Tin’s Bended by nsbnna

  • : literary beach read


  1. Nina Post author

    Hey Deryn
    Rachel’s catching on. She returned home with the attitudes and dynamic she’d left with six years before and is starting to see the world with older, wiser eyes. I liked having her be the one with Amy since, clearly, she knows.
    Way back, I promised you I wouldn’t let harm come to Amy 😎. Glad the pace worked for you, felt risky.

  2. Ben Hunt

    Hi Nina, I love the continuing presence of Emyline and her rocking chair, not yet at rest, that was eerily powerful. There’s so much more other great stuff in this scene too, the beautiful moments between Clarissa and Amy were very special, so full of love, and Magda being subdued spoke volumes. Clarissa has so much to work out, about Alden, about the kind of life he would give her and Amy, I can’t wait to see what she decides…

    1. Nina Post author

      Thanks, Ben.
      I loved writing this scene and am glad the pace of it didn’t throw anyone off. I don’t think Emyline will be gone from that house any too soon though she’s got one more power play before she’s done 🙂

  3. Michael

    This was a good scene. Amy is really growing up, I love how you show Clarissa and Amy, she’s a good mom – like checking on her before she went downstairs in the morning.
    Clarissa’s family all played their part true to their characters. The mom should be more supportive.
    I liked the spectre of the old woman standing over everything.
    That last sentence is foreboding – looking forward to the next scene on the beach. The place where she feels the freest – if I know the character.
    I like the Amy looks at her father now – it’s not great, but if it makes sense to her and she’s happy then that’s all you need (for now).

    1. Nina Post author

      Hey Michael
      You’re quite right.the beach is definitely Clarissa’s safe place. Clarissa, who did turn out to be a good mom after all 🙂

  4. Julie

    My heart was in my mouth for Amy when she so stoically told Clarissa the lesson she’d learnt from Aunty Rachel, is this all going to come crashing down I asked, if she has to suddenly take Alden on board as a father-figure. You’ve deftly handled the conflicts here and I really feel for poor Clarissa. David is right to remind us that Clarissa’s deliberations have all been motivated by what is best for Amy and her. Alden really is a strange one, cold, distant, charrming but without conviction. I hope to God Clarissa doesn’t get stuck with him, he’s a void. I loved the chilling description of Emmy, fantastic.

    1. Nina Post author

      You are truly Amy’s friend and Clarissa’s champion. Poor Alden, a willing victim to his upbringing.

  5. SM

    Hi Nina,
    I love that you slowed us down so much. I was revved up for a big scene and to hear what Clarissa will say to Alden about their engagement, such as it is. Clarissa realizes that her indecision and being hard to reach makes her that more fascinating to Alden but she is not being manipulative, although she is capable of it. She realizes that she can be herself and Alden wouldn’t be chased away by it. There are so many issues being addressed in a subtle way here. Amy learning to make peace with who her father is, Rachel, learning that she cares more about her family and maybe Jackson than taking risks and crewing with Michael, and Magda has learned something, I think, but we don’t know what it is. Her behavior of being subdued at the news of Clarissa’s “engagement” is very interesting. Your descriptions of the setting, particularly at the end, the pale muted tableau waiting for the sun to set the colors is really so so beautiful. Loved this scene while we watch Clarissa sort through her issues and come to a decision.

    1. Nina Post author

      Hi Sudha
      I’m glad the pace worked for you. I was thinking you’d be expecting a louder scene, but you know Clarissa… the letters Jackson found,I think they changed everything for Magda. I’m sad now thinking how close to the end we are here. See you soon,I hope, on zoom.

  6. David

    Hi, Nina-
    Clarissa is growing up right in front of us. And, against all odds, so is Rachel. Hard to know what prompted her, but we’ve been privileged to see what motivates Clarissa. First and foremost, Amy. I’m very interested to know what she’s going to tell Alden on the beach.
    Odd that Magda would be so subdued about the news of the engagement. Seeing her own life in Grandmother Duncan’s house, with the attendant loss of her husband?
    Down to 4 scenes. A walk on the beach with Alden. Angus in the wings. Michael in the wind. No place to live, no job, no prospects (other than Mrs. Alden). You have a fair amount of heavy lifting yet to do. Can’t wait to see how it works out.

    1. Nina Post author

      See the misplaced response to Deryn re Rachel. Seemed only fair to let her evolve. Yes, on Magda. Remember we see her as Clarissa sees her and, like Rachel, she’s seeing things through older eyes.
      Hopefully the lifting won’t feel too heavy. Hopefully the writer won’t fall flat on her face.

  7. Deryn

    Hi Nina – Rachel is wiser than the part she plays and it’s good to see her imparting that wisdom to Amy, who, I’m sure will grow up to be a well balanced young woman! It’s interesting that Alden never once mentions that he wants/needs/loves Clarissa or expresses any real deep desire for her to go round, but I guess it’s just not in his nature (and in fact he doesn;t love her – as you say he’s merely asked Clarissa to fill a part in his life that is vacant) …A nice slow scene this one in the build up to the end.