The Minotaur 47: Pride by Jens Grabarske

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    Riana N
    5 months ago

    Hi Jens, as usual I really enjoyed all the scenery of your scene and all the referencing – I grinned when I read that the next opera is going to be The Magic Flute! 😀
    I have to admit, it took me a reread of a few paragraphs and a few minutes to wrap my head around the character swapping, but I’m guessing the nature and implications of this swap will become clearer as the story continues! It did make me think though, and I really love the metaphor of life being a play and us filling certain roles.
    Good scene.

    5 months ago

    Hello Jens,
    The main character switch from Mike to Alphonse took me a minute to figure out – but that was a very clever way to switch it up and let the reader into what Alphonse has been doing.
    The action and pace is continues to be very rapid as the end is near! And of course, the casual declaration of love, will bring them together in a few more scenes.
    Thank you for sharing, Carolyn

    5 months ago

    Hi Jens

    I really do like your style and once again am wishing I’d been following this from the beginning. So many interesting layers it seems to the theme of protagonist, antagonist – ‘heroes abound’. The pace is swift – something wish I could get right – the exposition when he was trying to sleep but remembering back, was effortless ( something I wish I could also get right LOL)
    I know I am making comments out of context because I don’t know the plot / character dynamics, but I am finding it all quite original and intriguing.
    And even though we’re so close to the end I’m looking forward to the next scene