The Gargoyle Princess by SJ Cramer Scene 50

  • : Fantasy
  • : Didn't have time to proofread for grammar and spelling
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Riana N
4 months ago

Hi SJ, this was a great scene with a lot of suspense. I really enjoyed the events and the building tension and think You’ve done a great job with it. This mist was a nice touch: vivid and upping the tension.
Perhaps in your rewrite you can hint here and there at the fact that Moll might have “contacts” or creatures fighting on her side. You’ve sketched her as someone who works alone, and although one of her gargoyles had appeared in the bar scene, this connection seems just a little bit out of the blue perhaps?
I’ve enjoyed your story so much so far, I’m really looking forward to the last two scenes! 😀

4 months ago

Very nice fight scene, I enjoyed learning what the creatures were! I was impatient in the last scene lol interesting and scary indeed that Moll could make such a creature. I hope that they are able to win this fight! And happy to see that Afra now has reinforcements! Your description of how she avoided the birds was well written and easy to picture as well! Well done.