• Hi Per, thanks for your comment. POV is tricky when you have more than one protagonist. Usually I use Evie’s POV (unless she’s not there like at the beginning of this scene)

  • Thank you Elizabeth! I just finished reading the novel you wrote last year, can’t wait to read what you have in store for us this year

  • Hi Elaine, thanks for correcting the phrase (I am always grateful for people pointing out problems with my English!). Carpet is jet black just like the magic carpet was before it got washed… As to ‘dumbfounded’, Evie was surprised about Maryana’s choice of word, too. She must have had something in mind, though

  • Hi Barbara, my curiosity is piqued now that I’ve read your first scene. There’s really nothing that needs improving. I wonder what the Others are? My bet is on aliens 😉

  • Hi Christy! Well done on scene 1. I have just two thoughts I want to share with you: 1 Why is it the humans that impose their rules on the magic folk when magical beings should be a lot more powerful than mere humans? 2 Maybe you could show a magical attack on a human before starting the meeting? This is not meant to be criticism, just food for…[Read more]

  • Evie opened the window just wide enough for the little dragon to squeeze through. With a metallic ‘clunk’ it plopped down on the windowsill panting and shivering.

    Evie studied it carefully and, turning around to […]

    • It seems Evie’s curious nature has set off a chain of events again. I see travels in their future. Such a richness of mythologies to dive into and explore.
      From my translation training I know that European books on dragons don’t sell well in Asia, due to the different nature of dragons in the different mythologies/folklore. I’m glad this is an Eastern dragon. I like that Shū Long was found at the library. Their is magic in libraries.

    • Oh Eva-Marie, I love your little dragon, but I’m guessing they’re going to have their hands full with her. I was smiling through the whole scene, and had to laugh at the images of Maryana in the entresol. And Evie with the little dragon. Good M didn’t just throw down the money and run this time 😉

    • I loved the gentle humour – the image of the little dragon leaning against the tea pot really made me smile. This is going to be a fun read, I think! I imagine Shu long will soon be in charge!

    • Eva-Maria, fab story. My Dad used to tell stories of dragons when I was small so I have a particular love of dragon stories! It’s very well written – love the imagination of the piece including the smoke rings in all the colours of the rainbow. I like the little details such as the fact that he was sitting in the ‘non-fiction’ section of the library!

    • Hi Eva-Maria,
      This is lovely. I’m so enjoying it. Love that the dragon was found in a library! There’s one note. You have Carpet drowsing and watching the dragon closely seemingly at the same time? Perhaps I read it incorrectly. Looking forward to what happens next!

    • Interesting a mini dragon with an aditude. I like it.

    • Love the dragon! You gave it great personality. In this scene you deftly carried through the personas of your two characters. I like how they have affection for each other, but still circle each other with critiques. I did wonder why the dragon didn’t speak sooner. I get that it was started by Carpet, but wondered why she didn’t pipe up sooner. I can’t wait to learn more about Shu Long and see where the adventure takes them. Can’t wait for the next installment.

    • You had me at little dragons. I loved the feel of your piece and really look forward to seeing where your story goes. There were a lot of great lines but this was one of my favourites: ‘This one was the size of a hamster, and a Siberian dwarf hamster at that.’ 😀

    • Oooh, a talking she-dragon with feathers and that’s the size of a Siberian dwarf hamster. (I have a Siberian dwarf hamster, by the way. Her name is Honey; she’s completely deaf and totally adorable.) I wonder how our little dragon feels about potentially being put in a cage. I foresee that not going well.

      I foresaw them having the sex wrong, but the talking was a nice add-in. I look forward to seeing how this evolves.

  • What a ride reading your novel has been! Thank you so much for finishing it under difficult circumstances. I hope you are going to do the rewrite! Oh, almost forgot to ask about one thing that confused me: How can Andromeda be pure human? Wasn’t her father Keelian?

  • Hi Natasha! What an interesting glimpse into your writing process! It’s the same story minus the mad energy. Thank you for sharing this, I had been wondering how you achieve the brilliance of your writing

  • Hi Natasha, I had to stop reading all the stories I had been following when I got covid at the end of october. I am now trying to catch up with my favourite ones – one of which is yours. Like Ben, I cannot offer much (any) constructive criticism – each scene you post is very close to perfect. I notice typo’s and grammatical errors sometimes, but…[Read more]

  • Hi Birgitte! Your title drew me in and the quality of your writing held me until the end. Now I am desperate to find out more. Great writing!

  • Hi Elizabeth! I guess, Annaliese is a strong character, but my heart is broken for her. To love books so much and not to be able to read them anymore… Fascinating that Annaliese knows she needs help but at the same time despises those who are willing to help her. I am curious where you are going with this. Well done – again!

  • Hi Art! I love reading about different places and cultures and the way you tied the MC’s Japanese heritage in with what is going on with them during the pandemic makes your scene so much more interesting. I definitely want to read more of this!

  • Hi bequibar, I must say I really dread dystopian stories, speculative fiction about climate change, but this scene drew me in and I now I want to read more. You paint such a vivid picture of this woman’s life and her environment and relationship with her dog. Well done!

  • Hi Melanie, I am in awe! Intriguing setting and ensemble of characters, well written. And so many possibilities for where you will take this story. Looking forward to reading more

  • Hi Rachel, I loved every line of your first scene. Clare seems a very true to life character and I am curious to read more about her and her life. Well done!

  • Hi Suchita! What a strong opening! I cannot wait to read more. I was afraid this would be very depressing, but Kas seems a positive character despite what she is going through. The ending is intriguing, especially considering that you classify your story as sci-fi. I am really looking forward to next wednesday

  • Hi Julie, to answer your question: I wrote 52 scenes about Evie and Maryana’s adventures with a magic lamp in 2021 and since I couldn’t bear saying goodbye to them, I decided to make them go on another adventure this year.

  • Hi Nina, I am so happy you are back. Despite all my good intentions and new year’s resolutions I am still pantsing here, so we’ll see where this goes. Sugar in the morning, btw, is an expression my dad picked up in Australia in the 1960s. He used to say it a lot when I was a child

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