Relax by Halimah Aliyu

Relax by Halimah Aliyu # The mind clutters Sometimes the heart flutters You may disengage Never be consumed by rage Have your siesta Life is not always a fiesta To live a life of ease, take your time Having peace is not a crime. # Read Halimah Aliyu’s work. ...

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9 days ago

Well done, slight suggestion – remove the if, and but, no need for those, it would flow a little easier, say it out loud, my favorite suggestion, to hear how it flows, if you trip up reading it, then remove the trip.

Nissan Abadi
8 days ago

Hi Halimah
Nice job with the rhymes. Also worthy suggestion of peaceful life.
Thank you for sharing.

Sandy Menarek
8 days ago

I like your poem and needed to hear what it says. Thank you.

8 days ago

Absolutely agree!

7 days ago

I love that 🙂

Christian Donovan
6 days ago

Hello Halimah, Your poem gives us a great message, which I for one need to learn from – to take life as it comes, pretty slow. Well done for crafting the poem.

2 days ago

I like this poem! When I find relaxation and peace while everyone is asleep. It’s the best time of day!