• Sky Way by Lenore Butcher


    It happened as they were cresting the Burlington Skyway – an impossibly long and high bridge.  To hit the top at over the speed limit is to invite the departure of rubber from ro […]

    • Hi Lenore,
      Wow, that was some story. I must admit I’m not into horror as a genre, but the story had pace, good descriptions and dialogue. An excellent twist at the end. Thanks for a great read.

    • You did a great job with the rapid fire pace! The suggestion and reveal of the monster was very well done. This could easily be a much larger story, I think. Well done!

  • This could very easily springboard into another work – and I quite like that your protagonist is a ‘seasoned’ woman, as evidenced by her ‘personal summers’. You wrote her very deftly and her observations of her workmates and manager were very capably rendered. The reader is drawn in and wants to know more about this woman, her personal tragedy…[Read more]

  • This is such an interesting take on the crime ‘whodunnit’ genre. I really enjoyed it – and your narrator’s petulance at finding herself so callously deceased and then her satisfaction at the apprehension of her killer through his own arrogance. Nicely done!

  • I loved this piece – I enjoyed your turns of phrase such as being ‘stung’ by the scanner. I’m an avid notebook collector and this story just gives me more justification to expand my collection!

  • This definitely has potential to be a longer work, or ongoing series of work. Vesper is quirky and fun – the kind of character that is fun to write and just as fun to read about. Like the other reviewers, I was a little confused at the very end – thanks to the word limits. You have great description and a strong sense of character. I enjoyed…[Read more]

  • Very sweet little romance – I liked her imagining stories for her fellow passengers, something I also do when I’m traveling. I know the limits of the word count constrained the story, but for me the transition from their ‘meet cute’ to the honeymoon was a bit abrupt, I would love to see this spun out into a longer story about how their courtship…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed your story. I love the point of view of the little girl and the very descriptive language – like other readers, I could also feel the chill of the night and the simple faith of a child watching for her father. And then the night the moon broke – a simple phrase, but immediately conjured up images and impressions of how the world…[Read more]

  • Nothing Left to Lose by Lenore Butcher


    “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose…”

    Helena hummed along with the radio, plunging her hands into the soapy dishwater.  She stared out the kitchen wi […]

    • This is a scarily accurate look at life nearly a year into the pandemic. Perhaps Helena felt invisible in the Before Times, but now she really is, lost in the daily drudge of being the maid, teacher, cook, and dutiful spouse… something for everyone but herself. Until that delightful twist at the end – the roll of cash suggests she was not quite as lost as it first seemed.
      Very nice, Lenore.

    • The mundane household tasks really hit me in the gut… the pacing of your story flowed effortlessly. I could certainly understand her decision, given the thankless tasks day in and day out. Loved how you pulled your opening line through again at the end. Full circle. So satisfying.

  • I loved this story . I enjoyed watching Alice slowly come to the realization that she is better off without the bad boyfriend. You kept the narrative moving and we really can hear Alice’s voice in the piece. Well done and I hope to read more from you!

  • This was a good story – no doubt you could have expanded it more, but the 1200 word limit constrained you. This would absolutely be an interesting concept for a longer piece.

  • This is absolutely what life is like with a toddler who resists going to sleep. You have captured the entire process quite well and given your readers a little chuckle as they recognize and remember their own strugglers with difficult preschoolers who just wanted one more story, one more song, etc. Hoping to see more from you!

  • This was very well written. I enjoyed your use of descriptive language. We really got a feeling for your protagonist and her thoughts and dreams, and the fact that she’s made this attempt many times before. I was hoping she’d find a way outside – where you painted a great contrast between the grey monotone of the city and the vibrancy of the…[Read more]

  • HYPE! By Lenore Butcher


    Saturday morning cleaning was the worst.  Sabrina always both dreaded and anticipated Saturdays for that very reason.  She loved having a clean house for the coming week – she just loa […]

    • I enjoyed reading your story, Lenore. You did a good job of showing the MC
      ”boring” day of cleaning, as well as her longing for a change. The word “hyped” was repeated too many times; you can still relay that emotion with synonyms for “hyped”. The phone found in the couch evoked suspense throughout. Good job!

    • Hello.
      This was a fun read. I liked how you slowly built the story and revealed how the phone ended in the MC house. I like this sentence you wrote best: “Keeping a cautious eye on the phone as though it were a venomous snake, she struggled upright from the depths of the couch. ” It captures the emotion perfectly and I think I too would be eyeing it like a snake. Lol. Great read!

    • What a lovely upbeat story! I liked how the washing was glub-glubbing, and also your body language descriptions – I could feel her on that couch, with the aches of cleaning day in her bones. I wondered what the demographic thought when they found out they’d been pulled in by a marketing trick. Bet all of them with their red clothes felt just a tiny bit silly!

    • This story is refreshimg! Somethi g different. good job.

    • Hey Lenore and how goes it? I really liked the way you paced this story. The intro is great, and the ‘glub glubbing’ line is truly memorable. I liked the sense of mystery you injected, with the differently styled calls. I did not think it was a marketing gimmick, I was guessing ‘intro to spy thriller’ at least so well done with the sleight-of-hand. Nice job with this, all the best and regards. Seyi

    • Clever and playful! I was mildly distracted at the start by the use of passive voice to describe the main character doing her chores, but kept with it and loved the ending.

  • Wow what a great story. Nice hook at the end – hopefully this spins out into a larger piece. We’re drawn into the mystery of Jill – this bigger than life sister who disappeared so suddenly and then twenty years later is so suddenly no longer here. You have such great descriptive phrases – ‘she felt puddled’ and ‘like a small dog’. I truly…[Read more]

  • This is a very powerful piece. I’m sure the larger work is just as remarkable. We can certainly empathize with your heroine. It’s hard enough to speak in public, but to have it then be disrupted in such a divisive manner and to be unable to regain control of the situation is dreadful. Well written.

  • This feels like it should be a longer piece – the other commentator is correct, if you could work in flashes of his abilities before they are awakened, something as simple as knowing a song is going to be played on the radio. You have great descriptive language and paint the scene very well. An enjoyable read.

  • I also knew it had to be the ps5 – we lived through this agony a few weeks ago with my son trying to order one for him. Alas our result wasn’t as joyous as your protagonists. This was very well paced and descriptive and definitely the PS5 is the most over hyped item of this season, so very appropriate for the prompt. I also liked how you worked…[Read more]

  • This reads like it could be part of a larger series – you’ve obviously spent some time developing this character and adding small details that add to the overall picture. The ending twist was very unexpected and funny!

  • Area 52? Come on… by Lenore Butcher


    “Name?”  The man at the desk looked expectantly at her.  She sighed heavily, knowing what was coming next.

    “Jessie.  My name is Jessie.”

    He nodded, writing it down.  He […]

    • Excellent! Such an unusual take on the Area 52 stigma. Enjoyable read.

    • Hi Lenore, I love this! I was intrigued all along as to where they were going but didn’t see that punch line coming at all – just brilliant! Thank you for making me chuckle 🙂

    • Loved this. I started reading because of the unusual take on the prompt, then wondered all the way through what was going on, but I still didn’t see that ending coming. Laughed out loud. Brilliant!

  • So creepy and tension filled! Loved it, horror nerd that I am. You did a great job of setting us up for that last awful reveal, step by step from what we know into what is unknown and deeply feared. Very well done!

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