The Minotaur 50: Dry by Jens Grabarske

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    Riana N
    4 months ago

    Hi Jens, this was a lovely scene and it concluded quite a few matters without feeling forced or unplanned. Not sure how much you plan/plot, but the overall coherency of your story is really excellent.
    I thought Baudelaire’s words “enjoyed greatly” felt a bit too safe and pleasant perhaps for something dangerous out of your comfort zone, but the thrill that you refer to in the next sentence feels more fitting.
    I am glad Alphonse and Mike could properly patch things up, as Alphonse has still been coming across a bit glum/distant since they’ve been reunited. 🙂

    5 months ago

    Hello Jens,

    Finally the kiss! This is a very sweet explanation and winding up of the plot. Are there still some loose ends for the next two scenes? Thank you for sharing, Carolyn