To my daughter by Annette Deyro

To my daughter by Annette Deyro # On days like these when I doubt if I should number myself among the living, I think of you, my darling River and all I dream that you would be. One hopes you get my sense of wonder and add to it as years go by, finding questions...

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David Weimer
4 days ago

I get a dream-like feel from this poem, which I like. Using the word “get” for “understand” seems out of place–the rest of the language is so much more formal. I’m interested to know where “count to seven” comes from. I’m used to counting to 3 (when someone’s in trouble) and counting to 10 (when someone needs to calm down). But it doesn’t detract from the poem, just something I still want to know.

3 days ago

Beautiful, Annette. I’m a little bit speechless, feeling all the feels of parenthood now that the last of my brood moved out on the first of this month. Empty rooms and piles of hopes and dreams echoing in the walls. I love the last lines, because of all the things I wanted to do, the biggest one to hold on to was standing and staying. It’s so worth it. So emotive and beautiful…all of your words.

Christian Donovan
2 days ago

Hi Annette. Your poem is very moving, showing as it does, how someone we love can anchor us. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts.