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I have a confession to make  – I turned to writing to overcome artists ‘block’.

I always smile when people talk about writers block because it is such a foreign concept to me – there are a gazillion things to write about, whether or not it fits a particular prompt or not, or if I even like a prompt…ahhh, that’s another matter entirely. But there is never ‘nothing’ to write about.

Art is my first love and since writing , my love affair with it is slowly being rekindled. For that I will always be grateful and in that, have become a loyal and true advocate of the benefits of writing. For me, it’s become the key to unlocking my creativity.

My second confession, and a realization that came out of left-field, is the absolute passion I have discovered for poetry – Who knew? That’s full on thanks to this sites poetry group.

So much to be grateful for, and all thanks to the enigma that is writing.



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