Each person has two wolves to feed. One with light and one with worry. Their names are Life and Death and I always thought the one was white and the other one black.

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5 months ago

Your words are lyrical and poetic, while deep and dark and sad. I like the rhythmic way this reads and the repeat of the actions from the first death to the second. There is a lot of truth in this story, in your reflections of the white wolf and the dark, of life and death, and regret and loss. The underlying story is quite prevalent, I understand. A friend of mine experienced this herself, on a number of occasions, but every time her “match” asked her for money, she pulled the plug and moved on to the next hopeful date. Eventually she gave up on the dating sites, and learned to be content with her own company, which is a more satisfying match. This was a well written, thought provoking tale that will stay in my mind for some time. Thanks for sharing!

5 months ago

Yes indeed!! Beautifully written and thought-provoking. You wrote this so magically and descriptively. It was almost mystical in a way that was hopeful and matter of fact. Thank you so much for sharing.

5 months ago

very sad – the sense of loss and despair – and guilt , was immense in your piece.

really hope that karma re-visits those scammers that prey on lonely people – and its not just older folk. Any person who is desperate to be wanted and loved. so terribly tragic.

a very sobering read.

4 months ago

This was heart wrenching and wonderful. Great story.

Ellen Eigner
4 months ago

This is very powerful. The lyrical quality of your writing is totally captivating and the lessons learned profound. Keep on writing! I noticed this was your first to this group and it is very well received! I’m glad you’ve joined us.

Renee Shurilla
4 months ago

A touching story. It makes me angry for the character, and for everyone who has been subject to this kind of fraud.
I really like the imagery of the wolves, and how they themselves can be deceptive.
Great story!