• “And on top of our flight being delayed for three hours because of weather issues, when we finally took off we got struck by lightning! The pilot had to double back to the airport and land so that some eng […]

  • When the Spring rains and the late Winter winds settle among the evergreen trees
    And the chilled jasmine-sweet air whispers through cracks and whistles past doors
    When the sun has not roused from its bed of clouds […]

    • So serene. I just want to go outdoors and enjoy all of the things you have listed. I love the early morning fresh air from the chilly Fall mornings. Lovely.

    • Jennifer,
      I’m over here falling in the Autumn. Your poem is lovely. I’m looking forward to the Spring that you describe, well in a few months!
      Wanda Lovan

    • Hello Jennifer,
      I love the way you lead us in your poem via all the glorious (but as you say slightly whimsical) descriptions of the coming season to the last line and the cat which hogs the prime place in the sun. Brilliantly done. Love it.

    • Hi Jennifer

      Well, what a wonderfully described journey you take us on. I love the energy in how your words paint such vivid pictures


      ‘…whispers through cracks and whistles past doors’

      It is magical.

      Thank you


  • “So, is everybody sure of the plan?” Sahaerra demanded, pulling her hood up to partially disguise her distinctive drow features. 
    “Yeah, yeah. You, me and Katherine are gonna infiltrate the camp through the […]

    • That is funny. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi,
      Nice story. I did not understand the breakdown(Headings in bold) and points awarded in the story. I am also left wondering what type of cult they were a part of as that did not seem to add to the rest of the story except perhaps to create the first plot. I am also left wondering what would have transpired if you had more words to play with. Very engadging and fantastical. Thank you for sharing.

    • Nice story. I like the staccato style – it just emphasises the seemingly chaotic venture undertaken! Good one!

  • Another dawn, another day
    Dreamless hours have slipped away

    Limbs weighed down by blankets heavy
    Still alive and heartbeat steady

    Try to drown inside the shower
    Facing countless pointless hours

    Food like ash […]

    • Hi Jennifer, this was a very good portrayal of a life of difficulty and loneliness. Yet, it had an underlying rhythm that was playful and full of life. Maybe there is hope for this person. Thank you for your poem.

    • Hello Jennifer,
      There’s a mystery here – what is going on in this person’s life that is so dreary? I guess the question is partially answered by ‘Empty days and an empty home / Premade suppers eaten alone’. The rhyming couplets are good.

    • This poem manages to sound fun yet capture the daily grind too many of us experience. It’s like an honest Dr. Seuss. (I consider that a positive.)

    • Hi Jennifer

      This does so well to capture the mood, word by word. I hope the next day was better and you found a way to turn the tide.


  • Neva closed her eyes as she entered her old suite, nostalgia filling every corner with laughter and hazy light. The rooms had been cleaned and aired out, readied for her group’s arrival. She could hear her c […]

    • I’m a little confused – in the previous story Aven asserted her rightful birthright to take leadership of the Crown – but here you intimated a coup?

      this scene doesnt really give much away in terms of continuing on with the storyline , some nice scene setting and Alil features somewhat more . It seems Neva’s previous arrogance and ambition is gone , she seems to have matured .

      Hope we get to delve deeper into this world?

    • Hello Jennifer, I read this without first reading your earlier post so I have come into this in the middle. I was however very easily drawn into the piece and from what you indicated could feel the drama as if it had happened and I’d read it. You style the piece well and convey the personality of the two sisters and the Lady in Waiting well. Nice read

  • A yard-sale shopper bought a bowl
    To sell for a profit was the goal
    For the bowl was named Ming
    Wallets started to sing
    And for thousands of dollars it sold


    Read Jennifer MacKinnon’s work. 

    • The dream of us all watching Antiques RoadShow!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      A relatable beautiful piece! We all dream of finding the needle in the haystack at yard sales or thrift shops. My heart is racing after reading this piece; I am think of my next foray, browsing at yard sales. Thanks for sharing!

    • I was pondering why wallet started to sing with the name Ming. I did not get any logic. They I search and knew about Limericks and nonsensical poem. Very good. I will try next time.

    • Hello Jennifer,
      Well done for making a limerick for this prompt. Your poem encapsulates the dream we all have of finding a gem amongst the tatt. Lovely.

    • What a happy discovery for the shopper. Clever in its simplicity. Thanks Jennifer

  • This was an amazing piece! Thistledown and her family being genuine witches and yet almost the whole village is so welcoming and accepting of them was a lovely twist. And the way she was honest about turning people into something else and it was taken as a joke was great. At least the awful Claude made a lovely rose bush, though I do hope the guy…[Read more]

  • This was hilarious. And I completely agree, it’s clearly ‘picks’. And he can’t argue that it already being a word invalidates it because his response to ‘Dark Witch’ was ‘Ditch’ which is also already a word. Argument over. And I had so much fun reading it.

  • I’m glad to see a continuation of the story of Princess Bianca and the mysterious man who broke out of prison. And can I just say that I adore the relationship you’ve depicted here, between a headstrong young princess and her overprotective but doting father, who is juggling his duties and his family responsibilities and coming up slightly short…[Read more]

  • This was a very intriguing look into the mind of what could have been an insipid princess protagonist. Instead, she’s portrayed as competent and complex and capable. And we could really feel her frustration at the way everyone assumes her thoughts and her needs without asking her, as well as understand that they do it out of concern for her rather…[Read more]

  • This was an epic story. I loved the variety of characters and I loved how the descriptions of them all clearly defined who was who in the team. An excellent way to use the prompt, with children inheriting their parents’ expectations and what they decide to do with that. The dialogue was smooth and easy to read and felt like a conversation rather…[Read more]

  • Aven gazed intently into the polished mirror, eyes critically searching for any sign of imperfection. Her dark hair was expertly and intricately braided away from her face, exposing the golden sheen of the Mark of […]

    • Wow this is really good, it held me all the way to the end. I would like to read more. Well done.

    • Great scene
      I am really intrigued, is there more,a continuation or previous installments?.
      I think you captured the simmering tension btwn the sisters perfectly . The contrast in their personalities has been clearly delineated and sets up the story for some great future conflict
      Its clear you’ve spent time on your world building so I assume this is part of a larger piece?
      Nice work

    • I really enjoyed your story, though it has left me wanting more.

      I liked the way that you hinted at magic without actually revealing what powers they have. This leaves everything open for further development.

      Thanks for sharing.

  • Fury guides every line, a piece so personal,
    An artist born in times that made her gender hell
    But the truth emerges through the strokes of her oils
    Beneath the surface her fear and her anger boils 

    Her name is J […]

    • a well thought out work – bravo!
      you’ve crafted this so expertly , I was really into the story behind the painting, which I am not familiar with at all.

      the woman in blue had seriously long and strong-looking arms , I imagine it must be quite difficult to behead someone…hmm now my mind is going into all dark and murderous territory !

    • Such a powerful poem. Well done.

    • Hi Jennifer
      I love this story of Artemisia told through Judith. You have masterfully woven the poetess’ lived experience as well as a glimpse into her strength in the description of her artwork.
      Great job 🙂

    • I envy your effortless rhyme and deep portrayal of this work of art, the delving into the thoughts and feelings of the artist, not just the scene portrayed. Well done!

    • Hello Jennifer,
      This appears to be a savage picture and you have explained it very clearly with your poem. Thank you for bringing the artist to a wider audience.

  • Jennifer started taking the course 52 Scenes | 2021 3 months, 3 weeks ago

  • Her name was Gladys Tidy. She was eight years old. She was dressed simply and neatly in a knee-length, cotton dress and ankle socks. Her small leather shoes were worn but clean. Her short, roughly cut brown hair […]

    • Wow. I was brought to tears by this simple, perfectly told tale. This is beautiful, pared down writing and it works so well with your 8-year old protagonist. A really fine, fine story.

    • Wonderful, making an ordinary girl fell so extraordinary. A delightful story.

  • Time is ticking and I’m nitpicking
    With pages flicking and notes unsticking
    The pen is clicking and myself I’m kicking

    The clock is clashing and clamouring
    While my head is horribly hammering
    And my stumbling […]

    • Your repetition and rhythm quickly shoved me decades back, into pre-exam panic. I could hear the ticking of the clock as the panic grew. Discomfiting! Well written.

    • This poem definitely merits the warning– Anxiety inducing indeed! I love the rhythm and the repetition. It really parallels the pounding of the heart and mind as deadlines of assignments and things loom. Reading aloud is fun (had to read it twice! ) and the breathlessness adds to the effect of the entire poem. A very small suggestion tho, I think the rhythm might be slightly better if “I’m crying” is extended to “I am crying” in the line “The words swimming past me, I’m crying”.
      Wonderful writing! and good luck with your postgraduate studies deadlines <3

    • It was a bit nerve-wracking to read, you did a good job! “And my stumbling thoughts are stammering” was my favorite.
      Good job!
      Please read my submission to calm down. lol
      Wanda Lovan

    • oooh Wow, this is literally me at this moment, well written . I love you rhyming patter you feel the anxiety, I like this line The “strain on my brain has me dying”, well done in capturing the moment of assignment due… !

    • Hello Jennifer,
      Your anxiety shone through and I hope you got your assignment in safely. All those -ing endings are enough to send you beserk! Well done with the rhymes, alliteration etc.

  • Nathan was just settling with a bowl of popcorn and a movie ready to play when his doorbell rang. Grumbling, he got to his feet and spared a glance at the clock. He idly wondered who would be visiting him this […]

    • Hey- Lovely story with a playful grandpa. You get a lot of mileage from the game and this one was a challenge with the small word count. Nice work.
      I think you could use a little more description of the grandpa at the beginning. I don’t have any sense of what he looks like or his age until 3/4 through. I was even a little surprised when he mentions grandkids.
      You might also examine why he plays the game. Is he lonely? Bored?
      I also think you might write what happens when he opens the door at the end rather than reciting the poem. Its not as active as some kind of description of scaring the kids and then maybe having them in for cookies.
      Thanks for the read!

    • Hi Jennifer. This is a fun story about a grandpa who joined a game that could have been received by the kids with humour or indignation. I think grandpa felt exhilirated to be a kid again. Yes, it would have been interesting to see how the kids would have reacted. Thanks for the read.

    • Hi Jennifer,
      This an absolutely sweet tale. Loved every bit of it, especially turning a prank kids play into a fun game. I liked the way your MC turned to his own childhood mischief and surprised the kids.
      Just lovely! Astrid

    • This is cute! He seemed to be a grumpy elderly guy at the beginning but he turns out to be as mischievous as those kids!

  • The circle is burned into my brainThe wheel of blue turns round and roundThe screen is white, with font so plainError! Error! Page Not FoundFollow this link to view this vidOpen this tab to hear the soundThe […]

    • Amusing. I like it! Enjoyed the rhyme and can so relate. Thanks for sharing

    • I so relate to this. (Is it my fault? is the network down?) Nice idea.

    • Hahaha – oh so easily relatable. Love the humour. Great rhyming – spot on! And the repetition of the last line only adds to the general frustration and pace of the poem. Great fun.

    • Hello Jennifer,
      Brilliant- a poem for today’s frustrations. Really contemporary, full of humour, what more can the reader want? And it rhymes!

    • Such a fun poem! It really captures the feeling we’ve all had with the 404 error. Well done 🙂

    • Jane replied 5 months ago

      Hi Jennifer, oh yes, I get this poem:) I love how you have repeated the last line and also part of the second to last line, in each verse. It really makes your point hit home. And you capture the frustration of it beautifully.

    • This poem about my nemesis make me very nervous. Well done.

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