• Excellent twist that I did not see coming. It’s too bad that there wasn’t a good looking bachelor uncle helping the kids up to the temple to replace the guy she wanted. Definitely transported me to another place on the globe. Thanks for sharing!

  • I felt strongly that she had an instant connection to the car because she somehow knew it would truly be the perfect car for her, so now I want to know how it all worked out after they got Bluebell. I liked how you showed, rather than told, the indecisiveness. She seemed a little childlike so I was rooting for her intuition to be right about the…[Read more]

  • I love the idea of hidden magical water where this woman has lured her date. I’m trying to decide if his fear is too jarring or not at the end. We get a hint when he asks about the skeletons and she diverts him but then he really spirals when he sees his veins turn golden. Should he be more vulnerable coming into this, like being young, d…[Read more]

  • My major caregivers when I was a child are all moving into this phase and I like the details of dressing her up for holidays in dollar store items and painting her nails and letting her have a glass of wine all to show that she is still very much alive, despite her reduction in mobility. very nice and uplifting. Thanks for sharing!

  • I definitely was hoping there were really aliens involved here and there were!! I like the exposition through the conversation of coffee shop guy and the new guy looking to start somewhere fresh. I wonder why they took him when they have left other town members? I wonder what the new guy was coming to a new place to leave behind? Thanks for sharing!

  • Very transporting, nice world building through the interactions between the characters. Dealing with doubt from self and others is so integral to being a leader but I think its often forgotten. Thanks for this piece.

  • Uncle Errols crest was no longer fallen is definitely one of the more fun lines in here. I also liked ‘tight as a fish’s ring and always out for a freebie’. I don’t know what a fish’s ring is, but you have enough supporting context so I can get the jist. I love a story where everything is set right at the end and there’s a surprise to boot. t…[Read more]

  • My friendship with Kimball is just as much a result of good timing as it is having things in common.  My mother was in bed all the time after they found the remains of my father and my stepfather had not […]

    • Hi Beth, this was a well done piece using the prompt in making a warm inviting place for someone who is an outcast among humans. I feel as if this is the start of a longer piece that can really grow into a great story. Thank you for your story.

    • What a delightful story! I loved every word of it 🙂

  • My favorite part of this was the intergenerational interactions around the chicken waterer. I have chickens and those waterers so that piece was vivid for me, with something that doesn’t seem like fancy technology, but it truly depends on perspective. So much here to take in. Thanks for sharing.

  • Very sweet that the true love is the true riches and that they get to be together in the end!

  • Very cool worldbuilding. I’m trying to decide if some of the backstory should be closer to the beginning to orient me a little more, but you did say this is carried over for a few months. it definitely made things make sense and pulled the story together. Nice work!

  • I really liked how this story brought me into another world. I’m assuming India because I had a friend from India named Pradip (spelled Pradeep for us Americans I guess). I like the part especially where the narrator thinks they are back in their childhood world but they’re talking to descendants of their friends. Very magical. Thanks for sharing.

  • I think it’s a fascinating juxtaposition between cheery bright Grandma’s house and the dark imagery of Poe and the raven. I like that he started out unpleasant but then was helpful in the end. Nice turnabout.

  • This sounds like a lovely old house that’s finally getting a chance at a new life. I was very curious about why something so lovely would sit abandoned? Not enough money to run or fix up? Wanted to live somewhere else? I think I’ve read too much Gothic literature because I was expecting something sinister the whole time. Lovely, transporting read.

  • Hey SM, I loved the different iterations of the same family dynamic from when she was a child on: Mom and brother the children, sister and dad the caregivers and peacemakers. Hilarious that the toast part is true. I also loved that the kids wanted to pack toys on the trip and not clothes. My sister did the same thing with dolls when we went…[Read more]

  • Hey Pam! I loved this. I did need you to remind me of the actual words in the nursery rhyme, and as soon as you did i knew it was going to come together beautifully. very satisfying.

  • Moving into one’s grandmother’s house after her death could be thought of as a blessing or a curse.  Or both.

        I expected the knick knacks and tea cozies and outdated floral furniture that everyone grandmo […]

    • What a lovely idea, Beth. I think it could be the start of a much longer story (novel). I want to see what happens next.

    • Hi Beth. This was a delightful story! I’ll second what Pam above has said… I would love to read more about these characters.

    • What an amazing inheritance! I feel this story needs to continue to the point where the mother accepts her daughter’s talent.

    • HI Beth,
      Such a great set-up. The telekinesis through her grandmother as a tool to repair her relationship with her mother….It’s really clever and a very fun read. I liked the dialogue between the daughter and grandmother and that the daughter has someone in whom she can confide.
      Really great and exciting beginning to a story.

    • This reminded me of my time with grandma. I liked the setup and dialogues. I was worried towards end that it is finishing.

    • Grandmothers are the best. A touching story. A bit of tense hopping to lookout for, you kept me reading and left me wanting more so well done.

  • “I never thought I’d say this,” I said as I stared at the blue tablet in my hand, “but I’m going to miss being stuck with you.”

    Tiana popped her tablet in her mouth and chased it with an entire bottle of water.  […]

    • Wow! What a finale for this challenge. Brilliant.

    • I agree with Nina! I also don’t want Tiana to go 😰. Well written and it’s been fun reading your postings plus sharing this challenge with everyone else during the past 30 days. Well done 🌼

  • I kinda did want him to propose but I knew you wouldn’t make it that simple. Maybe he still was but would she want him now in the family business?

  • I loved the line about borrowing him from another world. I feel like many people I enjoyed in my life were only borrowed. Perfect word. And what’s this about his being dead at the end?

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