• Thanks for reading and your kind feedback Wanda. Much appreciated.

  • Great Haikus Leona. I googled the artwork and fell in love. Your poem does great justice to the painting.

    One of my favourite lines:
    Broken dolls in ghetto streets

    Very powerful and I love the hope in amongst the pain and destruction.

    Well done and thanks for sharing.

  • Great poem Renee. You tell the story well and paint vivid images in my mind – not entirely my cup of tea, but well done.

    The piece flows nicely and your words are powerful.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for reading and your kind and detailed feedback Chantelle. It is much appreciated.

  • Yes, I can read the top line perfectly now.

  • Beautiful poem Sandra. Your descriptions did a great job to paint the scene in my mind.

    I’m not sure if these – Vrojaket, Kelsaera – are character names because I couldn’t find them when I tried looking them up.

    Your piece flowed well and I could feel the passion. Great job.

  • Gorgeous Wanda. I love how you measured the events of the year with the changes in the garden. I am so looking forward to Spring here in South Africa which is only a few weeks away, but we already have roses blooming.

    Your poem has a beautiful rhythm and paints lovely images in my mind.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Loved the story Tom. I did however – and this could be my twisted mind – get a bit of an ominous feeling with your last two lines. A sailor among the rocks might not be breathing.

    The rhythm and rhyme of the poem were great and I felt like I was floating on the waves. I love how you described them in this line:
    she hides beneath the dancing…[Read more]

  • Great poem Ester. It has a beautiful cadence, a little like the waves. My heart felt lighter with the conclusion of finding home – that place where we feel comfortable and find our perfect fit.

    One of my favourite lines among the many lovely images you painted:
    waiting to take a lost soul on an adventure

    Like Dianne I am also curious to…[Read more]

  • Debbie commented on the post, Ekphrastic by William 1 month ago

    Great poem William. In such few words you describe the art of taking the great wonders of life and Earth and producing art with it and the responsibility artists have to do this.

    Like Christian I wonder if you had a particular painting in mind that inspired you.

    Your piece has great rhythm and rhyme and inspires me to want to create.

    Well…[Read more]

  • I enjoyed the rhyme and rhythm of your poem Gretchen. I can picture your intro of the metal wall hanging on a blue wall, but would love to see the art that this is based on.

    Your last two lines give me a much deeper meaning than what I’m imagining the image to be. I get the idea of a trapped life. What I love about poetry is each reader pulls…[Read more]

  • Great poem Christian. Your piece weaves a great story to this picture and I too like the POV you’ve done this from. I also like the title you’ve given it. I can feel the disillusion with her words.

    I enjoyed the rhythm of the poem and your word choice works very well with the art. You use the senses well with the scratching pencil and imagining…[Read more]

  • Thanks for pointing that out Jane. Not sure what happened. I have deleted the duplication.
    Thanks for reading and your kind feedback. It is always appreciated.

  • Dianne Williams and Profile picture of DebbieDebbie are now friends 1 month ago

  • Thanks for reading and your kind feedback Christian. Much appreciated.

  • Great poem Dianne. So true that the animals are here to help us. We don’t necessarily have to understand, just be conscious and grateful for their assistance in our difficult times.

    You created some great images. This is one of my favourites:
    Her beak tattoos the wooden bed

    Your words left me comforted with the idea of this magical chicken…[Read more]

  • Thanks for reading and your kind feedback Dianne. Much appreciated.

  • Wonderful poem Hyle. You leave me with so much to think about and my mind wondering the earth and life’s experience. I love the mystical nature to this piece and the images you convey.

    So many great lines, but this is one of my favourites:
    Vapors dance with my breath.

    You have created a great rhythm and I was in a little magical trance by the end.

  • Debbie commented on the post, remember us by nsbnina 1 month ago

    Gorgeous image Nina and words to match. I feel the vibrations of a storm and turbulence and remember us makes me think of the picture referring to people looking down from the skies.

    the sideral plane has lifted – I had to look up sideral, but I get the idea of sunrise from this.

    Your first line sucked me in and the rest of them delivered…[Read more]

  • Stunning art Jane – the poem and the picture. The words you’ve chosen work very well with the image and convey what I see beautifully. It appears like a ghostly spirit hanging in the air waiting for an opinion or comment.

    There are so many gorgeous descriptions, but this is my favourite:
    Chill and stark as mistral wind

    I love the deeper…[Read more]

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