The Gargoyle Princess by SJCramer Scene 49

  • : Fantasy
  • : don't correct grammar please.
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Riana N
4 months ago

Hi SJ. I really enjoyed this scene. I love that the reuniting of Afra and Augustine are upping the emotional stakes here and the internal conflict that they experience because of it.
I also liked that you are tying up the unsolved mystery of the creature in the bar – I am really curious to see how it fits in with the rest! 😀

4 months ago

This was a good scene, I liked the way that Afra stepped forward despite her fear to do what the others could not. It says a lot that she would risk so much for people that she doesn’t know, but because of Augustine she does it. Her transformation in the scene was well written and the battle that she has to fight set up nicely! Twenty of those creatures. My only suggestion would be to give us a little more description on what these creatures were, I was unable to picture them here. Otherwise lovely scene!

5 months ago

This is EPIC!!! Well done! Sorry, I have no other thoughts – I wouldn’t change a word.