• Wow, the line ‘I was his little warrior’ looms large now. Great premise, great dialogue, and very sympathetic characters. Well done and best regards, Seyi

  • Aaah, ‘Just as she plunged into cold water…’ meaning ‘Just like she plunged into cold water…’ Oops. Got it now, thanks for the clarification. Cheers Seyi

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    Hey Marilyn and politics of life indeed. Actually our narrator had given his wife the wrong policy numbers (note his comment ‘she searches frantically for my real life-insurance policy numbers’). A bit of insurance 😀. No good guys here, so everybody loses. Thanks for reading and very best regards, Seyi

  • Hey Deryn, glad you liked this. It took me ages to hit on this premise, I was completely overwhelmed with the many other possibilities that the word prompt ‘plunge’ offered and had a few drafts going at one time. I think I saw something on the news that clarified my mind and this story came together pretty fast afterward. As you say, we have way…[Read more]

  • Hey Jane, you’ve kept us at the edge of our seats. The stakes could not be higher. Mareetha could only escape into her mind and even then, not for long. Hanging on for the next one. Regards, Seyi

  • Hey Deryn, Nina said it before I could. 😀 Great job with this one. I toyed with the idea of writing some sort of homage to all the stories we’ve done but could not find a way in. I will just re-read this piece and that way, enjoy those stories all over again any day I feel the urge to. So it’s On to the Last One!, then? All the best and regards,…

  • Eish, Eva-Maria I really liked the story but the comments are unsettling. We never had very high diving boards at any of the public pools I remember when growing up. Probably just as well. Your last line became scarier and scarier, the more comments I read. Great job with the writing, fingers crossed to your main character. Regards, Seyi

  • Hey again Joyce and 😀 I definitely don’t feel like the arbiter but the story definitely worked for me. Only marginally less scary than ‘Huff’ (which is my new industry standard for good horror, by the way). ‘Back facing me’ feels like one of those ‘all around the square’ kind of statements, feels like there’s an inherent contradiction in the…[Read more]

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    Hey Dionne and thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed it. Crazy we have just one more prompt after today. The KWC has been a really cool experience. Thanks for all your input and very best regards, Seyi

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    Hey Astrid, the switch with the juju may have been because he had turned his back on the community earlier, or because they know of his womanizing or because his wife was clearly more attached to the country and community than he was. I hope this helps and thanks for reading. Cheers Seyi

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    Hi Maria and thanks for reading, glad you liked this story. All the best and regards, Seyi

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    Hey, Charles and glad you liked it. I left the reason for the ‘elders’ switching sides a little to the readers’ imaginations. May have been because they still bore our narrator a grudge for the way he took off abroad without a backward look till he needed them. It could be because he seemed like a bit of an asshole, carrying on with babes in…[Read more]

  • Hey Joyce, this is epic. I’m running around switching on all the lights in the house as we speak. I really don’t care about the label for this story, it works really well on many levels. Scared the hell out of me, made me think about the message. Apart from the line about the clothed hand, I’d suggest you look at ‘his back facing me.’ Maybe ‘his…[Read more]

  • Hey Anne, why do I feel Sam is going to get a bad shock soon? He’s so brainwashed he can’t see he’s the biggest threat out there to Evil Elena. Tension still high, looking forward to your ‘Hex’ submission. Regards, Seyi

  • Hey Glen and wonderful premise here and you really delivered. Pity about time word count, I imagine you could have expanded on his motivation and on the various stages of the swim without losing the rhythm you quickly established here. Well done and very best regards, Seyi

  • Hey Rachel, great writing as always. Plenty to relate to, plenty to imagine, an awesome picture emerges, with ‘Beyond the Sea’ playing in the back of it. Really well done an best regards, Seyi

  • Hey Beth, that second paragraph is supreme. I agree with Deryn you could have slimmed down your opening paragraph a bit but the second and third paragraphs really kicked butt. Scary as hell and everything made sense if you know what I mean. Well done and best regards, Seyi

  • Hey Marilyn and the pieces come together. I liked the Chief’s grimace at jack’s familiarity but I loved the name of the diamond 😀. Another very well done chapter, I like the dialogue. All the best and regards, looking forward to ‘Hex’. Seyi

  • Eish, Chloe, this felt like I was watching the scene unfold on a big screen. Full of imagery, I loved the moment when the Captain (June) and her men looked to Leah for instructions. I really like the line ‘More bloodshed on her hands, more guilt haunting her dreams.’ Another nice one, well done and best regards, Seyi

  • Hey Nina, and trust all goes well? I must confess I got a bit hung up on the first sentence but was swept along with your writing from ‘Safe, Hamish?…’ onwards. The reason I think is that the use of the word prompt felt contrived. Was she speaking as she ‘plunged into the cold river’? And if she was in the river and you mention that ‘Hamish…[Read more]

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