Scene 52 of Grandpa Grael by Riana N

  • : Contemporary
  • : I was far from ready for an ending. Image from Pixabay
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4 months ago

Hi Riana

Well done with this last scene. I love that you were able to ensure there is a message in it too. That sometimes we have to have the courage to change direction if there’s enough evidence to give us a nudge. Albert’s decision was from the heart and that’s as good an ending as anyone could ask for. I like that you know there is more to do and already thinking of it.

Best wishes with the next steps in your rewrite.


4 months ago

I love this line, it is perfect for the end.
‘”Challenges can be a lot of fun and very enriching – you’ve heard your grandpa’s talk on the radio, and I believe he was sincere. But the focus should always remain on what you gain from it – and what you can pass on to others.”’
I have enjoyed reading your work and I hope I will be able to read your rewrite.
Well done. Happy New Year!

4 months ago

Hi, just dropped by for a quick read and to congratulate you for reaching the end, sounds like your characters have been on a mega adventure. Happy New Year and good luck for the future.