• Oh, that is clever. I loved the plot twist at the end. I liked how you seemed to build an entire world in so few words. And I’m pretty sure I want to hear more about the Trainer and Trainee and their adventures in both Area 51 and Area 52. It was fun. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Antics of A52’s Division 16 by Jennifer MacKinnon


    From:          SM16835
    To:               Division 16
    Date:           October 26, 2018
    Subject:      IAS Auditor Inspection

    Dear Colleagues

    It has co […]

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  • This was amazing. What a fantastic concept. And what a brave take on the prompt. I enjoyed the imagery and the vindication of the main character at the end as she takes back her freedom. Thank you for sharing with us.

  • This was gorgeous. A tragically beautiful romance. I really empathized with Maude and you portrayed her grief and regret perfectly. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Oh, but what a love story you tell. The imagery, the feelings evoked, all of it was beautiful. Your descriptive pieces are breathtaking and I enjoyed every wistful moment of that. Thank you for sharing such a lovely response to the prompt with us.

  • This story just gets better. You really managed to give each character their own voice in this without making the scene feel clumsy or overwhelming. It’s been a joy to watch Jenvik’s growth throughout this, as well as the growth of the story as a whole. Thank you for sharing with us. P.S. Poppet is my newest favourite character, just saying.

  • Wow, Annalie, I have definitely missed your writing. It has been a sincere pleasure to read such a wonderful piece. I knew this prompt would bring out some interesting stories but this one is simply beautiful. You never cease to amaze me. Welcome back and thank you for sharing with us. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  • This was an interesting take on the prompt. I enjoyed the three different snippets showing the various regrets, it made a nice change of paste. Another good story this month.

  • Some Lost Souls Never Get Found by Jennifer MacKinnon


    It was getting more and more difficult to find places that had not been picked clean by desperate survivors.

    Especially in the area around the Refuge. […]

    • I went back to Red Haze and recognised the story immediately – commented way back then. But now the catch is the almost relevance (covid quarintines etc.)
      As always, I enjoy your style – it keeps one wanting more … reminds me of Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy.
      One little typo – although it never deterred from the story:Should read THEY? “The lamented over people long gone and laid out some last wishes”

  • Wow, this was a fantastic piece! The plot twist at the end was genius! I loved your characters, so well described without slowing down the narration, and all of their little personal quirks that are displayed throughout the conversation and inner thoughts. This was a fun read, thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  • This was (as always) an amazing piece! The fully-fledged characters, the intrigue, the plot twists, the atmosphere! All of it was so well put together and delivered flawlessly. Well done on a fantastic answer to the prompt and I’m already looking forward to your next story.

  • This is the cutest, most adorable use of the prompt that I have ever seen. I adore it and it made me smile so much while reading it. Thank you so much for sharing this piece of happiness with us.

  • OH! A badger! They’re amazing animals! I am so invested in this, you have no idea. How you keep this entire world and all of these complex and intriguing characters so perfectly composed and aligned I have no idea, but I am in awe. Your stories never cease to amaze me, thank you so much for sharing this.

  • This is beautiful, and heartwarming. I really empathise with both characters and the way you didn’t make the jealousy too condemning or negative in this piece is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • You Were My Tragedy by Jennifer MacKinnon


    I have never thought of myself as a jealous person. I always thought I was relatively well balanced. I was secure in my life choices, in my relationships, in my looks. […]

    • What a beautiful story Jennifer. I felt transported back to a time of ballrooms, gowns and courtship and you captured ethereal beauty and painful emotion with your eloquent descriptions. Your maid of honour was certainly more noble in spirit than the one in my own contribution this month 😉 Your MC’s tortured feelings were very well conveyed. Thanks for the smooth read – well done!

    • Hey Jennifer and how goes it? The teaser for this story, echoed in the last line is pretty provocative. The idea of Jealousy as an emotion to be relished, enjoyed, and used could be a tough one to explore but your piece did it justice. The language is lyrical, and the emotions your main character expresses are in some places relatable, and in many more, just plain scary. The description of ‘my greatest tragedy’ almost promises a crime of passion in your narrator’s future. Really well captured, well told and best regards. Seyi

    • Hello Jennifer. My goodness what a romantic story. You use all the words to describe the extraordinary love that blossoms in front of you MC’s eyes, but for me, almost to excess. It feels to me a fairy tale. If that is what you are trying to achieve. If you wanted something more based in reality I would suggest you add more show rather than telling using more of the senses rather than explaining how the love match is. The way his eyes widened when he saw her friend etc, or the sounds in the room. Also it might be nice for the MC to meet her husband not on the same night, contrasting the overblown romantic descriptions with the mundane. Maybe a colleague at work who asks her out for a drink which she accepts through boredom. Less in her head, more of the physical dimensions of the story. Just suggestions for another way of developing what you have here. Ignore if it doesn’t fit with what you wanted to achieve. Well done.

  • I absolutely adored this story. I love Sci-Fi but never really have the courage to write it, so it’s wonderful to see other authors tackling the genre and doing so well with it. Your protagonist is relatable and fun to read and I enjoyed the little snippets of personal information sprinkled throughout the piece. Thank you for sharing such a lovely…[Read more]

  • This story was a ride! Congratulations on such a brilliant piece of writing about such a relevant and difficult subject. I think your writing is fantastic and I was absorbed by your characters and the flow of the story. Well done for tackling such an interesting piece, and thank you for sharing it.

  • The Night Heron by Jennifer MacKinnon


    “Welcome, weary traveler, to the Wandering Mist Inn. We have not seen your face before, I do hope your travels were peaceful and without trouble. What’s that? Strange lig […]

    • Hi Jennifer, This piece is so beautiful! I *might* have gotten a bit teary toward the end… I love the approach of having it told as though by an innkeep to a weary traveler. I have tried to write in this style before and failed miserably. You, on the other hand, do not! It’s really lovely. I can imagine it published along with some ethereal illustrations. Awesome work!

      I did see a couple of slips in tense, such as “Its first impulse is to steal one…” when the majority of the piece is in past tense.

      I love this: “Through a wild combination of luck and charm, it gains audience with the Moon God.” I think you should write this story next month. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece!

    • What a lovely story. Feels like a unique take on folklore/myth for a place. I love the way that the story is being told as a story to a traveler. Its also a unique take on the prompt.

    • Hey Jennifer, and how goes it? This writing is magical on so many levels. You connected with your readers so well, from the moment you described ‘A young rain spirit, a child of the wind and water,’ through all the travails you so beautifully described. I love the fable-like quality and the spiritual undertones support your storyline really well. As soon as I have a moment, I am going to look into your archive and hope I can find more like this. Otherwise, I will be campaigning shortly for you to explore this theme / genre more. All the very best, and regards. Seyi

  • As always, your attention to detail astounds me. Your use of the prompt and the way you handled the conflict between characters was great. I always look forward to seeing what you gift us with next because you never disappoint. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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