Blaming The Idea Of Love by Thando Mchunu

Warning:Not Everyone Cheats.

Imagine what it would be like to be in someone else’s real world. Getting lost together with open hearts, honesty, trust, transparency and freedom to take What your heart truly desires. In the end it needs to be fed like when you eat your favorite meals after a long time of hunger, that is a feeling. Have you ever imagined if people could see each other’s lives through Virtual Reality(VR).
I think there people would be able to be given a chance to decide how they want to live their lives with who and where because nothing would be hidden in there. You would get to decide based on what you see, the truth. Things that you would see before you hear them are always safer. It is not okay to lie to a person you love, and it is not okay to be extremely honest. It is confusing but, when you get caught from your secrets then what? I think it is not that bad telling your partner about who you are, including your sexual desires should be on a list of the important tools to keep your relationship that has been formed not to break by things that we can avoid. I think people before they even realize that they are in love should at least be emotionally and sexually attracted to one another, understanding each other and forget about what the world thinks or wants, and just put themselves first and the things that they think can keep them together. I am sure lying and cheating to each other is not , you trying to protect your love, is it? What you always pretend not to know is important, breaks families, leaves people heart broken, a simple problem that can be easily sorted, we all know that it is impossible not to share. The only people that matter here should be YOU_ME_HIM.

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