• Hey Marilyn, and yeah work/life piled up pretty fast as the various stages of the lockdown were pulled back here, with a healthy dose of internet access problems. In truth, describing it as ‘Monstrous’ was a bit hyperbolic. All goes well, thanks. Regards

  • Hey HM, hi, and how goes it? This was a well-chosen slice to pull out of your ongoing work and serve up. It stands well by itself and the cliffhanger ending begs for follow-up, which I hope you will provide soon. Rebecca’s inner monologue is a cool guide to the audience, the setup, and ultimately a good intro to her mind-set and drivers (I presume…[Read more]

  • Hi Deb, and how goes it? This is the most ambitious project I have come across in a while. And you’re carrying it off. The intro needs a decided leap of faith but the world you create clarifies soon enough and you use simple language at the right times to avoid losing your readers. I like the middle section where you cranked things down on a…[Read more]

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    Eish, HM Mastery is still very far. I struggle with imbuing real emotion and character depth but those are some of the things I have resolved to work on next year. (How, you may ask? By copying your style, of course 😀.) Seriously, thanks for the support and your consistent body of work. Plenty to learn from as well as to enjoy, there. All the…[Read more]

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    Hey HM, and how goes it? You are way too kind, thanks for reading and your very useful breakdown. I’ll try and find out the name of that rhetorical device, I have relied on it once or twice and when it works, it tends to work well. I do appreciate your always detailed feedback and of course your wonderful stories. I am having another slow reading…[Read more]

  • Hey again Marilyn and great going with your Cozy Detective / Science Fiction schtick 😀 I like how at this stage, this could be a ‘straightforward’ murder mystery until you threw in the wonderfully named ‘Federal Department of Oddities’ staff member. The coffee shop scene is great and I thought the descriptions of manic shoppers and their antics…[Read more]

  • Hey Marilyn and how goes it? I remember reading this last month, leaving it open on my desktop to re-read and give comments, and then it was December 😀 Please forgive me, I enjoyed it but November was a monstrous month for me. I liked the sudden sci-fi twist, was glad to meet with familiar characters and I am glad I can shoot over to the next…[Read more]

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    Hey Charles, hi, and how goes it? Thanks for reading, and commenting and I am glad you liked this piece. Just FYI ‘Sputnik’ is the actual name given to woven hairstyle that was common in 1960s Nigeria. The image I attached to the story is one of such hairstyles (but not the ‘Sputnik’ one I think, I couldn’t find that one). The gent credited with…[Read more]

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    Hey Nina, and howzit? Thanks for your always kind comments and being part of such a great support group. I know my writing would not be where it is without all the wonderful folk on 12SS. I am glad you liked the descriptions in this story. Somehow they were easy for me to ‘see’ and put down and I hope I can build on this story sometime. Yes, you…[Read more]

  • Hello Jan and how goes it? Wonderful language, as usual, and I really like how you use one sentence to build into another. (I like the space you gave to sentences like ‘And then the rain started,’ and ‘I felt something brush my shoulder, but there was no one there.’) I also really like the crossover feel you gave to this story, bringing different…[Read more]

  • Hey Charles, and howzit? This is hysterical, and really well paced. I like the delivery, the sarcastic self-deprecating humor and of course the nod to Yoruba santeria. Your imagery is crazy funny ( the opening line is a case in point) and mostly spot on, though there are one or two places where you could have pulled back a bit. (The double…[Read more]

  • Hey again Ben and this is a problem we all face (I think.) Every week I try and write something lofty, serious and ‘worthwhile’ and it comes out overwordy, stodgy and ponderous. I always seem to be switching last minute to a more familiar style that writes itself and thankfully, seems to connect with the readership. I have just had to junk 20,000…[Read more]

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    Hey Jan and howzit? That’s an awesome analogy (the red wine bit.) Thanks for your very kind words, I am glad you enjoyed this piece. I had battled with a much more ‘serious’ piece for weeks with absolutely no progress, so I was glad when this one wrote itself, and that it worked. Thanks for all the great commentary, and the awesome storylines.…[Read more]

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    Hey Marilyn and great to read from you. Yeah, this poor guy got twisted at home and spun around in school. I hope he comes right. I did not have enough word count to find out 😀 I sympathize with your kids, I got battered royally in secondary school / boarding house (courtesy of my smart mouth, I am told.) I get back by writing some of my old…[Read more]

  • Hey Ben, this is clearly your speciality. Taking the fantastical and relating it to our everyday situation while poking fun at everything in sight. I laughed like hell from the beginning to the end. Not sure which is my favorite bit but the image of the dozen squares popping up in the Zoom call is crazy funny, and the line about the ‘6,322 pages…[Read more]

  • Wow, Ismael. Brilliant storyline. You’ve stayed on top of all your characters and you’re bringing things together nicely. I won’t mention my theories about the boys, the father and the ‘alien honey’ (basically because I don’t have any that work 😀.) I really like the techniques you have created for Mac to wield his growing powers. It feels…[Read more]

  • Hey Lauren and how goes it? It was impossible to stop reading once I started this piece. Great flow to the story and the characters felt real, well formed. You had to sympathize with laura, she could see what was going on but seemed unable to stop it. I particularly liked the dialogue, as well as the subtle descriptions of body language. Alan’s…[Read more]

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    Hey Ben, hi and how goes it? I am glad you enjoyed this and yeah, I played that ‘English Essay’ plot for pure laughs, I was smiling quite a bit as I typed 😀 I appreciate your comments about the exposure to a different world, I enjoy a lot of that same experience routinely on this site and it’s great fun. Thanks for reading, and for commenting and…[Read more]

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    Hey Ismael, hi and how goes it? Apologies for my much-delayed response. Last few days of the year are provings as hectic as the year was. I’m glad you enjoyed this story, which is a product of my fevered imagination, though I am interested in your experiences now. Yeah this year needs redemption, I hope we get it with the next one(s) though I…[Read more]

  • Eish, Peggy. Not a dry eye to be found on the site, I suspect. This is really beautifully told. I can’t say enough good things about the storyline, the dialogue and the characters you brought to life so expertly here. I’m more than a little envious, in fact, I always struggle with describing genuine emotions economically. I am glad to note the tie…[Read more]

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