Week 16

Sexual abuse, profanity

Laura Barton hung up the phone and jumped to her feet. “Blake’s house might hold the key that unlocks this whole case!” Her excitement was palpable. Lawson felt the need to temper his partner’s giddy enthusiasm. “Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What exactly did CSI find?” “More than two dozen sets—full and partial—of...

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Patty Panni
Patty Panni

I'm happily married, retired from a job in the legal profession, and have two 'fur kids' -- a rescue pup named Audrey and an orange tabby named Hobbes. We live in the Memphis, TN area. I'm involved with my local Carnegie Writers Guild, but my passion is for DFW and the lovely writing community Mia has created. It's the absolute best. It has turned me from an intermittent scribbler of words into a dedicated writer with one novel under my belt (almost - still doing final edits), scores of short stories, and a dozen or so poems.

Articles: 236

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