Truth Is… by CReese

Truth Is… by CReese # Truth is Iā€™m a wordsmith wielding rhymes like a mythical scythe My gift so swift you hit your zenith before you even realize it I craft my words with such skill they drill and spill until you fill With thrills and chills until I come in for the kill They...

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15 days ago

You sure are gifted with the ability to rhyme. Your poem is so rhythmic and fun to read out loud. I loved it. Somehow my mind erected an image of Johnny Depp tap dancing and reciting this poem. Wonderful

Kristen Morasan
15 days ago

Oh my gosh, I loved this. As I was reading this I could hear in my head an old school radio DJ introducing themselves for the first time on the radio. It just has such a flow and energy to it that it makes me happy. Well done!

13 days ago

Wow, CRease, this was rhyming on steroids. šŸ™‚ Loved it. One thing, though. Shouldn’t that be, ‘a rhyming sage on a stage’?

13 days ago

Could definitely hear this as a rap by Eminem or Snoop Dog.
Loved your line: soothe your pain with lyrical Novacain – real NICE
And yes- I was totally engaged and mesmerized šŸ˜Š

Nissan Abadi
11 days ago

Wow! This is so heart beating. It brings you a desire to dance. Loved it.
Thank you.

Christian Donovan
11 days ago

Hello C, Yes you are a wordsmith with all those rhymes. As others have pointed out this could be a rap. Well done.