Sc46 Canal Girl Defiance by Martin Haworth

  • : Mystery


    1. Martin Post author

      Hi HM

      It will. It’s been a thread throughout – and will be the critical element at the end. I think!

      Thanks for reading.


  1. Ben Hunt

    Hi Martin, this sounds like such an intriguing story. Even without having the background to it, you managed to draw me in with the mystery of the locket and the pond. And the unexpected visitor…I’m off to find the next scene straight away.

  2. David

    Hi, Martin-
    Ha! I was right. This alternate Laoise has the locket. I still want to know whether there are still two in the drawer, though!
    Laoise must feel like a comedian who just told a joke, & no one gets it. Or like a magician who performs a trick, but no one understands that anything remarkable occurred.
    So is Hector outside the door? I guess we’ll find out, but this tension is getting terrific. 🙂

  3. Linda

    Martin, I’ve missed reading some of your scenes recently, and so find it hard to remember exactly what’s happening in your novel. Nonetheless, this scene is well done. The dialogue really carries the story along nicely. I am very interested in what may lay beneath the pond, or what it may signify. Also, I’m intrigued by the significance of the jewellery. Now I want to read more. Well done!