Relax by Halimah Aliyu

Relax by Halimah Aliyu # The mind clutters Sometimes the heart flutters You may disengage Never be consumed by rage Have your siesta Life is not always a fiesta To live a life of ease, take your time Having peace is not a crime. # Read Halimah Aliyu’s work. ...

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14 days ago

Well done, slight suggestion – remove the if, and but, no need for those, it would flow a little easier, say it out loud, my favorite suggestion, to hear how it flows, if you trip up reading it, then remove the trip.

Nissan Abadi
14 days ago

Hi Halimah
Nice job with the rhymes. Also worthy suggestion of peaceful life.
Thank you for sharing.

Sandy Menarek
13 days ago

I like your poem and needed to hear what it says. Thank you.

13 days ago

Absolutely agree!

12 days ago

I love that 🙂

Christian Donovan
11 days ago

Hello Halimah, Your poem gives us a great message, which I for one need to learn from – to take life as it comes, pretty slow. Well done for crafting the poem.

7 days ago

I like this poem! When I find relaxation and peace while everyone is asleep. It’s the best time of day!