The Gargoyle Princess by SJ Cramer Scene 52

  • : Fantasy
  • : Ignore grammar and spelling. Scene out of sequence.
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4 months ago

Great ending with Afra and Augustine finding each other and being together. I agree that you leave it open here for a sequel which is fun! I may have missed this detail earlier, but Constantine being Moll’s son and Afra’s brother would make Moll her mother right?
Some of the character blocking was unclear during the fight here, but overall it was very effective and I liked the twist of Afra not being able to use her power to defeat Moll this time. I wonder what became of our other characters maybe in the final draft one more scene of a recovery scene can give us eyes on where everyone is and how everyone is doing after such an epic battle! Well done SJ! your story has been so fun to follow and I hope to see you in the rewrite!

Riana N
4 months ago

Hi SJ. Wow, that was a stunning ending. I was so curious to know how Moll would be defeated, and this was really unexpected and clever! I was quite sad at Afra losing Constantine, but I feel that it works here, as overly happy endings are often less convincing. Losing him also reinforces the theme of the revenge-loss cycle which is quite effective.
I loved you ending, the only suggestion I might have is to perhaps mention the existence/creation of portals somewhere throughout the novel, so that it doesn’t seem too out of the blue. I’m also curious about what happened to Val, but I’m sure you’ll touch on that in the rewrite.
I’m so happy that Afra and Augustine ended up together. Just as with losing Constantine, I thought it was kind of fitting that Reva (and the others too I guess) still had the gargoyles inside them, as destroying Moll meant that she couldn’t break the spell. It once again reinforces the theme that everything comes at a price, and leaves one with so much to think about.
I’ve really enjoyed following your story so much, and if you are doing the rewrite I am looking forward to reading some more of it! Congrats SJ and well done! 😉

4 months ago

Hi, SJ-
It has been several months, I think, since I dropped in on your story. I feel like you’ve gained power as a writer and your characters have gained self-belief since then. This is a worthy ending scene.
As I hold my hand out, palm up, I feel like it may be about to sequel. 🙂
Certainly you’ve left the door open for a search for Constant. That might be a story worth writing.
I agree that there should be more description of the mortal struggle between Constant & Moll. Maybe more about the portal closing–pyrotechnics? A sound of strong wind suddenly stopping? I don’t know, but something, certainly.
You have some compelling characters here. It’s not quite the type of book I personally read for pleasure, but many people do, & I think you’ll find your audience. Congratulations on finishing, & best of luck with your story!