Two by R.L. Nel

  • : Limerick
  • : A really bad limerick!


  1. David

    Some–not I–would say that limericks are, by definition, bad. Not unlike puns. I enjoyed this one. Reminded me of a time when a roommate had had a few & looked up at me to say, “You have 8 eyes.” Thanks for sharing.

  2. lelfring

    Love the limerick, smooth it out a bit – add – soon – became two, and remove deep, and change I see double. That will help with the rhythm.
    Good use of two.

  3. maria delaney

    Funny, funny! I’m happy to be reading your work, Rachel. I feel as if I have read nothing from you in a while. My fault completely. This was clever as all heck!

    Have a Happy Holiday and an amazing New Year. I hope to read more of you in 2021.

    Stay safe Rachel!

  4. Jane

    Hi Rachel, limericks are so hard:) Good on you for writing one when you didn’t have to. I think it has a great rhythm and is rather funny – as a limerick should be:) Well done:)
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.