• Hi Mark, yes I did:) I was looking at the picture as I wrote:) Thank you for reading and glad you enjoyed it.

  • Hi John, yes the ending surprised me too. I didn’t know what I was going to do till I was writing Part 5:) This story surprised me the whole way along as I only intended it to be a standalone….. I am also considering one more part after the comments from people who wanted a bit more. We will see. Thank you for reading and your support. Wishing…[Read more]

  • Absolutely:) Poetry is amazing because of this. I guess a bit like when we look at a picture and see different things:)

  • Hi John, thank you for making your way here. I know things have not been easy for you of late so I very much appreciate it:) I have written Part 5 – which I had intended to be the final one. But who knows we will see:) Appreciate your support and feedback. Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

  • Hi Melanie
    A lovely story. Very heartwarming, and I particularly liked the ending. I am a hopeless romantic. I think it needs a bit of editing but apart from that, it is a very enjoyable read.

    No man had treated her so well and had not made her feel bad for not being whole all of the time.  – this sentence doesn’t quite flow – I think it needs…[Read more]

  • Hi Becky, thank you for reading and your kind feedback. It is fun trying to thing of names that are a bit unusual:)

  • Hi Becky, I am afraid I can’t add any more to what has already been said. I enjoyed this delightful story a lot. It was very cleverly written and funny:) And I have to say that Anna is mighty talented. Using the major flaw in the stockings to actually sell them:)
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Thanks for sharing:)

  • Hi Mark:) Yes I hope to get back to this story and put it all together:) Might even add to it – who knows. Thank you for reading and your feedback. Mmmm made me think there, perhaps sitting down at might be better:) Thanks.

  • Hi Elizabeth, thank you for reading:) It is such a beautiful painting, it spoke to me:) I am glad you enjoyed my poem:)

  • Hi Srivalli, very pretty indeed. Love the imagery you create and the words you chose. I really enjoyed it:) And now I have read exactly what it was about a second read was even better:) Loved your picture too.
    I found one tiny word that requires an edit:
    Every graceful were the synced actions – I believe it should be Ever graceful
    Thank you for…[Read more]

  • Hi Srivalli, thank you for reading and your kind comments:)

  • Hi Hanri, Thank you for reading and your feedback:) I do hope I might have time to go back and add some more and edit a bit. Fingers crossed.

  • Hi Christy, thanks for reading and your kind feedback:) I am not sure. I had planned on this being the end but never say never I guess:)

  • Hi Hanri, I forgot to answer your question about who the artist is:) The name of this painting is beautiful – It is called – Mysterious Rain Princess and the artist is Leonid Afremov. A link to this painting for sale (which I believe might be a reproduction) is here: https://afremov.com/mysterious-rain-princess-clone–2.html

  • Hi Hanri, thank you for reading:) I think that is the beauty of it all, it can have many different meanings. But my mind was going more for how the girl in the painting might feel:) Thanks for your feedback.

  • Hi Stevie. A great poem. The repetition was done well with the important line of – I tried today. You created some great imagery as well.
    I have one tiny thing. And please ignore if you don’t agree.
    I found all your wording very well chosen. But I felt a little deflated with your last line.
    But alone – was a great start to it – but ending on -…[Read more]

  • Mia, this pulled at my heart. One of the greatest pains must be losing a baby. I am one of the lucky ones that have not had to go through this. But I have many friends who have. A little one is never forgotten even if they were only here for a short time:)
    I also liked the shape of your poem and your choice of words.
    Thank you for sharing:)
    I…[Read more]

  • Hi Hanri, I very much enjoyed your poem. This is definitely a common occurrence. But if one does not even attempt to rekindle the flame then it is will definitely be snuffed. However, this highlights that sometimes even with the effort it cannot be rekindled. And perhaps the hint of some adultery as well that is festering in the mind.
    Really well…[Read more]

  • Jane commented on the post, Two by R.L. Nel 1 month, 1 week ago

    Hi Rachel, limericks are so hard:) Good on you for writing one when you didn’t have to. I think it has a great rhythm and is rather funny – as a limerick should be:) Well done:)
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  • Hi Elizabeth, what a lovely story you tell. I can imagine a fishing village and the salty smell, a blue sky, and the hope of many, many fish:)
    These lines particularly hit home for me:
    These wrinkles in the mirror laugh back
    At eyes that have seen enough– 
    Enough to know my breath is a gift. 
    A beautiful way to look at growing old.
    Thank you f…[Read more]

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