Rhymes on my Mind by Marcena Hooks

Rhymes on my Mind by Marcena Hooks # To rhyme is such a crime Lining the syllables up line by line I’d much rather suck on sour limes Than have to make a poem rhyme As Beau wrote in my 5th grade yearbook: “I’m the clown Who came to town To write in your yearbook...

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15 days ago

Cute. I like how you incorporated the yearbook rhyme within your rhyme. Good one.

14 days ago

Hi Marcena – this was fun! An antipathy to rhyme done perfectly!

13 days ago

Very sneaky poem, Marcena. Making all those rhyming crimes and getting away free. 😀 Thanks for sharing.

13 days ago

Marcena, cute and quirky – I liked it:) I am also not fond of having to rhyme. If I choose to do it that is fine but I do not like to have to rhyme:)
Thanks for sharing:)

Christian Donovan
11 days ago

Hi Marcena, Isn’t it odd how rhyme embeds itself in your memory? I remember examples from my earliest days, but I suppose that is why children love nursery rhymes. There’s nothing of the nursery in yours though – well done for writing an amusing poem to the prompt.

Ellen Eigner
7 days ago

I too hate writing rhyming poems. This is fun and although you hate rhymes that’s why you remember the stupid poem. Well done