She’d Never Know by Nonie McElroy

What if?

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Delrae Goodburn Lurie

What a sad and beautiful story with some Irish sensibility that reminded me of Marion Keyes. I felt her anguish all the way through. I had to google Arab’s tackie. (Going to use it to describe my mouth after a night on the town.) One suggestion: use more white space to make it easier to read. Well-done.

1 year ago

This was a really good story and it was really tragic at the end. Which is something I wasn’t expecting at all! Bravo!

1 year ago

Hi Nonie,

What a sad ending! There was so much hope in the story and the ending was moving because of it. You used some really beautiful phrases in this story. I particularly liked ‘cupid couriers’. Well done! I think the only suggestion I had was maybe to break up some of the paragraphs and consider using some dialogue between the characters.
Overall, I liked the story. The repetition of the phrase “it wasn’t the alcohol” was a nice touch and really wove the story together. It makes the end line so poignant.
Great job!

Julie-Anne McDowell
11 months ago

Oh goodness… what an ending, so tragic argh! So sad. I loved the groggy piecing together of the night and years before. All that effort to get to the point of being brave and then bam he was killed. Still reeling. In a good way. I really enjoyed it and alos love “cupids couriers”.