• Hi Amrita, thank you for reading and your kind comments:) Hitting a bit of a wall with the next one. Hopefully can start it when I am on school holiday.

  • Hi Wesley, thank you for reading Part 5 of my story. I do hope to continue it next month. Just need to find some inspiration. I am glad you are enjoying the little orange papinos adventures:)

  • You are very welcome. This story is a lovely tribute to your father and your family dynamics.

  • Hi Charles, thanks for reading, I am glad you enjoyed the story:) Not to try to write the next one……

  • Hi Sudha, thanks for reading and your lovely comments. They are indeed very linked, speak together tall the time, like three for the price of one:)

  • Hi Maria, thank you so much for reading and you lovely feedback. Glad you are enjoying the triplet tales. Not sure where next month will take them, but they are Earth bound.

  • Hi Michael, yes definitely discovering as we go. Even I don’t know how powerful they will become:) That is why I am enjoying writing this so much. Thank you for reading and your comments:)

  • Hi Sudha, this was very well told. I liked the different scenes depicting the changes in your life – through travel/holidays. From this, I gather you were most like your father in personality and your brother, very similar to your mother. It must have been so hard to be the grown-up and make that decision and to lose your father. The one with who…[Read more]

  • Hi Chantel, thoroughly enjoyed this story. I liked the descriptions and the way my mind jumped around thinking about what the old man could have been up to out there. When the young fella first shot his gun, I thought it might have been the ghost of the grandfather he shot at or something like that. The whole pub full of people with shotguns had…[Read more]

  • Hi Charles, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. I have to say the visit from Hanibal the cat was my favourite. He was sarcastically brilliant. And I could picture him (in my mind he looked a lot like Garfield). You said you worked a lot on your dialogue, and it shows, it flowed really well and was very easy to read. I had a few chuckles throughout…[Read more]

  • Hi Maria, I really enjoyed this installment. I liked going back in Vitoria’s memories to learn a bit more about him and his kind. The descriptions are good and I like how you use seeing organs, instead of eyes. I hope Andy calls home soon and that they can find some way to alert I’m to Vitoria’s presence without alerting the International Space…[Read more]

  • Jane commented on the post, No by Amrita Sarkar 1 week ago

    Hi Amrita, I enjoyed this installment. It filled in a few more blanks about the family and the links between Tahir and Rishi. I would also like to know what Rishi has been accused of and why he seems so despondent. I think perhaps that Tahir loves and appreciates his wife, but he also takes his frustrations out on her, as don’t people often do…[Read more]

  • Hi Michael, I loved it. Those 1250 words flew by. I knew something was afoot but had no idea what it was till the end. I don’t think it was cliqued as you definitely bought the werewolves into the 21st century. I like how they take their time to select their prey, according to how evil the people they meet are. It seems it would be years in the…[Read more]

  • Hi Wesley, really enjoyed this installment. I like how you showed the memory of his mother and father here. It helped fill in a few blanks, while also still leaving many unanswered questions. I am keen to know what exactly they are and how his Uncles have all died, and why his aunt is in hiding. I find this story very intriguing and can’t wait to…[Read more]

  • Hi Peggy, thank you for reading and your kind comments. I am surprised I have made it to two. See how we go for three:)

  • Hi Peggy. I read on the Facebook page that you only wrote this on the day it was due. That is amazing, not sure how you do it, but you have managed to produce a really well-written installment in your story. It flowed beautifully. I only have one very small suggestion.
    highlighting the nervous faces of the Subterranean Leaders. Highlighting the…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark. I really enjoyed this story. Lots of intrigue throughout. I thought you were going to leave us hanging with no idea what the huge secret was. So I am thankful that you touched on it in the last few sentences. I did suspect something like that, in those days it was definitely frowned upon to have a baby out of wedlock:) Well done and…[Read more]

  • Hi Mark, thanks for reading. And thanks for that shove 2 years ago that got me here. I have nearly given up a few times. And yes 24 months this month:) Now I have to come up with another 1500 words about my little oddities:)

  • Hi Seyi, thanks for reading. I have mentioned on a few occasions that the triplets are boys:) Earth was where my first story began. So I have to kind of try to tie it into that one. Thanks for your comments:)

  • Hi Seyi, have you written parts of this piece before here? Or is this the first part of the larger piece you have posted? There was a lot going on here, and I found it a little hard to follow it all. Your writing is always good, with lots of detail and culture woven throughout. A great way to use the prompt as well. Thanks for sharing.

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