Sporadic by Kali Goodenough

A couple ends up with unintended consequences after they change their weekly routine.

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Angelique Pacheco
5 months ago

I love how you used the main character’s type A personality throughout the tale. It gives a very natural feel to the story. Well done.

Tapan Mozumdar
5 months ago

Agony of a modern couple over unplanned pregnancy is captured well. The sentences take the story forward and reading is breezy. Conflict between being boring, read planned, and sporadic, read disastrous, is captured quite well. Just that the end seems incomplete. Nice work, Kali.

Renee Shurilla
5 months ago

This story was really interesting. Being spontaneous can be interesting, but terrifying at the same time. Who knows what will happen now? It could be one of the best things in her life. Doesn’t make it any less scary, though.
Great story.

4 months ago

This was a fun read. I like how you bring me into your character’s head and how something like a simple word, can fester for days in ones mind. I think I could read an entire book about this couple. Having a kid is definitely sporadic. Keep it up.

4 months ago

I like how you set her up as a very organized, routine-oriented person in the beginning and by the end of it she’s learned to go with the flow and pivot with the new circumstances. Nice character arc in a great short story!

Sharon Hancock
4 months ago

I enjoyed your story, Kali. You did a great job of defining your characters through their actions and not words. Good take on the prompt. Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Gravett
4 months ago

Great story Kali. Oh the best laid plans. I love how you develop your MC and elude to the fact that children throw planning out the window. I wish her the best of luck trying to stay so organized after the birth.

The piece flowed well and was easy to read. Although I could tell what was coming, I still enjoyed it and marveled at just how detailed her record keeping was. I struggle to organize and plan, but it is a goal of mine to improve. I don’t know if I would reach her level though.

Well done and thanks for sharing.