Two Oh Two Oh by Angelique Pacheco

  • : Haiku


  1. Kim

    And these beautiful ladies will always be watching over you Ang…a tender,heartfelt piece with a touch of sadness. Loss dulls over time but never disappears, the ache is always there.

  2. maria delaney

    Adore this! This is a sweet goodbye to souls that have moved on. I hope and pray that we all meet again on the other side. I don’t know the ladies in the pic, but I can see they meant the world to you.

    Happy Holidays Angelique and Happy New Year. I hope to see you in 2021.
    Stay safe…

  3. Debbie Gravett

    Oh my heart! Love the idea of them whispering close by so that you can know that they are still here, if not physically.

    A beautiful haiku that say so much of your love.

    Thank you for sharing.