The Geography of Forgiveness, Conversations with the Beloved Dead by Sophia Bonnie Wodin. Final Submission

It’s the season of Samhain (Dia-De-Los-Muetres, Halloween), a time of mystery when the veil between the living and the dead thins. A time when those who have crossed over can approach the living; whisper in our ears; hear the promptings of our hearts; answer the longings of our souls.

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Charles R.
8 months ago

Really Good. You have crafted a Ghost Story that is inspiring rather than spooky. I really enjoyed reading this. Perfect for this time of year.

8 months ago

Such a lovely story, Sophia. It’s lyrical and rhythmic and makes me long for my Dad, who passed away two years ago. Well done and good luck!

Paul J P Slater
8 months ago

What an interesting take on the prompt and Samhain, one of 4 seasonal festivals in the Celtic calendar. Well done. Good luck, Paul