• Hi Zannie, wow this one had quite a bit within the 250 words. I feel like she has left her body then tried to get back to late, so is now trapped in limbo land? Is that right. If so poor Ali, it seems very unfair. A great use of the prompt, well done.
    Two tiny editing suggestions:
    Ali could not face another day. 3 years of immobility had seen…[Read more]

  • Hi Kelly, Oops, is she about to get dumped on live radio?? This was very clever, I didn’t see that coming. I am pretty sure you got all the speech marks correct to, well done:)

  • I had a bit more I wanted to add to this prompt but I ran out of words. Thank you for reading Becky:)

  • Jane commented on the post, A Zoom in Time by Jane 16 minutes ago

    Hi Juanita, thank you for reading and your feedback, appreciate it.

  • Jane commented on the post, Microbit by Juanita 16 minutes ago

    Hi Juanita, Oh my gosh, I cringed when he said my teacher has Covid and we all have to isolate at home, and then forgot to give his mother the note. Kind of important that she knew this:) Typical boy I might add. I liked the name of the dog too, I am sure it will end up being big and gangly:) Well done.

  • Jane commented on the post, A Zoom in Time by Jane 19 minutes ago

    Thanks for reading Becky:) This is becoming so exhausting. Over half way now though.

  • Hi Becky, this is very real and raw. I feel for this lady, trying to be brave and hold it all together. Thinking she can pick a time to let her emotions out. I doubt it will be that easy. I think they have a way of coming out when they are ready, not when they are scheduled. A great way to insert the prompt. It is so sad that one in three ladies…[Read more]

  • Hi Wesley, is there a bit of magic happening in this short tale. I loved the visuals you created here. I could hear and see this cute little fella, having fun and causing chaos. Hope mum’s hand will be OK after she has finished mending his mess.

  • Jane commented on the post, A Zoom in Time by Jane 25 minutes ago

    Hi Wesley, Thanks for reading and your comments:) Appreciate it.

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    Hi Barbara, I had a different word in there, then I read the prompt and went – well zooming eyebrows will do:) LOL. Thanks for reading.

  • Hi Barbara, for some reason this reminded me of a board game where you had to work out the murderer. It was called Cluedo I think. This was well done:) His wife must be very cross at him to destroy his prized blooms:)

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    Hi Susanne, Thank you for your kind words:) There is more in today’s prompt. But to be honest I have not planned ahead and this story has already ducked and weaved in ways I never thought it would go:)

  • Hi Susanne:) Well she got the last laugh there didn’t she. Very clever, I liked this one a lot.

  • A Blip in Time
    “Do you think she is talking about karma? And how on earth could her dead husband be telling her these things? It seems a little odd to me, Azlan.”

    Azlan flicked a button on his steering wheel. The […]

    • Azlan is getting very vulnerable on this Uber ride! I appreciate how his backstory/brother allows him to be open to the otherwise-crazy-sounding advice and flowers from the widow. Well done!

      • I had a bit more I wanted to add to this prompt but I ran out of words. Thank you for reading Becky:)

  • Hi Sharmayne, technology, wonderful when it works, a pain in the butt when it doesn’t. Book clubs via zoom would be tricky indeed. I had issues doing Zumba via zoom during lockdowns, it kept freezing too, so I feel their pain. Great take on the prompt.

  • Hi Zannie, wouldn’t it be awesome if a vengeful Princess Di got to do this to many photographers:) It was a cute take on the prompt. Can’t even feel sorry for him losing his expensive camera, sneaking around trying to catch a celebrity unawares. Well done.

  • Hi Chloe, I am intrigued as to how the Madness seems to have left her. Or has she found a cure somehow. I really loved these words: dusk settling a hazy dew on the forest floor – painted a vivid image in my mind. Well done. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

  • Hi Christa, who would’ve thought that zoom could be in a 100 word story so many times:) Well done. I liked the link between the subject of the photos eyes and the photographers eyes reflection on the computer screen. Well done.

  • Oh the poor love. He is the love of her life, but she is obviously one of many. Cleverly done Alyssa.

  • Hi Stevie, a creative use of the prompt. What an awful society we live in, where people think it is OK to denigrate someone on a public platform in such a humiliating way. I would not be a famous person for all the tea in China. Well captured.

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