• I was a lucky one. I was so glad that I had found this place. It was ideal, and it could house my entire family and any friends or other guests that might need a warm place to stay. 

    It took days of searching to […]

    • Hi Amy– this was a clever take on the prompt with a very unique perspective. I enjoyed it a lot.

    • Hi Amy Rae, great story this month. I think I got it, though it was subtle. At first I took it for face value, then wondered if the MC was a ghost. But now I get it!!! 🙂 I think it was clever and fun, enjoyed reading it.
      I wonder if it would add something to the story if the MC could overhear some dialogue from some of the people coming and going? Happy Holidays to you.

    • Great story Amy Rae. I loved the vivid descriptions of their lives there. Very imaginative. Have a great holiday!

  • I sat on the bench, watching the game unfold in front of me.

    Our team was winning, as usual. We were number one in the conference, projected to go to state this year – my senior year. 

    The puck slid down the […]

    • Poor Brian. I think maybe he’s not made for this game. I like the way you introduced the accident that put Brian into the game and then repeated it for Brian’s misadventure. Great way to end it. I like the way you used the prompt in this sentence – Our goalie was scouted for how well he guarded the crease; it was his domain. ” I don’t know how familiar you are with hockey but this sounded like you know your stuff.

      I like a good sports story. Fun read.

    • Becky replied 4 weeks ago

      This was a fun and surprising piece. Your terminology (I assume) is great, sounds convincing to me at least. Poor Brian! My guess is that that best players have the opposite mindset of this: “I may not score, but I sure didn’t want to lose a tooth.” I like the repetition of the whimper sound in this story. mentioning the mouth guard and the pads and laces and whistle are details that helped pull me into the setting. Well done!

    • I liked how you created a build-up to the eventual disappointment.

    • Good story Amy! Details were believable, even though I don’t know much about hockey! I can see Brian getting confused and reaching the wrong goal. Glad to see you are following the new list of prompts!

    • OMG! Every hockey players nightmare. Poor kid with the name Gretzky. A tough name to live up to even if he was “GREAT.”

      Having played sports as a kid only because ‘everyone does’ I really understood the line, “They were clearly more excited about me joining the game than I was.” LOL

      Hockey is a sport I enjoy watching. Great use of the terminology to bring the reader into the story.

      Thanks for the fun read

  • I was hooked by your teaser; this is such a strong starting sentence: “Abra slowly pushed up on her arms and despite the excruciating pain, she dragged herself out of the mud that seemed to seep into every exposed pore of her skin.”
    And the story did not disappoint. I would love to keep reading to find out what happens! This would be a great one…[Read more]

  • Amy Rae commented on the post, Guarded by Juanita 1 month ago

    Juanita, great story. I was pulled into each of the 500 words. I was wondering what was going to happen. I wonder what the story would be if told by his perspective. Did she tell her husband if she thought about telling his wife? You have great word choice throughout the story.

  • Truth: “I always thought the police tried to determine the truth before they took you in, but no. Not really. They pull you in and hope that the stark reality of a jail cell will encourage you to talk.”
    I feel so much empathy for her getting caught in this situation! And all the others who are innocent but find themselves part of the criminal…[Read more]

  • Oh and I like the names “jealous boyfriend” “Mr. Muscle” etc.

  • This is a great story!
    Lines like this: “He bumped into a light post, regained his balance, then turned around and scrambled after his intoxicated friends.” really made an image in my mind.
    I’m not sure if I understand this? In memory of #indomitablewill

  • He’ll need those as winter creeps in!

  • This makes sense. Gotta make the most with the word limit!

  • Haha “the last place I looked” sounds like my dad’s jokes turned into a story. I think this is a relatable story!

  • Great story, Becky! I think the reference of 1-6 for siblings made sense (as in your comment to Mike). What great news. I like how the conversation seems clear an can be visualized/felt through her moving around her mashed potatoes, and them being cold at the end.

  • Amy Rae commented on the post, Two Paths by Amy Rae 1 month ago

    I think we can learn something from every path we take, no matter where it leads. Thanks for your feedback throughout the 30 days!

  • Amy Rae commented on the post, Two Paths by Amy Rae 1 month ago

    “juxtaposition” – one of my favorite words! 🙂
    Thanks for reading and for your comments.

  • Amy Rae commented on the post, Two Paths by Amy Rae 1 month ago

    I guess she’s got more paths to explore. Life is a long hike. Ha

  • Amy Rae commented on the post, Two Paths by Amy Rae 1 month ago

    Yes, life does seem to have a cyclical way of operating. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Amy Rae commented on the post, Two Paths by Amy Rae 1 month ago

    Thanks, Shelley! It does feel like our paths kinda loop back around.

  • Amy Rae commented on the post, Two Paths by Amy Rae 1 month ago

    Thanks, Christa!

  • Haha – I wonder what happens with Sally and Melvin!
    “The music hits them like a tension headache.” – great sentence!

  • What a sad reality. The attraction of two halves trying to find wholeness in someone else.

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