• Hi Jane, it makes me happy to know you liked this last-minute story. I really have no idea if where I was going with it, still not sure; I was just scribbling on Wednesday night (due date, yikes) to at least post something.

    Elliot, to my understanding, was the man she met and loved after she divorced her husband. I’m thinking that they s…[Read more]

  • Thank you, Patty for your generous feedback. Happy you liked this last-minute story. Astrid

  • Hi Michael, thank you for your kind words on a last minute story. Not sure about the storyline yet, I just scribbled late Wednesday night (due date). Now I’ll be on my way to read yours. Astrid

  • Hi Charles, Makes me a happy scribbler knowing this story worked. I rushed into it late Wednesday evening (due date, yikes!) and wasn’t even sure if where this was going, still not sure. Thank you for your support and now onto your story.

  • Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, James. I’m still not sure where I was going with this. Happy you liked it. Now on to yours 😀

  • Hi Seyi! What a riveting and rich mystery you’ve weaved into this fabulously darkish storyline. I loved the sudden change from a male MC POV to female, was that intentional? I do wonder what those markings are all about and would certainly hope to get some juicy backstory as the tension explodes into a surprising end, if you so decide to carry on. ~ Astrid

  • Wow, you’ve nailed a riveting interview on the head! You had me from the onset, especially by using this month’s prompt to set the story in motion. I’m certainly looking forward to reading more on this storyline. ~ Astrid

  • Wow, Elizabeth, I’m struggling to express all the emotions your story evoqued in me. The complexity of your MC’s circumstances throughout the paths life prodded her to take – sometimes her parents, then her teachers, and ultimately society had her making choices that befitted others, chucking a piece of her soul. It saddened me that her gre…[Read more]

  • Hi Paul, It took me a bit to get into the story, not sure why, though as I kept reading, your words wrapped me up through the complexity of the characters and the rather uncanny way the narrator tells the story. In fact, I appreciate the mystery embedded in the plot as little details were revealed as your storyline progressed. Having said that, I…[Read more]

  • Hi Marta, I’m in awe of what you’ve created in sixty or so minutes! I was totally sucked into this tale of horror. I believe you have the beginning of a mystery/ horror storyline in the making. I enjoyed every bit of it, and definitely happy to read you again.~ Astrid

  • Hi Beth, I’m still in utter shock, speechless. You had me hoping from the beginning that father and son would finally reconnect, and then boom, he was dead. You weaved that old devil, regret, with perfection, taunting me as the story developed. Thank you for sharing this dumbfounding yet beautiful story of love. ~ Astrid

  • Hi Juanita, It always breaks my heart when I see people living out on the streets and, more often than not, wish I could help them in any way. Then when someone approached you, I stop for a minute and vacillate. You have pinned down that moment when your MC stops to wonder, when suspicion plays its card, and then she’s left to contend with that o…[Read more]

  • Hi Elaine, This was a refreshingly fun read. You weaved a fantastical romantic tale filled with colorful characters in and around magical scenes. Hats off! Astrid

  • Hi Nina, I am now curious to know what happens next. You have an amazing way with words, weaving complex characters in enticing plots. Love it! Astrid

  • I’m can’t stop smiling, Martin, which should hint my joy at reading such a beautiful tale of love. Thank you for writing this amazing piece. ~ Astrid

  • Hola Ismael, You never disappoint with your wonderful stories, and I’m glad I found my way into this one. I must admit I haven’t read the other parts, but this is filled with intrigue, amazing imagery, and gripping emotions that give life to a rather surreal scene. I felt I was there, stepping into your MC’s shoes. Hats off, my friend! Astrid

  • Hi Patty, And boom, the end leaves me wondering whether she had indeed say what she wished she had. You weaved amazing dialogue scenes as your storyline pushed forward, keeping me wanting more. Just a little pointer, maybe you could use some tagging on the first interaction, I got a bit lost following who was saying what. Having said that,…[Read more]

  • Hi Lenore, Your words described with eloquence the incessant thoughts that dance and swirl in your mind when you’re not willing to let go of the most minuscule detail in your past. Having said that, I must admit that your MC went over and beyond the limits when he called his nemesis, who was riddled with dementia. I just wonder if he has found c…[Read more]

  • Hi Taryn, Gripping from the onset. I wonder what keeps people from facing and accepting their true emotions and acting upon them, instead of staying in a toxic relationship? Your story pins down the king of emotions that restrains or prompts us into action, that is fear. Thank you for such an eloquent tale. ~ Astrid

  • Hi Meg, Such a lovely tale you weaved, filled with rich imagery and colorful characters. I loved the way you used the turtle’s flipper as the precursor to an imminent change. The cynical tone was superb. Thank you for sharing such a rich and well-written story. Hats off! Astrid

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