The Minotaur 52: Changed by Jens Grabarske

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    4 months ago

    Hi, Jens-
    Thought I’d drop in a second time, just in time for the very end. Looks like you’ve come full circle.
    The scene was very easy to read. It went really fast, but I thought the pace was fine. The tone was certainly different than the scene that I read earlier, but that’s to be expected. We’re post-climax, after all. A nice winding down with a promise of adventures to come.
    When I ride a subway, I usually look out the windows some. Might be nice to see some of that. And were there any other people in their car, or just the four?
    Congratulations of finishing all 52 scenes! Hope to see you in the rewrite.

    Riana N
    4 months ago

    Hi Jens, I liked that they ended their story on the metro, it seemed quite fitting. Bringing them back to this place where they’ve been before also makes clear the growth that has happened in the characters.
    Since your plot is already concluded by the end of the previous scene, this scene almost have a bit of an epilogue-feel. However, if that was not your intention you can perhaps consider going in to less detail here about “what comes next” as it might distract a little from your main plot (which had concluded beautifully!).
    Although I have only followed about half of your story (probably less) I have really enjoyed your writing! For urban fantasy, this is delightfully original and I loved all the Paris sights and experiences! Your “moral” elements are moving but not too much as to become cheesy.
    Very well done, Jens, and congrats! 😉