Hello Founding Member 

Thank you for your continued support of this website. I couldn’t do it without you. The past six months have been invaluable to me, and I hope you have enjoyed our sessions together. 

The 12 Short Stories Membership has been a great success and I am very excited to share my new plans with you.

How it started

  1. From no recordings to awesome recordings.

I am very excited about the Education section that we’ve added to the site. It means that I can record and share our lessons and writing sessions. I hope you enjoy having access to these classes. 

Go to: Education/12SS Membership/Course Content

  1. From no contact to monthly chats.

Meeting you monthly and sharing my love and enthusiasm for short stories is very special to me. I value our time together.

How it’s going

  1. Receiving Feedback.

I love hearing from you, and I love that you apply what we talk about to your stories. Please send more suggestions and questions.

  1. Your payment plan has ended.

Most of you should have received the cancellation notification from Paypal. If not, you will receive it as soon as you make the last payment. It depends on when you signed up, but the 6-month payment cycle that was set up as part of the Founding Member launch has come to an end. If you would like to continue with the membership at the current price you can use the link below. 

  1. We still have sessions scheduled for 2021.

What I am planning

Just to convince you that you really still want to hang around, let me tell you what I am planning.

In 2022 you’ll get a course, a coach, and a community. The advantage for you as a Founding Member, of course, is that your price will remain unchanged for as long as you remain a member.

Included in the membership: 

I like the current format for the classes, but I would like to add a more formal curriculum as well.

I wrote a book about the craft short story writing. The book “Write the Crap Out of It and Other Short Story Writing Advice” has been available on Amazon, but I have removed it from the platform and plan to use it as teaching tool exclusively for the 12SS membership. I have reworked this material into a course format.

Each section of the book ends with an exercise. I plan to use and update these exercises in our classes. This will help you to apply the lessons and improve your skills.

I will facilitate the writing sessions and continue to teach the classes. In addition to the WTC curriculum, I am planning to do close readings, invite guest lecturers and host plenty of Q&A sessions during our four live sessions per month.

I love being online and sharing a writing space and time with you. It has made all the difference to me and I have managed to get so much writing done. I hope you feel the same. The writing sessions and discussions will continue. It is fun to chat about writing with people who love it as much as I do.

In 2022, I will start a short story reading challenge. Each month, as a group, we will read and discuss a short story as part of our learning during our sessions.

All this will arrive in your inbox as a monthly email with links to the classes, recommended reading, and a suggested lesson for the month. You can do as much or as little as you choose. Just come hang out and write if that is all you want to do.

You will receive all the 2022 sessions dates in advance, but the classes and sessions will happen the week before the deadline.

The Investment: 

Your Founding Member Investment for 2022 will remain unchanged at US$10 per month. The investment for new members in 2022 will be US$20 per month.

New payment method: you can now pay and subscribe with your credit card. You do not need to create a Paypal account.