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  • Hi Peggy, I am pretty sure yours is one of the poems I commented on when the crash happened:) I do seem to remember reading it. It is a beautiful poem, with a gorgeous choice of words:) Really enjoyed it.

  • Hi Peggy, a really well written story about a nasty subject. I have seen movies on this and it is so despicable and reprehensible that people can treat others like this. You have captured the pain and suffering endured and the young age that some of these poor girls are when they are tricked or captured into this way of life. I really hope you…[Read more]

  • Hi Peggy, thanks for reading. I am glad you enjoyed my poem:) Yes I did like those lines too, reminds me of the way little girls can look at life before they become jaded with the world in general:) So many of them love unicorns.

  • Hi Peggy, thank you so much for reading and your very kind comments:) It is people like you that stop me from just giving up – when it all seems a little too hard. I am attempting to continue this story. Not going too well yet. I will try again later to fix it up a bit and take some words out and add in my For Hire bit.

  • Hi Kat, thank you so much for reading. Yes technology can be so wonderful, but also so isolating:)

  • Hi Christy, thank you so much for reading and your lovely feedback. I am holding out for it too:)

  • Hi Katy, I enjoyed your poem. Simple and strong:) It is nice when faith can help you to pick up the broken pieces. Well done.

  • Hi, I did enjoy your tale, I find arranged marriages a very interesting idea. Sometimes I wonder if they may work better in the end…… The dialogue was good and it was quite amusing. The teenager on the outskirts was quite a cheeky chap, but I liked his honesty with it all.
    Well done:)

  • Hi Maria, thank you so much for reading and your lovely feedback. I will try to continue this story had something I wanted to happen but not quite sure how to get to it.

  • Hello, thank you so much for reading and taking the time provide so much feedback. I really appreciate it. I have tried to take on board everything people have said, but feel perhaps I am not a good enough writer to nail all of this:) However, I hope to try to continue on with this story and do it a little bit better…… if time permits. Thank you:)

  • Hi Sharon, thanks for reading and your lovely feedback. I can’t seem to find your story. Are you only in the poetry group??

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    Hi Anna, yes it was very upsetting, but nowhere near as upsetting as it would have been for poor Mia, trying to get it back up and working:) I now am not sure who I have read and already commented and who I have not. So will not be doing anymore this month unfortunately.

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    Hi Bev, thanks so much for reading and your feedback:)

  • Wow Francis, that is a very in depth answer. Thank you for taking the time to write it and explain the basis for your poem. It is all very interesting. I live in Australia and not America. But yes I think perhaps people do look back on the past with rose coloured glasses and tend to remember the good and gloss over the bad. Plenty of food for…[Read more]

  • Hi Anna, thank you so much for reading and your lovely feedback:)

  • Hi Srivalli, thank you so much for reading and your feedback:)

  • Hi Martin, thank you so much for reading and your positive comments:) I will try to keep this one going. Just need to find sometime before the due date and some brain space:)

  • Ha ha, yes you definitely did comment:) Thanks for commenting again. Yes I feel like I have grown and developed in my poetry, part of that is actually being back writing poems again… which is fantastic. Thanks for your support John:) Wouldn’t be here without you.

  • Hi Jan, I know I replied to your comment. Thank you for the offer of re-reading or talking about ideas. I do find myself floundering a bit in this group. So much amazing advice from talented writers. But sometimes it all seems a bit overwhelming to take it all in:)

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