• Hi Deryn,
    Okay! That was such a crafty little satirical piece and I love how you have merged it with the prompt. I don’t know if the man is really going to concede. I hope he does not return to power. Sorry, could not help getting a little political. But I love the premise and how you have blended current issues with the SciFi genre. The plot is…[Read more]

  • Hi Maria,
    Sorry for the delayed response. I was writing a comment to your story two days ago, but then my page started to act wonky and I lost it. I loved how engrossing this was! You have described your narrator’s curiosity with such efficacy. The little secrets of a small town…I can see he has a journalistic bend of mind. But things got…[Read more]

  • Happy diwali!

  • Hi Kim,
    It’s great to read a brand new story from you. I had been visiting your page for past few months, but left disappointed upon not seeing any story on your page. This made up for all the wait! As always, I love your plotting and detailing. Every character, their expressions and the scenes played before my eyes. It was straight out of a…[Read more]

  • Hi Laura,
    That was such a nostalgic read! You did a great job of atmosphere building and the backdrop was so clear in my mind. I loved the subtle building of romance between your leads. The music, the dance all framed a resplendent image of a post-war romance. Great storytelling! Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Seyi,
    How are you doing? Thank you for such encouraging comments! Your words always lift me. Yes, Chitragupta is an actual character in Hindu mythology. He is like a keeper of records, someone knows when every human is born, his death, his life history…his rights and wrongs. He informs the God of Underworld, Yama, what the human has done.…[Read more]

  • Hi Srivalli,
    I didn’t stop even for once while reading that! That was deliciously dark, quite a psychological thriller you have crafted in such few words! The tension was so palpable and you built it up so well. I could guess who the killer half way through, but still couldn’t stop reading, eager to know the fate of your character. Such a…[Read more]

  • Hi HM,
    Thank you for dropping by and the wonderful comments! I left that open to the reader’s imagination. But yes, getting recruited against such a job profile might require some special qualifications, if you get my drift. 😉 Glad to know you liked it. Be safe.

  • Hi Jane,
    I think this is developing into a fine series…this has a sci-fi plus paranormal kind of a vibe. I like the taut dialogue-exchange between the two characters. This installment also roused a lot of curiosity about John and his agenda. The expressions of the characters are spot on. Just noted a couple of things:
    In these lines, “John, a…[Read more]

  • Hi Sudha,
    I like where you have taken this. It’s the weirdest thing. I was watching Stranger Things yesterday and all that D&D references brought those memories back. Seeing the current scenario and state of affairs, it shan’t be wrong to say that your story camouflages a real situation with easeful mastery. It is sad, but hate does indeed sell…[Read more]

  • Hi HM,
    This was poignant and I love the epistolary technique you have employed. It’s kind of a departure from your usual suspense-packed intriguing legal stories. But it appealed to me on a very different level. I love the outpour of emotions that you have brought out in such few words. Yet another winner! Thank you for sharing!

  • Hi Jan,
    This was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time! I love how you have followed up your story with a very poignant installment. Rivkha sure seems to be a wonderful creature, and I am mysterious about this strange man who makes that comment about her. Recently, I watched a movie called ‘A Dog’s Journey’ and it was on the lines of a…[Read more]

  • Oh, and sorry, I forgot replying to the 100/3 reference. So punishments in some sections of Hell are similar with slight variations. So, I was thinking on the lines of 100, 100/1, 100/2…and so on.

  • Hi Jan,
    Thank you for dropping by and your wonderful comments! I never thought of 100/3 like that. Actually, about that number – there are many sins that have similar kind of punishments with a little variation. So, I thought there could be a 100, 100/1, 100/2…and so on. 🙂 But your theory brings a whole new perspective. Thank you for that! I a…[Read more]

  • Hi Charles,
    That was a crackling story! There have been other alien fiction based on the prompt, but yours had that prodigious little ‘layer over layer’ make. I could see so many references to current events and our follies through the eyes of the narrator. These lines were gold – “A halo of crap surrounded the earth’s atmosphere…used con…[Read more]

  • Hi Charles,
    Thank you for your wonderful comments and the read! I am glad that you liked the atmosphere and the story agreed with you. I am sorry about how you feel about the end. How did you expect it to end?

  • Hi Jane,
    Thank you for your thoughtful comments and the read! Your tiny inputs make me more aware about my writing. Really appreciate that. Yes, the word ‘hell’ will have to go, I agree to that. Will look into all the edits. I am glad that the visuals agreed with you. Thank you once again! Be safe. ❤️

  • Hi Maria,
    Thank you for such lovely comments and the read! Yes, it’s the part of hell where people have to bear inhuman, freezing temperatures. I am glad that the image of naked people lying over dry ice on their bellies brought the pain of it across. My intention was to shock and I am thankful that it came through. Thank you again! Be safe. 🙂

  • Hi Sudha,
    It is a pleasure to hear from you! Thank you for such amazing comments! Yes, you are bang on right about the mythology bit. Yes, I guess the word ‘hell’ could have been left out. Somewhere, Hindu mythology has this group of dare I say, lesser known, but interesting God’s, who can make for fruitful storytelling in the modern world. I had…[Read more]

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