, lean on their shoulders, have them lean on mine, touch hands, kiss cheeks — in this you can pack more information about the person. Maybe something like walk on the beach, play football, dinner date with boyfriend, etc etc.
      You don’t have to say I’m tired. For me it was obvious. For you?
      I also want to see a more impactful line at the end for this brilliant story. Something that stays with us.

      Thanks a lot. Please let me know if you would like me to read a newer version 🙂

    • I thought it epitomised what we’re all feeling right now. If someone near us coughs, we look at them as if they’ve committed a crime. I can feel the sadness, frustration and despondency. 🙂

    • You’ve certainly captured how we are all feeling about now. Great us of the prompt. Well done.

    • Nicely done! It’s sad that this is such a current vibe. 😀

  • In the 1970s, the westernmost province of Austria saw an unprecedented boom in the sex trade. Johns from Germany and Switzerland flocked to the working girls in picturesque small towns in the Alps. It didn’t t […]

    • I loved that this had a historical side to it. It felt like reading from a really fun history textbook and that last line was absolute gold. I enjoyed this a lot!

    • You’ve created a good article with this piece. It was educational and intriguing, and the ending was perfect. Well done.

    • I loved the historical story. So well done.

      I do think you can make it a bit more pacy by replacing the first sentence with some real actions. Maybe something from the later sentences. Then it would be historical but still more of a story and less of an article, if you would like. But like this also it reads good and I thank you for informing us 🙂

  • Haha! Your process looks a lot like my own, Christa. This week I had a memory about hounds to help me out, though

  • Hi Candice, for some reason I thought the victim would be the MC’s sister. But the brother being the murderer makes it so much more interesting! Like Priyanka, I was a bit confused about the water in the MC’s pockets and why the water around her feet would only turn red at this point. The cause of death was quite jarring, to be honest, but that is…[Read more]

  • Can I just say I love this?

  • What a lovely story! I thoroughly enjoyed it and wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for sharing!

  • So, it was neither Melvin nor his mother falling down the stairs previously? Probably the photo album. I wonder what’s wrong with the short bread. Anyway, this was enjoyable. I wonder what kind of man Melvin is with a mother like this. Do they even make those any more? Amusing story, nice use of the prompt

  • Hi! You do sci-fi really well. I enjoyed the story but I wonder what effect the destruction of Saturn (I take it that’s what ‘Saturn is gone’ means) would have on the entire solar system. Would Earth even survive? Sorry, that’s really beside the point. Well done on your story!

  • Hi Sandy, not sure how many people are talking here. Initially I thought the woman was at a car dealer’s buying a new car and telling the sales person about her old one. But I guess it doesn’t matter. I certainly understand the love the woman has for her car. My very beloved car even had a name. I was devastated when a truck crashed her… Well…[Read more]

  • Did you know that a pedant used to be a household tutor?

    Spaghetti with meat balls, huh? I’ll have some, too. Did you know that the singular of spaghetti is spaghetto?

    White wine? I don’t think you’re suppo […]

  • I was working as an au pair in a posh part of London. The first thing the landlady told me when I arrived was that Margaret Thatcher’s house was a ten minutes’ walk from the place where I’d spend the next eight […]

    • Haha this was a great twist at the end. I like the contrast in the beginning where she’s near the tich and famous, but doing the dirty work.

    • This is such a sweet story. I imagine the man thought you were a wonderful sister. It sounds like you were an au pair for all the animals in the house. I could see you trying to hide behind the bush as I read. Thank you for an enjoyable read.

    • Hiding in a bush by Kate Bush’s house. The cats and the hounds. So much adventure to be had, but all the landlady thought important was the proximity of Margaret Thatcher’s house.

  • Hi Kelly, I lost my dog this summer and your story brought back all the heartbreak of going through everything with her until the end and, of course, I too thought that it was a human talking here, so you got me. But, in the end, does it really matter? Losing a loved one isn’t easy for anyone…

  • Hi Sean! I know you think this is a horror story but it totally sounds like something that has happened many times before 😉 It makes me miss my dog even more than usually. Well done!

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